Anonymous asked: Oracle decks recommendation 🙂 please thanks 🙂

lunahour answered:

* Animal Messages – cards with animals and a message corresponding with each animal.  good for animal totem readings and spirit animal readings.

* Magical Times:
These cards have both animals and faeries, They’re super colourful and the artwork is very fantasy like.

* Oracle of Mermaids: Contains both mermaid & mermen in the deck.  Great for any type of reading.

* Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle: This is a positive deck to use to deliver positive/self-love messages.

* Angel Oracle: Simple 1 word messages on each card.  This deck can be a little difficult to read if you are a beginner.

* Archangel Oracle: Great deck to use to identify your Archangels and receiving messages concerning your spiritual journey.

* Michael the Archangel Oracle: If you love working with Michael this is a must have deck.  Delivers heartfelt messages for any type of reading.

* Flower Therapy Cards: Beautiful cards that deliver lovely messages that can be used for any type of reading.  Great for self-love readings.

* Psychic Tarot For The Heart:  This is the perfect deck to use for love & relationships readings!

* Halloween Oracle: If you’re a fan of Halloween this would be a cute addition to your collection.  I do not own this one yet, but I will very soon!

1sticks-and-stones0: Conscious Spirit Oracle deck!! This is my favorite of all time, and I’ve never met anyone who held them and didn’t like them!!

bloomandbone asked: Hi! I’m looking for a new oracle deck and you seemed to be the person to ask for this. Do you recommend any pastel colored or dreamy oracle decks? Thank you!

whimsically-intuitive answered: Hey there, pretty. ♥ Well, that may be a bit tricky. I don’t own much oracle decks, but you may like these:

Love Your True Colors Oracle Cards. (Etsy)
Whispers of Love Oracle Cards.
Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards. (Pre-order)
Ask an Angel Oracle Cards.
Heart and Soul Cards.
The Answer is Simple Oracle Cards.
Gateway Oracle Cards.
Oracle of The Mermaids.

There are probably a lot more out there, but like I said; I don’t own much oracle decks. These are just some on my wishlist you may like, if soft is what you are looking for. Whispers of Love and Nature’s Whispers are more on the dreamy side for me, because of the art. Maybe you could roam around a bit on Amazon and Bookdepository too and see which ones you like on there!

Good luck, lovely and have a wonderful day. ♥

wolfmoontarot: I would also recommend the Oracle of the Mermaids, is gentle and very feminine. Including all the decks Chan already mentioned I would like to add some more: I think Flower of Life Cards could be classified as a “pastel colored” oracle and it is beautiful in my opinion.

Then, the Magical Times Empowerment Deck.

The Astrological Oracle by Antonella Castelli.

And the Winged Enchantment Oracle by Lisa Hunt.

Oh, and I can’t forget my beloved Messenger Oracle!!!

Then, in the realm of gentle, feminine decks that have a particular set of images (not pastel, but still very fragile and delicate) there is Kuan Yin Oracle.

Hope this was helpful… Many blessings to you! 🙂

Anonymous asked divinerconfessions: Is it weird to name and “converse” with your decks? I’ve only heard of a couple people who do…but I feel like my decks are like people. They have personality. They have their strengths and weaknesses, and their own way of handling the readings I ask for their insight on. Does anyone else have these sorts of relationships with their cards? Because mine are like best friends, and I love them for it.

mutant-wolf2: My deck has a name and if he were human I know what he’d look like. I know his facial expressions, what clothes he wears, and his personality. I love it.


tarotofthekittenofblade: Day 6- Your favorite card from your favorite deck.

-Uhm…yeah. My favorite deck is the Shadowscapes…This was hard.-~The World, Shadowscapes

mutant-wolf2: *gasp!* You have Shadowscapes! I love Stephanie’s artwork! Please, tell me how you like it? (I mean, obviously you do, you said it’s your favorite)

tarotofthekittenofblade:  *squees* I LOVE HER WORK! I look on her website every so often and kind of fangirl over it. The Shadowscapes and I click well, it is so good for me, because I am an intuitive reader and go with what I feel. It’s a pretty and enchanting deck. I suggest getting it with the book if you want to know how Stephanie interpreted the cards (I love the book).

mutant-wolf2: I love seeing her updates on Facebook. Thanks so much for the quick review! Now I want it even more!

tarotofthekittenofblade: I am a deck enabler… You need to get it!!

mutant-wolf2: Haha!  It’s number one on my deck list!  I’m thinking after the new year…