mutant-wolf2 asked: Hey Jessica! Would you be able to give me a life purpose oracle reading? Thanks for taking my last couple of questions!

1sticks-and-stones0 answered: Purpose: You are meant to be a protector. You hold great strength to shield and protect others. Keep a close relationship with the archangels Michael and Raphael.

How to achieve this: Listen to your guides and your higher self. Make sure you get to know them through prayer and meditation, and thank them often, they do a lot for you. Be open and aware of their signs. Be patient with them, and you will learn a lot through their guidance. Learn to trust in divine timing.

mutant-wolf2: I’m trying to learn patience when I’m with Hawk but he’s so willing to answer my questions that I just keep talking.

Thank you!

mutant-wolf2 asked: Hi everyone! I was hoping I could get an abilities readings from you? Thank you so much! (p.s. I love seeing you on my dash!)

1sticks-and-stones0 answered: Yes!! ❤ Thanks!!!

-Tarot is your strong point right now, but I would suggest looking at Oracle, especially Native American, or other cultural oracle deck (stay away from fairy decks)

-Rune Casting

-Automatic Writing


-Shielding (I see this as being your strongest gift)

-Crystal work

You need to connect more with the Earth element in order to tap into your gifts.


mutant-wolf2:  “stay away from fairy decks” – Ha! I actually bought the Heart of Faerie Oracle by Brian Froud a few weeks ago and I have no idea why, but I do know that I hate it and have yet to use it. The cards were just way too effing creepy. Maybe I’ll give it away to someone. That just made me laugh.

Oooh! Automatic writing! I have a feeling I would absolutely love it. I used to a write a lot in high school and college.

Glad to see crystals are on there. And I have been curious about runes.

Yeah, in looking more into my faith and spirituality, I have slowly gotten the feeling that I need to explore more of my earth element and not lean wholly on my fire element.

Thank you for this, Jessica! I’m really excited to learn more about what I can do!

mutant-wolf2 asked: Hey there! I was hoping 1 of you lovely ladies would be able to give me a 3 card tarot reading. I currently work in an emergency animal hospital and while I love what I do, I don’t want to be doing this 5 yrs from now (it’s very physically demanding and it’s starting to take a toll on me). I was thinking of going back to school to get my MLS, as books are another of my passions. Could you give me some advice? Is going back to school a good idea? Or should I look into a different area altogether?

1sticks-and-stones0 answered: Are you Lee?

Ok, I pulled the queen of swords, the knight of swords, and the knight of pentacles… Here is what I got:

The problem: It looks like you do not quite get along with your coworkers. You feel as though you are taken for granted, you are very smart, and have a lot to give, but no one will listen.

The advice: You need to think about what you need. You need to look into getting more/stronger close relationships. You are a hardworking, determined person, so if you decide to go back to school, you will excel.

The outcome: It shows you staying in the same field. This is what you love to do, and this is what you are good at. Although, this card does recognize that you need to take a break, and find a way to stop being taken for granted anymore.

Hope this helps!


mutant-wolf2 Yup! That’s me!

Thank you for the reading.

There are a few people I know whom I’m probably not on the top of their favorite people list. One for sure, two possibly, in my own department. Doesn’t help that I’m one position below manager. =/

I do wish I could use my brain more than my brawn at work. And I wish more people could recognize that instead of just handing me things to do because I’ve done them a million times over and done them well. I would feel much more stimulated.

Yeah, relationships aren’t as solid as I would like them to be. I just don’t know how to go about strengthening or making new ones.

Getting a masters will be harder than any other schooling I’ve done, so I’m glad to know I’ll do well if I get in.

I’m going on short vacation at the beginning of July, does that count as a break? 😉

Though you are correct, I do love my job and I am very good at it, I was hoping to get away from all the noise stimulation and energy draining physical activity.

Thanks again!

1sticks-and-stones0: I think that if some changes are made, you will be rejuvenated and ready for the job again. Yes July counts! ❤

Remember, this is only one possibility, we all have free will, we can change our minds, and thus change the future, anything is possible 🙂


mutant-wolf2: Now I just have to figure out what needs changing…

I know for the foreseeable future I’ll still be at the animal hospital. I won’t be looking for a new job overnight or even for a few years. Maybe when I graduate with my master’s it’ll be more of the right time.

Thanks again!

mutant-wolf2 asked: Would you be able to do a general mini mini reading about my job? Thanks so much!

queenofchalices answered:


Success!  But at what cost? (dun dun dunnnnn)

If you’re in line for a promotion or you’re doing super well, or are left in charge ever, or anything like that really, expect some jealousy and hostility about it.  In my experience, workplaces are like being in high school.  Drama, gossip, jealousy.. you can be on top one day and the next you’re wolf bait.  Stay above it all and you’ll be fine and continue to find success.

mutant-wolf2: Ooh! Good advice, thank you!

mutant-wolf2 asked: Hi Jessica! How are you? Would you be able to tell me about any of my past lives? I know of a handful of them but I’m always curious about what comes up, what else I can learn of and from them. Thanks so much!

1sticks-and-stones0 answered: I’m not so hot honestly, but it will get better 🙂 I am going to see a doctor today 🙂

I see a war. I am thinking maybe the Mexican-American war. I see you as a nurse. Actually it seems like you are doing jobs that help people throughout most of you past lives. I see you as a doctor in a couple of lives, a mortician in one, a nurse is most of them, I also see you as a teacher of sorts in a couple of them as well.

You are a fairly old soul, so there is a lot of material to work with.

I see you in England as a nurse, I am thinking around York. I see you all over Europe, the Americas, and Northern Africa. Your most recent being in the Americas. I see central America the most.

I think that you should do a self-cleansing soon, all of the information from your past lives are like flying at me and I am having trouble pulling them apart, stuff like this usually just means that you have been really busy and are in need of a rest, it can be either physical or mental business. A cleanse will make you feel better anyway 🙂

(Sorry to answer this on Sunday instead of Saturday, we were slow to answer questions yesterday.)

—Jessica ❤

mutant-wolf2: I do hope you feel better! And thank you for answering my questions while you were sick. I hope I didn’t drain too much energy from you.

Thank you for the information! The other past lives I’m aware of have been mostly quiet lives, except for the time I was medic in World War II, which is probably the life you saw in England as a nurse.

I don’t know if you prescribe to the idea of auras, but my core color is green, the color of healers. So while I’m surprised I’ve been in a few major conflicts, I’m not all that surprised to hear I’ve played my part as some sort of healer.

A cleanse sounds nice. I’ll look into them.

Thank you again, you and Payton, for providing these readings. I may hit you up for a couple more in the future!

1sticks-and-stones0: I do believe in auras, I could tell yours was green 🙂 YEs, I can see that now, the pieces fit together (WW2 medic) I hope you do come back with more questions in the future 🙂  -J

mutant-wolf2:  =)

tarotofthekittenofblade: I’ll second the green aura, btw.

mutant-wolf2: tbbt smile

pillow hug

I’m a combination of the two gifs right now.

I just… I love talking about all of this. I find it fascinating, reading about these and similar subjects from others’ points of views. I love the fantastic conversations we have. I’ve only got my mentor/friend off the internet to talk to about these subjects, so it’s great that I can have other people, other friends, to go to, to bounce ideas around when I’m by myself.

Thanks for creating a safe place where I can explore and ask questions.

mutant-wolf2 asked: Hello there! You mentioned that you wanted to read with a new deck, so I have a question for you. I’m seriously thinking of going back to school for library sciences, a passion I had forgotten about over the years. Do you have any advice? Thank you!

lady-laerwen answered: Hello dear!  Thank you so much for your patience regarding my response!  As requested, I used my new deck for you and shuffled while holding your question in mind.  What follows is what fell out:

S. Rosalia V. (Virginis):  This is your indicator card in the reading.  St. Rosalia was a hermit from twelfth century Italy who lived in a cave and helps against epidemics.  I interpret this as her being able to help you overcome adversity, perhaps weighing whether or not to go back to school.  Because she was a hermit and lived alone, she would often meditate in silence.  Take time for yourself to sit alone and breathe with your eyes closed, meditating upon your desire to go back to school and all that would go along with it.  If you need to or feel called to, reach out to St. Rosalia and call upon her for guidance about your situation.

S. Julia V. M. (Virginis Martyris):  St. Julia is a virgin martyr from fourth century Tunisia.  She advises a time of reflection and also deals with moral strength and psychic energies.  As St. Rosalia recommended above, take some time for yourself to sit and reflect on your decision.  Use your intuition to see which choice would be better for you, and keep your strength.  St. Julia is saying that you have the tenacity and perseverance needed to see your dreams through to fruition, should you choose to follow that path.  Because she kept strong under adversity before her death, she will also give you aid in making choices and keeping strong under pressure.  Call upon her for aid should you need to, or even to help you come to a decision.

S.S. Methodius et Cyrillus Conf. (Confessorum):  St Methodius and St. Cyril are brothers from ninth century Byzantium, otherwise known as the Eastern Roman Empire.  They devised the Cyrillic alphabet and transcribed sacred texts.  Although the traditional interpretation of this card in the deck is dealing with foreign friendships and trade with foreign countries, I take this to mean that this is a good indicator that you should consider going back to school.  They are very closely linked with texts and language after all, including devising a still widely-used alphabet and transcribing and translating sacred literature.  If you have any doubts or questions, definitely call upon these two brothers for aid with what to do.  Take some time to meditate with them and see what advice arises.

I wish you luck in your endeavors, my dear!  I want to disclaim that this is in no way me telling you what to do – that is solely your choice.  However, I hope this gave you some direction in making a decision on your own, and tools to come to that decision, whether you choose to go through with it or not.  Thank you for your patience!



mutant-wolf2: Thank you for this! It definitely gave me some more to think about!


I see herbs and mixtures, like… I would expect to see an herbalist, an herb-oriented magical practitioner, or even a hoodoo/rootworker. I feel like you are a very earthy sort of person, in the sense that you feel connected to the earth, you work with the energies of the earth or with plants very seriously. I get this sense that even the plants sense that you are a wise person, if that makes any sense to you? You have an intrinsic wisdom about how to use them but I feel like that also comes from studying them very seriously, too, so your inner wisdom/intuition is balanced very well with your traditional, researched knowledge. I see that you tend to be detail oriented, as well, but that sometimes you focus on repeating and perfecting things that are already good enough, perhaps because perfecting things you’ve already accomplished can be a little easier than starting something new and not knowing if you can perfect it. Which is understandable! But on the other hand, you are so skilled and capable, you manage to do well with a lot of things you take on intelligently, the sort of things you are driven and passionate about. (So if you’re not interested, you probably half-ass it, if you even can make yourself try very hard at all.)

When I asked for specific information and advice about what you’re doing now or need to hear most, I was shown a thin, barely worn path through woods, leading into fog. You’re headed into something that you cannot see the other end of; as you are moving through this next phase of your life, you will have to trust that you are moving in the right direction. Trust yourself, and trust what you can see at your feet. The path you are traveling has been walked before, but it hasn’t been walked enough that you will always be able to immediately identify what you’re doing; you’ve got to be conscious of what you’re walking. And yet, if you REALLY stray from the path, it will be noticable. Again, it’s a subtle difference, and in the ‘fog’ or confusion of what you’re doing, you’ll need to check in with this again and again. However, I’m being shown that you already have a good inner light, a set of resources, intuition and again, intelligence (I keep hearing ‘common sense’), and these are ALL going to be extremely useful as you move along this path. I asked how long this journey would take and I was shown 7 – 9 months will be the darkest part, but it may be up to 2 years before you are FULLY out of the shadowy fogness. I feel that the fog is representing a combination of outward/mundane darkness, like the external world and societal influences you’re going to have to wade through, AND your own personal inner demons and darkness. It’s like, this first long stretch is going to be a combination of battling both of them. But as you make progress, you’re going to get a NEW sense of dealing with your inner demons, and as you work with them, they’re going to be less problematic in the future, and then it’s just the external world you have to weather in order to get to this outcome you are working towards. I feel that this end goal for you, or at least the end outcome of traveling this path, has to do with a more traditional title, maybe like a degree or certificate (some sort of significant accomplishment that has to do with legal recognition for what you’ve done), but that you have intentions of using this in a creative, off-the-cuff manner. I see some of the underlying aspects of this have to do with bringing people together and helping folks understand we are not so different underneath what might make us feel separate on the surface, if that makes sense.

I am also being shown a deer; a stag, specifically. I don’t know if this is an animal you identify with or feel connected to in a spiritual way, but to me, a stag symbolizes assertive power and individuality. I always sort of envision them as standing alone; I don’t know if they actually travel alone/if they are solitary, but they are definitely leaders, and I think they are the sort of animals that will fight for dominance. The stag, again in my understanding/envision of it’s symbolism, is a powerful animal who has fought to be where they are today, and it shows (like with their huge rack of antlers), so their power is visible or even tangible to those around them. I keep getting this sense that you are almost a quiet, laid-back individual on the surface, but that your power swirls just beneath the surface; and that, while you pick your battles wisely, when you DO fight, you don’t screw around. You are known not necessarily for being merciless but almost as a force of fairness, because you can identify things so clearly.

mutant-wolf2 asked: I’ve been thinking of going back to school to get my masters in library science. I always dreamed of being a librarian but was strongly discouraged and promptly shelved the idea. I was wondering if you had any advice. Thank you!

hashfrown answered:

Three of Wands Inverted, Four of Cups, Strength, Queen of Wands

Your long standing conflict has finally come to a head. Should you follow your heart, which impulsively presses you to enroll in library science programs, or should you listen to your rational mind, which says wait things out a bit and see how it goes? The best choice would be to combine the two options. Strive to make your dreams a reality, but do not lose sight of reality while doing so. Meaning, it would benefit you and doubtlessly make you happier to study what you love, but you need to be careful in your decisions- do not hastily make choices which you cannot undo. Meditate upon your desires and, if you find that they would fulfill you, work towards them. Do not let anyone else ever decide your future for you, for you are the master of your own fate. Good luck!

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mutant-wolf2: Thank you!