Past Life Spells: Magic Mirror


Do not expect immediate success with this spell. It takes practice, an extended period of time may be required before results are achieved. It is more difficult than it seems, do not perform the ritual for more than 15 minutes at a time, until a successful momentum is achieved. You will need a chair and a table, with a white candle and either a fixed or hand held mirror.

1. Take all protective spiritual precautions. Cast a circle around the table and chair.

2. Burn mugwort and sandalwood within the circle.

3. Light the candle and place it between yourself and the mirror.

4. Keep your mind clear and calm.

5. Gaze at your face in the mirror neutrally – this is not the moment to criticize or count pimples.

6. Call your own name clearly and distinctly three times.

7. Eventually you will be tempted to call another name or another name will simply fall from your lips. Try it: Ask the mirror to show you who you were.

Anonymous asked: I love hearing you explain your beliefs and talk about philosophy (I just started taking a few classes of philosophy at my college and I LOVE it) and I was wondering what your beliefs about reincarnation/being reborn are? Honestly I’m just curious, thanks!

kushl0rd answered: I believe the soul is eternal and that I have lived before and will live again. As to the circumstances of “past lives” as people like to say, I know nothing. And I have a very different idea of reincarnation than say, a Hindu or a Buddhist. I have a distinctly Hermetic understanding of reincarnation, something we call Anima Mundi.

Usually people discuss reincarnation in a very linear way, and very whole way–as if a whole being is existing in one point in time and only in one point in time, at a time. I think this is a deceptively simple way to view a very complex issue such as time, which is in inter-dimensional. Especially when consciousness–and even our minds–have the power to transcend the present time (by thinking about the past and future). Corporeality and the limits of perception it brings is probably the only thing anchoring us to this notion of being in one place, at one time. Consciousness has no such limitation.

So instead of thinking about reincarnation as points on a line, to me, its more like a constellation of stars existing simultaneously at once. The constellation (being) is a whole thing by itself, and each star (a single lifetime) is a whole thing by itself, but what’s important is the fact that the stars all exist at once, though separately, from each other. Yet, they are one constellation, each to play a part in the whole image.

So a “past life” is not so much “in the past” so much as it is simply another life, another route which part of my being has taken. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the being in each life is operating as only a fragment of the whole being, which is finally understood only when its seen as a whole “constellation”, or a story tapestry of all our lives together. In simpler terms: can you understand the Great Bear simply by looking at only one of its stars? No, you cannot. You can only gain image of what the Bear truly is as a whole from the points that make it up. Its why some magicians are flooded with memories of other lives–ritual sometimes allows us to step outside of ourselves and see ourselves unfragmented. A really great example of what I mean, would be the “past life” memories of Abe No Seimei, a Japanese sorcerer from Japan’s Edo period who had inexplicable knowledge of much of Western Occult–especially semitic Occultism–for no good reason. Many of his circles and writings look like poorly copied circles from the Lesser and Greater Keys, which included crosses and pentacles. He remembered being a Babylonian astrologer, and a Hebrew magus–he spoke of the angry desert god, the warrior god, who parted the waters. The whole image that was formed, was that of a sorcerer.

Now, past life memories THAT vivid are extremely rare and honestly not something I would worry about needing to know. But, this is sort of my take on Anima Mundi. Time isn’t linear, distinctions between past present and future are entirely corporeal in nature, and the soul is eternal which means it must live again and again. The whole picture is formed when the tapestry of lives brought together, rather than examined separately.

Sometimes why past life regressions block you out, and why you might not be able to access the Akashic Records


The Akashic Records are a heavily protected energy body, probably the most protected body of energy at all. They hold the dreams, ideas, memories (past and future) to everyone and every spirit in existence. They are this incredible fabric of thought that works with the universe to sustain conscious life.

I do so much work with the Records from the inside and I’ve come to understand them really well. A question just recently prompted me to make a post about conditions that are basically “required” to access the Records. It’s fluid, of course, nothing is set in stone. And when I refer to a “right state of mind” that doesn’t mean neurodivergence shuts you out from the Records. I’m neurodivergent and almost all of my spirit work is within the Records. It also doesn’t mean that you have to be free or depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

Here are just a couple things that will keep you out of the Records, since they produce a (usually) negative energy that could harm the energy body of the Records:

  1. You’re carrying a heavy negative energy, like a spirit that’s clinging to you in a sense that it could travel with your spirit into the Records. Chakra cleansing meditations before past life regressions will usually clear you enough to get through.
  2. Your mind is incredibly active. We all have minds and thoughts that flow at different paces, and that’s fine. But, we also all have a spectrum of mental speed. If it’s churning at it’s fastest, you probably will bring too much chaotic energy into the Records to be allowed in. Or you may just not be able to focus enough to bring your spirit into the Records. Your personal “right state of mind” is needed, within reason. You can be emotional, upset, depressed, but you need to access them with a positive intention, like healing or learning etc.
  3. Sometimes, when you’re a shard of a spirit you’ll be denied access to certain parts of your past life. Rarely all of it, but it does happen occasionally. This is in control of your source spirit, not the Records.
  4. You want information that will put you above someone else. Let’s say you want to know that you won a bigger battle than the archangel Michael. You’re not going to get great access. This sort of power hungry energy is fairly toxic and not good for the energy body of the Records. Instead, search your Records with a mentality of wanting to personally grow, evolve, and heal.
  5. Sometimes, if you want to access traumatic memories. These exist for a lot of human past lives and spiritual past lives, and they can be vivid and traumatic to access. Sometimes remember trauma is healing, and the Records definitely won’t stop you. Sometimes, it’s destructive, and the Records will protect you from that. The Records are the energy body in charge of repressing memories in even your current life, and sometimes they do this to protect you.
  6. A negative spirit is blocking you. Sometimes it’s the right time for you to access your Records, but a negative spirit is blocking you. You can usually shield and call on your guides or the guides of the Records to help you.
  7. You try to access someone else’s Records without their consent. Big no no. The Records will eject you so fast. You also might be given a sort of energetic suspension that locks you away from the Records for a while. Only the Akashic Record Keepers and Guardians can access other’s Records without their consent, and that’s solely with the intention of helping that person. A Keeper can’t harm another’s Records, it will harm them as well.
  8. You try to harm a Keeper or Guardian. Obviously you’ll be kicked out. The whole body of the Records protects them, just as they protect the Records.

Sometimes it’s also just as simple as a guardian keeping you out because it isn’t the right time to have a past life regression that works.

I’d love to answer questions! Working with the Akashic Records is literally my primary passion in life. I constantly feel their flow around me~