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Where am I coming from?
Knight of Wands – progression toward a goal, passion

I feel like you’ve made a drastic change.  You were headed toward something (though I don’t feel like you necessarily wanted it) but then put on the brakes and went down a different path that’s headed toward something you know you’ll enjoy. And you’ll take the challenges that face you head on; in fact, once you see these challenges it’ll only put a bigger smile on your face because en guard, they just motivate you even more toward your goal! To others, you’ve got spirit, you’ve got spunk, you will rush into this adventure with a lion’s heart. Don’t forget to give yourself little breaks so you can replenish and enjoy the world around you.

Who am I?
XX – Judgement – “the freshness of a new dawn”, a new start, necessity of hard choices

You have been planning, crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s.  Making sure everything is ready for that new horizon. You stand on the precipice, looking forward.  All you need to do now is take that first step toward your new journey.  I’ve moved out of state a couple of times, and the sensation I get when I look at this card is the same feeling from when I had everything packed, everything was ready… now I just need that calendar date to come a little quicker so I can get going.  It was a hard decision, but you made a choice.  And that choice is full of anticipation.  I’m imagining you going to a new place, finding a new place to live, and once you put your bags down in that empty apartment, I get the sensation of a trumpet playing to announce your arrival; very much like the picture in the card.

Where am I going?
XVIII – The Moon – anxieties, unknowns, chasing after fantasy

“The unknown” is what I’m getting from this card.  It’s scary, unpredictable, and you are very unsure about what is going on.  What is the truth?  Who is wearing a mask and who shows their true colors?  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you if you’ll succeed in this new place.  There will come a time when you’ll feel like everything is moving way too fast and you have no control over it.  There’s a lot of information floating around but you can’t grasp what any of it is saying and so you are confused. You came, you’re in the process of seeing.. but have you conquered? What should you do?  What is right, anymore?  Reach out to friends and ask for help, they will be your lifeline.  Even just talking about who-knows-what will ease your heart.

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Where am I coming from?
Two of Wands – personal power, courage

I get auditory overload when I think about where you’ve come from.  Like hearing voices or noises that didn’t have a source.  But I also feel that you were recently able to learn how to control whatyou hear.  You weren’t able to turn off the background noise completely, but you know how to tune it out. It feels overwhelming.  I think you felt like had to make a choice: go mad because of every little detail you were getting, or pull yourself out and learn to deal with it.  That amount of courage to do that was tremendous, and in doing so, it gave you more confidence. It taught you that you do have the ability to control what information you receive.

Who am I?
King of Swords – strength, wisdom

I feel you draw upon your own strength a lot because not many people have what you have: that ability to feel and hear other people without them saying anything.  That ability, while you have it under control, can be very strong sometimes and break through, and you need to rely on yourself to help pull it back.  You know things you shouldn’t but you are wise enough to know when to let it go.  You are ready to help whenever you can but also know when to hold back.  It’s a fine balance between what your body is telling you and what the Universe is saying.

Where am I going?
Page of Pentacles – trustworthy, practical, lighthearted

You can do great things with your ability, and you will, but it’s not something that will effect many people all at the same time.  It’s your ability, with your knowledge of people in general, that can help individuals.  They come to you because you are a trustworthy person who is in a position/career that can take the time to help them.  They come to you with a problem, or with a desire, and with your ability, you are able to walk them through the steps of discovering what they really want.  You will do this, like the keywords say, in a practical yet lighthearted way.  I see you sitting down, one on one, and getting to the bottom of their troubles or confusions.  Then once they themselves find out the answer to their question, their faces light up.  And that’s what makes it worthwhile: seeing people’s faces light up because they found what they were looking for, and you were able to dig a little deeper for knowledge that they have without asking questions.

In each of the cards, the character is firmly rooted to the ground.  In doing your reading, I too, felt that you are someone who is, literally, down to earth.  Whether or not you know it, you use the earth as a tool to help you stay in the present.

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Where am I coming from?
Four of Swords – rest, “that still and silent place”

In the pilot episode of “Charmed,” Phoebe mentions a series of wood carvings that were in the Book of Shadows of three sister witches.  In the first carving, they were asleep, oblivious to all that was around them. And the the second carving, they are awake.  I feel in the past, you were akin to the first wood carving Phoebe mentions.  For the lady in the card is asleep, blissful in her dreaming.  But I also feel that you felt there was something more to what you knew was out there.  I feel like you’ve have certain experiences over time that happened to you, or you were witness to, but you couldn’t explain… unless there was something more.

Who am I?
Seven of Pentacles – reward for work and effort, appreciation, different approaches

You have delved into magic, witchcraft, paganism.  Whichever words best describes your interests, you have found the door that leads to it. And now you’re like a kid in a candy store.  As you look around you are amazed at how people do things, at how they get results.  I get the feeling that you might have been stoked when you realized that the energy you put out into the world did what you intended it to do, you actually saw results.  You can do this.  And as you go along and study and learn, you have an appreciate for those that are helping others learn how to what you do.  You’ve already got a basket full of information that has served you well, but adding to it over time is what will make you happy.

Where am I going?
Six of Cups – childhood innocence, remembering

Okay, so, when I meditated on where you were going, I saw an image of an ocean shore, and then fifteen or twenty feet away was a distinct “boundary” line of grass and trees. So when this card came up, I actually laughed because the picture is very similar to what I saw.  Water line and then a little distance away was grass and plants.

I get the feeling that every now and then, as you grow in your learnings, you’re going to reminisce of how you were before you truly woke up.  And how you don’t know what you’re life would be like if you didn’t go on this path.  It’s not a negative remembering, but more of a sigh, and then “Gosh, was I ever so unknowing.”  I also feel that as you grow, you will be helping others grow.  That information that you’re collecting now will be food for thought for other people.

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Eight of Cups – personal discoveries, answers

I imagine you with a pencil tucked behind your ear. I feel you like to learn, you like to know the answers to things, but you don’t hoard your facts. Rather, you gather them whenever the thought crosses your mind.  Learning about trigonometry? Alright… but learning about that word, trigonometry? Even better.  When looking at this card and thinking about you, I get this very dream-like quality attached to your knowledge.  Almost like going to Wikipedia, searching for your favorite actor… then finding a show they were in… finding another actor who looked familiar but you didn’t know their name… finding a show they were in… that was based off a certain story… that was written by this person… who got the idea because… You learn what you wanted to know, but then dove into the depths of more interesting things to know.

Three of Cups – friendship, team spirit, celebration

You love having friends, and you love your friends. You feel that when you’re all together, it’s a party. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, you know you’re going to have a good time.  You all work so well together because you all have very similar interests.  Great times when you’re with them. I feel happiness and comfort and energy.  You give off energy to the group while also feeding off of the energy the group is giving you. It’s a win-win situation.

King of Pentacles – security, strength

You have a very solid spirit.  Your spirit is sure in it’s doings, you’ve got no doubts.  Your spirit stands tall, much like the figure in the card, confident, I feel a lot of confidence. I imagine your spirit standing up right, chest puffed way out and head held maybe a bit too high. You are strong and you know it, just don’t let your pride of knowing you can do things get in the way.

I would keep in mind the word hubris.  It means excessive pride leading to arrogance.  I feel you still have a few things to learn, but when you do, don’t shove it aside because you can deal with that later, it doesn’t matter.  No, deal with it now.  It’s possible this casual, put-it-by-the-wayside spiritual attitude is a defense mechanism.

When I meditated on your spirit, I saw an animal guarding you.  A dog, of some sort. A Neapolitan Mastiff, or other breed that is big and muscular.  I don’t think this dog-spirit is you, but something that is attracted to guarding you.  It felt you needed a little something extra to help keep others at bay, from getting too close.  I don’t know what caused this dog-spirit to be attracted to you, nor do I know how to release it.  It doesn’t hurt you, but it does a damn fine job of protecting you.

The clearest information I got was for your spirit.  I feel this is something that you need to pay attention to, at the very least.  I’m sorry I can’t offer you any advice or help you figure what you need to do.  Unless you have an idea as to why this dog-spirit is there, then that’s a start.

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Where am I coming from?
King of Cups – protector, “cares for and watches over all those who are near”, patient

I feel you are someone whom younger people gravitate towards because of your ability to ease their minds. Almost like someone they wave to on their way to school because you give them a sense of calmness.  And no one in the neighborhood has anything bad to say about you.  You are not really troubled with the quickly shifting thoughts of society because you know what is ultimately true and you are patient when supplying your knowledge.  I get the feeling of you’ve been on this Earth for a long time and have seen many a seasons… an old soul.

Who am I?
VI – The Lovers – balance, energy flow, desire

When you are alone and you practice your magic, I feel this is what you are trying to achieve: balance and energy flow.  For yourself, yes, but mainly for the world around you.  It is very peaceful when you sit down and organize energy around you, and you long for that peace in your everyday life.  You are constantly berated with sensory overload that to collect yourself in your own space is a breath of fresh air.  I feel you have mastered the art of tuning out the city life right outside your window and have filled your space with this wonderful calmness…

Where am I going?
Two of Cups – making a connection, potential for bonding

When I concentrated on where you were going, I saw the dark, black smoke of a gasoline fire.  And then I saw someone headed down a walkway, wearing a suit and shiny shoes.  That person is you and you are on your way to making a deal, one that has taken many meetings, not because the other party is stubborn, but because they kept wanting more and more reasons for entering this partnership.  And you have finally given them all they’ve asked for and they have agreed to sign on the dotted line.  It is an intimate relationship, as you will be working with the other party a lot and you will need to keep fighting for what you originally agreed upon.  But you will be doing this business song-and-dance because you represent something that you love and have worked hard for and the other party can see that.

The King of Cups and The Lovers come into play here, as your knowledge, caring ability, and wanting that energy balance reminds you why you are doing this.  Intimate partners fight, either against each other or for a common goal.  Fight for that common goal, put your heart into it.

I feel that connections are important to you, as each card has a one-on-one relationship being shown.  In the King of Cups, the connection is all about communication and giving back.  In The Lovers, you are trying to be each others world, wanting to be close all the time.  In the Two of Cups, you are each others support as you try to grow.

xstarrgirlIt amazed me how accurate you were it’s not just the amount of accuracy, it’s has a lot of meaning and a lot of answers and I felt this sense of ease aswell. You’re right about me being an old soul, I do remember some of my past lives though that took some help and lot of meditation. You’re right people hardly have any complaints about me mostly coz I’m a mystery to them 😀 Yes, I do always try to seek this balance and do anyway despite the restrictions or chaos around me or if some people just don’t comprehend my heart and mind. I actually have mastered The art of tuning out The city life and even The one in my own house when need be. The last card made me smile, it’s true. And it’s my dream I’m heading towards and I feel we can fight for our common goals together rather than just each other. I feel him and I have a lot of growing to do together and I know in my heart that it’s possible and a beautiful one coz no matter what we never leave each other’s side and I know he supports my dreams as much as I support his. He’s a rare gem to me for sure we’ll make it against the odds that’s what love and soul connections are meant for. Thank you for this beautiful reading it was kind of unexpected actually! you have an amazing gift. 🙂

mutant-wolf2Thank you for your kind words! =D

tenthousandpennies asked: If you can find the time to do a spread 2 reading for me that’d be really cool 🙂 Thank you.


who am i

Where am I coming from?
XV – The Devil – addiction, enslavement, hopeless

When I meditated on where you were coming from, I saw a swirling vortex made of a thick substance and lightening.  The colors of this whirlpool where the exact blues, greys, and purples in the top half of the card, the portion with the actual devil.  When I focused on how this has impacted your life, I felt detached from this vortex. What I’m getting from this card is that, during a time in your life you had some pretty tight constraints on yourself… around the time of high school, maybe late junior high.  More like your own personal devil literally sitting on your shoulder, because the barriers I’m feeling were of a mental sort. You were very hard on yourself and berated yourself because you kept putting yourself down.  Everyone else is able to do this activity, but you can’t, wanna know why, because you won’t be able to figure it out.  You’ll be sitting there still reading the directions while the janitor is turning off the lights.

This personal beating went on for long enough that you began to believe it, but you never showed it to anyone.  Your mental well-being shrank into a corner, bested by itself.

Who am I?
Queen of Wands – dedicated, engaging, upbeat

Velma from Scooby Doo. Jessie from Team Rocket in Pokemon.  I feel you are smart, not that you weren’t before, but you grew into who you are now.   And who you are is one smart cookie, because as I tried to understand you, Velma sat before me… and then she changed into Jessie.  Smart women who are tech savvy.  I also saw Velma/Jessie sitting in front of three computers with larger than average monitors.  Do you do computer stuff at all? If not, I would suggest looking into programming or website coding.  Quick fingers with a quick mind.

Your past has influenced you into becoming who you are today.  You have learned from it and turned the tables.

Where am I going?
Eight of Pentacles – craftsmanship, patience, “using one’s own hands and body and mind to create”

The image I got, when wondering about your future, showed me hiking along a path with a lot of greenery, some woods off to the side, blue skies… You are on your way to a goal or a project because of a specific skill set.  It’s taken time to build up what you know, but you’ve nurtured it in an almost ritualistic like fashion.  You wanted this skill and you knew it you would have to work hard to master it, and so you read, you learned, you practiced, you understood the intricacies, and then put your own little spin on it.  And that specific, personal skill will be noticed by someone who needs a job done and the way you do things is the way they want it done.

I feel this skill has much to do with the process of delicate precision, steady hands, keen eye.  Much like spiderwebs all perform the same task, yet each one is slightly different because of the spider who wove it.

I feel like color is important here.  In the Queen of Wands, you can see the same colors from The Devil at the bottom of the card.  You have mastered your past and are now making sweet music on top of it… and because of it.  And the green in the Eight of Pentacles is not in the other two cards.  It is something new altogether, something to look forward to.