I put together this spread to answer a client’s question and I really love how it turned out so now I’m sharing it with you guys! This spread is designed to explore a person’s feelings about their current relationship. Usually one that is balancing on the edge of staying together or drifting apart.

1) Relationship as you see it now.
2) (Pulled from the bottom of the deck) What you don’t see about the relationship
3) (also from the bottom) Truth of the matter
4) Past Influences Pt. 1
5) Past Influences Pt. 2
6) What is blocking the relationship from moving forward.
7) How to overcome the block.
8) Hopes for the relationship.
9) Doubts about the relationship.
10) What makes it worth fighting for.
11) What doesn’t make it worth the effort.
12) Outcome/Advice.



As promised, here is my new spread and the meanings.

What with all the drama about cropping water marks and such I tried to place my URL front and center!

I wanted to make a general spread that touched on different aspects of your life. If you aren’t worried about finances or career, replace it with something else, such as where am I heading in my hobbies, or something else you are interested in knowing more about, This spread is split into pieces. like my last spread, 1-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, and the 14 I believe is just a nice finisher.

Let me know if you like it! Tag me in your posts if you have anything to say 🙂



for anyone dealing with shitty roommates or horrible family friends or just general people that come over a lot that you don’t like but can’t get rid of yourself. -.-

1) How do I deal with these assholes?
2) Why are they so rude to me?
3) Should I curse them?
4) If I shouldn’t, what the fuck should I do?
5) When will I know when I can escape them?
6) Can I curse them after I can escape?



1. Main representative feature of this entity. Who they first appear to be.
2-4. Things this entity is associated with – animals, colours, symbols. You can draw as many cards as you like for this a well. Although I find 3 to be a good number.
5. What this entity has power over.
6-7. Two main personality traits.
8. How they manifest in your life. (What you need to pay attention to.)
9. What they want from you.

Get Yourself in Order Spread


  1. Draw a card.
  2. Place it (face up) in one of five piles, for wands, pentacles, swords, cups, and major arcana.
  3. Continue until each card in the deck is placed into one of the five piles.
  4. Go through each pile, in the order of wands, pentacles, swords, cups, and major arcana.
  5. The cards at the top of the pile represent what is open and exposed, the feelings on the surface. As you go deeper and deeper the cards progressively represent what is covered, hidden, and protected, sometimes things we keep hidden even from ourselves. Sequences of cards represent domains of life that are in order.
  6. When you have completed exploring and meditating on one pile, restore it to the correct order. Do this with the intention of likewise bringing your own values, intentions, thoughts, and emotions into order.
  7. When all piles are completed, combine the piles. Leave the deck aside for a reboot and a cleansing. The various tugs and pulls of life will never magically come in line as simply as a deck can be ordered by a reader. Likewise, the deck should be left aside, somewhere special and cared for, for at least 48 hours before its next use. The energies in the deck need time to get ordered even after the cards have been physically moved; your spirit needs time to get ordered even after your thoughts have been mentally arranged.



1. Your relationship with your sexuality: How in touch are you with your sexuality. Do you indulge often or is it neglected? Does it unnerve you or are you at peace with it?
2. How you can spice up your relationship with your sexual self: We could all stand to love ourselves a little more. Time for some sexual self-love advice!
3. Your main element of sex appeal: What attracts others to you in a romantic, sensual way. This could be an aspect of your personality or it can be a physical trait, etc.
4. A major turn on for you: something that gets you hot under the collar. Again this could be personality, some other trait, or it could be a kink, or situation.
5. A Fetish you’d like to indulge in: Something new to try perhaps!
6. Unfulfilled Bedroom Wishes: Something that you aren’t getting but you want.
7. Things you can do to get those secret desires filled: Suggestions to fill the need in your loins.
8. Something that blocks you from getting the most out of your sexual self: If any.
9. How to overcome that block: If any. If there’s not then this is an improvement tip card. Something that
10: Cosmo Sex Tip: Draw a card and think of the most ridiculous sex tip you can think of based on that card. Alternatively you can click the random page button on c0sm0-s3x-t1ps(or click this link). This is a silly card – because if you couldn’t tell by now – Tarot doesn’t have to be all serious business.