Visualizations and the Elements


These are visualizations I use for the elements

Visualize a brook, with a small water fall into a shallow pool. Wade into the pool and sit in the water. Feel it flow around you. Feel the coolness. Hear the water as it cascades over the rocks. Smell the ozone in the air, like after a heavy rain shower. Taste the water, let it quench your thirst. Enjoy the benefits for cooling you. Understand the power of a tidal wave or current.

Visualize an nice fire. Feel the heat. Smell the smoke. See the flames dance, the variety of colors. Hear the crackle. Watch it spark as you toss a new log on the fire. Roast some marshmallows on the fire. Enjoy the benefits of fire for cooking and warming. Understand the power of it when it rages out of control.

visualize a cool breeze on a hot day. Feel it lift the hair from your scalp as it sends shivers down your spine. Feel the wind tug you in the direction it blows. See the leaves dance in the air, and the trees and plants sway in the breeze. Hear it rustle the leaves, and tinkle the wind chimes. Understand the raw power of a tornado as a wreaks havoc in it’s wake.

Visualize a nice cool cave. Smell the scent of rich, fertile earth. See how it supports itself and the life around it. Touch the earth that is dry on top and dig down into the cooler wetter depths of it. Plant a seed. Taste the dirt. Understand the awesome power of the earth as it shakes uncontrollably beneath you.

Anonymous asked: do you have any tips for people beginning to use spells & meditate?? I’ve tried these things slightly before, but now I’m really dedicated to getting into them.

witchcraftings answered: I have a few tips, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to drop them in my ask! I’d be happy to answer them 🙂

For Meditation:

  • Set aside a few minutes per day to meditate. For the beginner, 5-10 minutes is plenty. But as you develop your skill and you’re able to get relaxed and clear your mind easier, you’ll find yourself being still for 15-20 minutes at a time. I recommend doing this right before bed. This will make it into a habit instead of a chore.
  • Be patient with yourself. I have a hard time clearing my mind and relaxing, so meditation is tough for me. Whereas my friend can get into that relaxed mindset within five minutes. Just because someone you know finds it easy doesn’t mean you will. Give yourself time and try new things to find something you’re comfortable with.
  • Don’t eat or drink heavily before meditating. It may make you feel bloated and sick. On that note, don’t meditate when hungry; you’ll concentrate on your hunger and won’t be able to clear your mind.
  • Not all meditation as to be done sitting with your legs folded. Some of my best meditations have been done standing up or laying on my back. Experiment and figure out what works best for you.
  • If you’re having trouble clearing your mind, select a noise or word to say aloud. A popular one is “ohm.” Find a word without meaning. Grab an English-some other language dictionary at a bookstore and flip through it; find a word and use it, not knowing the meaning or anything. This will give you something to concentrate on.

For Spellwork:

  • Remember that everyone does spells differently. Some cast circles, some call the quarters, some invoke deities, and some do none of the above. I recommend starting out eclectically and taking what you like from different practises; then, start developing your own way of doing things.
  • While spells can be done anywhere, it’s helpful to have a small space — such as an altar — to keep your supplies and do your work. A flat surface near a window works best, as you can open the window if it gets too smoky from incense or too dizzying from herbs. If you have a space, keep it clean — both physically and spiritually.
  • Know how to reverse a spell before casting it (this is just a preference I have; it makes me feel more confident in what I do).
  • Start out simple and work your way up to the big stuff.
  • Remember that spells take their time. My friend asked me when his love spell would work for him, and I replied, “A day. A week. A month. Six months. The spell works on its own time.” Keep your eyes peeled for results but stay patient.
  • Make spellwork into a ritual. Setting up your area by cleansing, laying out your ingredients, lighting candles, and meditating beforehand can be very calming. And being calm during a spell is important.
  • The above being said, sometimes you can’t stay calm during a spell. Curses and love spells, for example, require intense emotions at the time of casting. Letting your emotions overwhelm you is okay when you know you’re being safe (i.e. you don’t want to get overwhelmed with lust and then knock over candles).
  • Above all, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

I hope this helps 🙂

Inhale & Exhale


Here’s a list of resources I’ve discovered while on my own meditation journey. Take some time to tune out while tuning in to your heart, soul, & deepest desires. Experiment, find what you like, breathe, & simple BE!

Meditation 101

Guided Meditations

Meditation Apps for iPhone 

Meditation Apps for Android

Meditation Tunes

Meditating not your thing? That’s cool, try these alternatives instead! 

Namaste and happy meditating 🙂 x

Guided imagery exercise to connect to the elements


Shake your limbs to relax yourself. Settle down with your spine straight and take our time taking three breaths with your surroundings, then allow your mind to linger on the words: earth, air, fire, water.

Earth. You have imagined the earth beneath your feet. Now think of the many manifestations of earth on the planet. Feel your feet on the earth of your choice… marshland, desert, forest, mountains, hills and valleys, sandstone, granite, chalk. Feel, with the pressure of your feet against the earth, the pull of gravity, keeping you anchored. Feel the current of energy from the earth throbbing upwards. You are a creature of earth. Relax into this feeling, and then open your awareness out and find yourself in a high place…

Air. Feel the air as a tangible presence as you gaze out to the vast horizon, laid out below the huge arching dome of the azure sky. In this high place, your awareness expands: the great winds of the earth, swirling round, think and pure, sharpen your wits and blow the cobwebs away. You breathe in air that sparkles like wine and are intoxicated, feeling yourself light and buoyant, You extend your arms above you as if you could float on the thermals that support the birds in their flight, feeling at one with the wind that carries messages all over the world. Stand firm, as your awareness is pulled high into the sky…

Fire. High in the vast expanse of blue, feel the blaze of the sun, striking down, warming the thin grass and bursting the buds of the alpine flowers, drying up the atmosphere. With your eyes shut, stretch in an attitude of ecstasy, fed by the warmth that pours down in golden rays. The water is pulled up into the upper atmosphere and you open your eyes to see a large cloud on the horizon. Watch it travelling with speed, and whilst it is in the middle distance in that huge vista, you see it disgorging its rain as a hazy mist over the landscape…

Water. In your imagination, see the rain from that cloud sinking into the soil, percolating through the ground to a deep subterranean spring that makes its gradual way to the surface. There is a tiny trickle of crystal water emerging from the ground, and you see it in your mind’s eye gaining strength as it tumbles downhill, changing eventually from stream to river, and making its way to join the massive depth of the sea.

Allow the scene to fade as you come back to everyday reality. Stretch, yawn, and wriggle to feel fully back in the present here and now.

Source: The Path of Druidry by Penny Billington


There are so many ways to ground and center, but I don’t see many how-to’s for them beyond “grow roots” and “pack yourself into a ball” neither of which work well for me. So here’s some of the ways I ground and center (or visualize it):

Grounding: For me, grabbing bits of the earth works better than using bits of myself to ground

  • (my favorite method) grab a (2-ply) piece of ‘yarn’ from the earth. One of the plys draws energy up, the other returns it to the earth. I splice it with my spine, but you could visualize connecting it to yourself some other way.
  • roots sprout from the earth and engulf me, drawing me into the circulating energy of the earth (think like that movie with the blue aliens)
  • draw up strands of wire from the earth and attach them to the soles of my feet. Every breath I take energy gushes upwards through me and then ebbs back into the earth.

Centering: I personally center near my navel, but you can do it wherever is easiest/most comfortable for you.

  • (my favorite method) I’m a swirling cloud of gas in space, and I collapse/spiral into a star.
  • Order those unruly energy-bits back where they belong. Then feel yourself, whole and fully present, everything where it is meant to be.
  • Your core is a magnet, all your wayward energy bits are iron filings. Draw them in.

Basic Centering


Centering: This is a technique which gathers your energy and allows you to be more controlled and directed. This easily increases focus and brings your energy to its ‘center’ of control. Centering can be made into an intense procedure which will help increase your dexterity with energy and magic, but it is generally kept simple so that it can play part in a larger ritual. It’s important that you do not push yourself to hard, if you try advanced centering techniques there is a good chance you’ll do it incorrectly and leave yourself very scattered on the mental, emotional, physical, and magical levels.

Instructions: Breath in deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth letting your mind go. Continue until you feel a sense of floating. Once this feeling is achieved you should focus on directing all your energies into a small white ball in what your feel is the center of your body. Do this slowly to ensure that it is done correctly. When it reaches the center of your body and you feel all your energy is compacted into this ball, you have completed a basic centering.

Basic Grounding


Grounding: Grounding is a technique that helps control the mind and emotions by ultimately providing a sense of stability and strength. Grounding almost always works with earth, it being the most powerful force of energy that we come in contact with daily. Connecting yourself with such energy on even a basic level gives you powerful control. This usually is done by ‘rooting’ yourself. Grounding can be made very extensive and it is important to slowly develop your abilities to successfully ground. Grounding yourself incorrectly will ultimately leave you unstable in every way. Be sure to start out easy and work your way up. Remember the most basic grounding still provides intense stability.

Instructions: Center yourself. Once centered, focus on that ball of white energy shooting out streams or ‘roots’ into the earth through your feet and hands. These roots start our small and slowly grow larger as they travel more deeply down. Visualize your energy becoming stabilized and controlled with the earth, as though you are as unmovable as she is. Once your body feels completely stable you have grounded yourself.

Physical Meditation


When people talk about meditation, they’re often referring to the kind that involves sitting in silence and/or visualizing. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of people who have a very hard time with this sort of meditation, whether it’s the sitting still or the visualization. If this is something you’ve had a problem with, you might want to consider looking into physical and movement-based forms of meditation instead.

Walking meditation is the type of physical meditation I use. In walking meditation, you pay close attention to each step as you take it. Focusing on the movement of your body helps take your mind off mental activity. It helps to clear your mind in a more concrete way than trying to visualize a white light may. When you focus on a physical motion, you have sensory input to pull you away from your mind and into the activity of the moment.

You can use any pattern or path that appeals to you. I tend to spiral in and then back out again. You can do walking meditation anywhere that works for you. I like to be outside but inside works just as well. The important thing is that you’re comfortable. After all, if you have horrible allergic reactions or phobias revolving around wildlife, you won’t be able to focus on meditation. You don’t even need a lot of room. Walking meditation can be as simple as pacing.

Labyrinth walking is a specific type of walking meditation that uses….well, labyrinths. Labyrinths have only one path that leads to a center and back out again. Some labyrinth walkers will stop in the middle for seated meditation, prayer, or reflection before exiting the labyrinth. What you do when you reach the center – if anything – is entirely up to you.

Like with any meditation, you can begin walking meditation with a general intention, a question to answer, or in search of enlightenment. You can also use walking meditation simply to clear your mind or calm yourself. These factors of meditation are always up to you as they’re the most important part of the act.

To find Labyrinths near you, you can use the Labyrinth Locator. There is also a Virtual Labyrinth Walk which might work best if you have a touch screen. Using the mouse is a bit cumbersome.

If you can’t walk or that simply doesn’t work for you, you can do tracing instead. Choose an image of a labyrinth or some other pattern and let your finger follow it in the same manner you would if you were walking it. Focusing on this motion is just as useful as focusing on walking. It may, in fact, be more useful to those who use their hands more than their feet. Below you can find a few images you can use.

Labyrinths: [x] [x] [x]

Spirals: [x] [x] [x]

Others: [x] [x] [x] [x]

(You’ll want to start on the inside for the sburb logo.)

Honestly, quite a lot of repetitive physical movements can be meditative. Swaying or rocking may work for you. Squeezing a stress ball, boading balls (gif), baton twirling, basic beginner steps to dances; there are plenty of motions that can help clear your mind. The only limitation on physical meditation is what you can do easily without thinking about it too much once you clear your mind and drift off.

In addition to motion, you may also benefit from exploring texture based meditation. Some people are more in tune with how things feel than the movement of their body. If there is a particular texture that you can practically lose yourself in, petting or rubbing something of this texture against your skin repeatedly could help you enter a trance or clear your mind. You may want to be careful with using rough textures like sandpaper, however. Getting into a trance and sandpapering your skin too hard is usually not a fun time.

Combining texture and motion may be even more useful to some than either on their own. To an outside viewer, I’m sure rubbing a cloth against your face while you rock can look creepy, but it shouldn’t be a shameful experience if this is what helps you. When I was younger, rocking was very soothing to me. Don’t be afraid to let yourself have that because of what other people might think.

I know I’m talking about calming motions a lot in this post, but calming yourself is the first step to meditating if you have extreme anxiety. This is also something I don’t see a lot of people talking about, though I hope it’s just because I’m missing the posts that do. If there is something that you frequently do to help calm your anxiety, it may be worth while to add it to your meditation routine. If you’re having a hard time with your anxiety, it may be why you aren’t having any luck meditating no matter the method you try.

If these methods do not work for you, but neither does the typical visualization method, you may also want to look into ways that incorporate sight (such as mandalas,) sound, or smell. These were not discussed as I felt these senses weren’t quite as strictly physical as the ones I wanted to talk about. But whatever method you use, I hope that something in this post has helped you to find one that works for you.

Fire Meditation to Manage Anxiety & Stress


This meditation requires no actual fire or any tools at all. Try starting out by doing it somewhere comfy and private, and then when you get the hang of it , it may be much easier to do when you are out and about.

This meditation has the potential to be:

  • Claustrophobic
  • Triggering to people with a fear of fire

Exit this meditation properly: Step away from any imaginary fires. Center yourself, focus on physical reality, open your eyes, and give yourself a few minutes to re-adjust. You may exit at any time.

Close your eyes and envision what your stress or anxiety looks like. My anxiety looks like a slimy green blob sitting on my head. My stress looks like a green-orange cloud inside of my chest. Don’t just think about colors, think about sensations, shapes, smells, and sounds. Create an objectified concept of what your stress or anxiety is to you.

Now, imagine there is a huge bonfire. It could be somewhere beautiful like up high on a mountainside or on a beach, or anywhere you like. But this is not a normal bonfire, the roaring flames are exactly the opposite of how you envision your stress or anxiety to be.

If your stress is shallow blue and puddly → the fire is roaring orange and strong
If your anxiety is lime green and spikey → the fire is dancing scarlet
If your stress is grey-yellow and smells like dust → the fire is vivid blue and smells like rain

Walk in to the fire and sit down. This special fire cannot burn you – it is only able to burn away things that hurt you. In fact, the fire is a wonderful temperature that feels exactly right. Time does not exist here, and in a few minutes in the physical world you can spend years here just being quiet and relaxing.

Breathe in and out at whatever pace feels comfortable for you. The fire has already begun burning away all the stress and anxiety energy around you. When you are ready, take a deep breath and breathe the fire in to your lungs. It will flow in to you and burn away the built-up negative feelings within you. From your lungs the fire will spread to your blood and flow throughout your entire body, consuming every bit of anxiety or stress or any other bad feeling within you.

Sit in this fire for as long as you want, enjoying its warm and friendly embrace. You do not need to intensely focus on your problems being burned away, just enjoy being within the fire and it will do the work for you.

If you like, try transforming yourself. Try letting go of your physical form and becoming fluid and passionate fire. If you are feeling out of control in your life, try growing very large, so that you are the size of the Sun or the molten center of the Earth. Meditate on becoming large so you can conquer your problems. Or, try becoming very small, so that you are a little flicker of flame on the bonfire log, and you can hide inside the wood and stones and be very safe.

(If you transform, it is especially important that you center as you exit the meditation).

When you are ready, leave the meditation or do more activities if they feel right. Try practicing this meditation so that you can do it even while you are walking around or at work or school. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, reflect back on the meditation to try and relax.


  1. Objectify your problems so you can conceive that they are just objects that can be removed from you
  2. There is a magical fire that burns away these objects. Interact with it until you feel your problems are burned away
  3. Maybe turn in to fire or get larger or smaller depending on how you feel
  4. Exit the meditation safely

Tho’s Notes: This is a temporary fix to burn away existing stress or anxiety. Stressors or triggers in your life will cause more bad feelings. This meditation is not intended to stop stressors or triggers.

Earth Meditation to Manage Anxiety & Stress


This meditation requires no  tools at all. Try starting out by doing it somewhere comfy and private, and then when you get the hang of it , it may be much easier to do when you are out and about.

This meditation has the potential to be:

  • Claustrophobic
  • Triggering if you have a fear of being buried alive

Exit this meditation properly: Mentally distance yourself from the wind or location you imagined yourself to be. Center yourself, focus on physical reality, open your eyes, and give yourself a few minutes to re-adjust. You may exit at any time.

Imagine that you are in any natural rocky area, like a mountain, cliffs, bouldery hill, a crater, or wherever you like most. The earth and stone will draw stress and anxiety out of you like a sponge, carrying it down to the center of the Earth where it will be burned up.

In this imaginary world, get comfortable. You can sit with your back against something or lie down. Do anything that feels right. As you relax, be aware that the stone and earth naturally begin to draw your stress and anxiety out of you. It begins to leech out of your body and flow downwards, far away where it can never hurt another thing, until it reaches the core of the world and is burned away forever.

As you become more and more relaxed, you find yourself falling in to the stone and earth, so that it begins to surround you on all sides. The more it begins to surround you, the more negative energies are removed. You feel that you are very at home in the earth. It is so stabilizing and protective, it makes you feel solid and strong.

If you will it, fall below the surface of the world with an exhale. When you breathe in, you will discover that you are a creature of the Earth, and can safely breathe underground. Your human form fades and you become part of the earth and stone, and every negative and unwanted energy is drawn downwards, while you are supported and lovingly held. Down here within the Earth nothing can bother you or harm you. No troubles can find you. It is just you in the peaceful quietness of the world, being cleansed by the gentle and steady flow of earthen energies around you.

You need not focus on the energies flowing around and away. It will happen automatically as long as you are relaxed and enjoying yourself. If you feel claustrophobic, you may instantly leap out of the Earth at a moment’s notice and be on your feet again.

If you wish, go around exploring in the Earth. Search for gems and precious stones big enough to live in, or seek out ancient fossils. Rumble across the world and around oceans, explore continents. Find a cozy cave and build your own home with lots of beautiful metals and stones.

(If you transform, it is especially important that you center as you exit the meditation).

When you are ready, leave the meditation or do more activities if they feel right. Try practicing this meditation so that you can do it even while you are walking around or at work or school. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, reflect back on the meditation to try and relax.


  1. Sit on the earth. It draws negative energies out of you. Go in to the earth. It still draws negative energies out of you.
  2. Maybe turn in to the earth and explore and make a cozy cave house if you want
  3. Exit the meditation safely

Tho’s Notes: This is a temporary fix to burn away existing stress or anxiety. Stressors or triggers in your life will cause more bad feelings. This meditation is not intended to stop stressors or triggers.