Tarot Tips

1. There are no “bad” cards; each card can be meaningful to you

2. Your intuition is your strongest ally.

3. Don’t feel constrained by spreads.

4. If you have to look up what a card means, don’t feel bad. There are a lot of cards and memorizing what they all mean takes time.

5. Take time to develop a personal relationship with your cards.

Frugal Witchy Tips

  1. Vinegar and water is the cheapest cleaning solution for magical tools, altars, and surfaces. Vinegar is also fantastic for clearing odors and negativity.
  2. Salt and warm water also has the same effect, minus the cleansing of odors.
  3. Cover your mirrors, televisions, laptop screens, phone screens etc. when doing workings. Those who practice scrying know how powerful it can be to utilize a mirrored surface to their advantage.
  4. Clean your mirrors regularly.
  5. Pens from banks or check cashing places are perfect for writing money magic petitions with.
  6. Take off your shoes before entering your home. This prevents tracking dirt, and any outside energy into your home, that you wouldn’t other wise want there.
  7. Cover the rim of glass candles with aluminum foil. This helps prevent wax pooling on one side.
  8. A white candle can be used for any spell. Back then they did not have the wide selection of colors that we have today.
  9. Keep nickels on your window sill to prevent negativity.
  10. Wash your candles with dish soap and let dry before using.
  11. Keep water on your altar and near your bed as a filter for energy workings.
  12. A spoon can be used as a candle snuffer.
  13. A heat safe plate on top of the rim  of a glass candle can be used as a snuffer.
  14. Keeping a jar of raw rice and pennies near your front door, will ensure you have prosperity and blessings in your home.
  15. Ash trays can serve as a place to burn petitions, herbs, incense, etc.
  16. Always keep a plant in your home. Plants absorb energy quickly and can be used as a tell tale sign for the need of cleansing work.
  17. Beer and salt can be combined for a very potent cleansing bath/shower.
  18. A ring of salt around your candle spell, will protect it from outside energy.
  19. Clean your drains from negative energy with lemons and warm water.
  20. Dollar stores have a fantastic basic herb selections. You can get the basic 10 herbs for less than $11.00 (Salt, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Cloves, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Basil, Bay Leaves, Anise, Chamomile )

Life Witch Tip


Let’s say you had a bad day. A fight with your loved one, bad news, breaking stuff left and right, extra stress, what have you.

As soon as you can clean house. I mean pick up and clean your home because that helps alliveate stress. But also CLEANSE your house.

Haven’t gotten good news in a while? Clean your front door. A simple wash of vinegar, holy water, & rosemary can do wonders.

Leave out water & offerings to the house spirits, they get tired & cranky too.

Basil in a water bottle to spritz around will break up argumentative residue & bring in harmony.

If nothing else you won’t have to worry about the house being a mess which will leave more time for more relaxing pursuits. But also it just works.

Witch Tip

With the full moon coming up everyone is scrambling to find ways to harness its power. Sometimes its better to sit back and just let it flow through you. Let the full moon seep into your veins and unearth a different side of magic. Go to your work space with the moon coursing through you and see what you can produce on the fly. Saving and harnessing power is a great thing, but sometimes you just gotta let go and see where it wants to take you.