Simple Incenses and Their Uses


These are one-herb incenses that can be burned on charcoal when needed. In effect they’re instant incenses, needing no mixing or measuring/ Simply grind and empower them before use.

Allspice- Burn to attract money and luck and to provide extra physical energy.

Gum Arabic- Use for purification and protection of the home.

Bay- Use a small amount for purification, healing, protection, and to sharpen psychic powers.

Benzoin- For purification, prosperity and increasing mental powers.

Cedar- Smolder for purification, protection, to speed healing and promote spirituality, and to obtain money.

Cinnamon- Burn to sharpen psychic powers, to draw money, speed healing, confer protection and to strengthen love.

Clove- Protection, exorcism, money, love and purification.

Copal- Burn for protection, cleansing, purification, to promote spirituality, and to purify quartz crystals and other stones before use in magic.

Dragon’s Blood- Use for love, protection, exorcism and sexual potency.

Fern- Burn the dried fronds indoors to exorcise evil, and outdoors to bring rain.

Frankincense- Protection, exorcism, spirituality, love and consecration.

Juniper- Exorcism, protection, healing and love.

Myrrh- Healing, protection, exorcism, peace, consecration, meditation.

Pine- Smolder for money, purification, healing and exorcism.

Rosemary- Burn for protection, exorcism, purification, healing and to cause sleep; to restore or maintain youth, to bring love and to increase intellectual powers.

Sage- Smolder to promote healing and spirituality.

Sandalwood- For protection, healing, exorcism, spirituality.

Thyme- Health, healing, purification.

(Source: The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews by Scott Cunningham)

Witchcraft 101


I was asked to make a post about some basic information for beginners. This post covers a lot of information to start you off on. 🙂

I suggest you pick out a topic and start there by studying it and practicing it, and don’t forget that it’s your journey and you decide what you believe to be most important. Feel free to expand your horizons.

Some subjects:
–animal magic
–sacred geometry
–herb magic
–crystal magic
–animal spirits
–elemental magic
–angel magic
–poison path

Some wonderful authors:
–Scott Cunningham
–Gerna Dunwitch
–Eileen Holland
–Judika Illes

I do have a list of great beginner books that I suggest:
Candlelight Spells 
- Gerna Dunwitch
Spells For The Solitary Witch 
- Eileen Holland
Mrs Bs Guide To Household Witchery 
- Kris Bradley
The Way Of The Green Witch – Murphy Hiscock
Book Of Witchery – Dugan
Cunningham’s Book Of Shadows – Scott Cunningham
Practical Protection Magic – Dugan
Pure Magic – Judika Illes

Some tips:
1. Do your own research.
2. Don’t be afraid to read about ‘taboo’ topics.
3. Libraries are great places (if you can’t find a book your looking for, you can get one shipped from another library for free).
4. There are many magical subjects to study.
5. You don’t need any tools.
6. You can work magic in the kitchen with everyday ingredients.
7. You can write your own spells.
8. Don’t do anything your not comfortable doing.
10. Don’t forget to Take notes (book of shadows)

A book of shadows is a book that one uses to write about their experiences, their path, and anything they feel is important to add.

Some info for your Book of Shadows 
(BOS) and you can put anything you’d like in it, as each book is individual to the owner who write in it. You can also have many Book of Shadows and it’s ok to keep your old ones. Here are a few subjects you can go over in the book:
–lunar calendar
–info about your deities
–tool info
–symbolic info
–a bio
–book protection spell
–notes from your craft

The Basic Tools Of A Witch
**tools do not need to be used but make casting easer and this is not a complete list, as different paths have there own lists.

The Chalice 
- often made of silver, though it can be made of any material. It is associated with water, and feminine energies.

The Cauldron – a tool of fire, often used to burn offerings, fire magic, or mixing potions. Many use cast iron cauldrons as cooking vessels.

Dowsing Rods – a divination tool often used to find lost objects or find underground water for well making.

Magical Journal – a magical journal often called a Book of Shadows due to pop culture, often used to keep a log of magical experiences, practices and recipes. 
Many believe the power of the written word, I personally believe that there’s more power in writing down it all by hand. You can use you book any way you want and name it what you want. It’s supposed to be personal and over the years you may have a series of books written by you.

The Wand – can be made with a verity of materials, many use certain woods and crystals while others use copper. They have masculine energies and considered tools of fire/ air. They are used to direct magical energies.
 Willow wood is associated with lunar magic; Oak wood is associated with fire magic
; Apple wood is associated with love magic,
 to name a few woods and magical uses.

The Athame – a double sided blade that is never to be used to cut any physical surface. It is usually considered to be a tool of air/fire. Used to direct energy, it has a masculine association.

The Besom – a broomstick; it combines both masculine and feminine energies, used to “sweep away unwanted energies”; never to be used for mundane but only for the magical, or else you risk loosing any magical power stored in it.

The Smoke Fan – used to move magical energies in a space, a tool of air as it can be used in combination with sage for a cleansing ritual.

Basic Tool Consecration
Prior to consecration, I rub the tool with fresh lavender, eucalyptus or mint leaves.
When I consecrate my tools I hold the tool in my hand and visualize it absorbing my energies, then I purify it from its old energies with the elements; I choose to use the smoke method. While I smoke cleanse the tool I usually say aloud a blessing of the elements:

I hold in my hands the (tool)
which I dedicate as a tool of the (name of element) element
I dedicate it to positive uses
as I was the Path of the Wise

Basic Herbs:

Basil (Ocimum Basilicum)
Gender: hot
Planet: mars
Element: fire
Deities: Krishna, Vishnu
Basic Powers: purification, protection, exorcism, love

CAMOMILE (Anthemis Nobilis)
Gender: hot
Planet: sun
Element: water
Part Used: flowers
Basic powers: prosperity, meditation, money, induces sleep when burned

CATNIP (Nepeta Cataria)
Gender: cold
Planet: venus
Element: water
Deity: Bast
Part Used: leaf
Basic Power: love, animal connection, relaxation

 (Lonicera Caprifolium)
Gender: hot
Planet: jupiter
Element: earth
Part Used: flowers
Basic Powers: prosperity, clairvoyance

LAVENDER (Lavendula Officinal)
Gender: hot
Planet: mercury
Element: air
Part Used: flowers
Basic Powers: love, protection, purification

MUGWORT (Artemisa Vulgaris)
Gender: cold
Planet: venus
Element: air
Deities: Artemis, Diana
Part Used: herb
Basic Powers: protection, clairvoyance

THYME (Thymus Vulgaris)
Gender: cold
Planet: venus
Element: air
Part Used: herb
Basic Powers: clairvoyance, purification

YARROW (Achillea Millefolium)
Gender: cold
Planet: venus
Element: water
Part Used: flowers
Basic Powers: love, clairvoyance, exorcism

Beginners Oil Apothecary
Almond Oil
Gender: masculine
Planet: mercury
Element: air
Powers: love, prosperity, wisdom

Bergamot Oil
Gender: masculine
Planet: mercury
Element: air
Powers: prosperity, protection

Eucalyptus Oil
Gender: feminine
Planet: moon
Element: water
Powers: cleansing, healing, protection

Frankincense Oil
Gender: masculine
Planet: sun
Element: fire
Powers: peace, protection, exorcism, spirituality

Jasmine Oil
Gender: feminine
Planet: moon
Element: water
Powers: love, sexuality, goddess

Lavender Oil
Gender: feminine
Planet: venus
Element: water
Powers: cleansing, purification, relaxation, healing

Patchouli Oil
Gender: feminine
Planet: Saturn
Element: earth
Powers: love, healing, passion

Sandalwood Oil
Gender: feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: water
Powers: dreams, divination, enhancing psychic abilities

Beginner Crystals

Planet: sun, moon
Element: fire, water
Powers: protection, healing, power, lactation

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
Element: water
Powers: dreams, overcoming alcoholism, health, healing, psychic abilities, peace, love, protection, happiness

Planet: Venus, Neptune
Element: earth
Powers: protection, courage, money, love, friendship, healing, luck

Planet: sun
Element: fire
Powers: money, protection, courage, energy, luck, divination

Planet: sun
Element: fire
Powers: protection, energy, health, sexual energy

Planet: moon
Element: water
Powers: divination, psychism, sleep, gardening, protection, youth, dieting

Planet: Mars, Saturn
Element: fire
Powers: protection, defensive magic, reducing sexual desires

Planet: Saturn
Element: fire
Powers: protection, luck

Planet: Saturn
Element: fire
Powers: protection, grounding, divination, peace

Planet: Venus
Element: earth
Powers: power, protection, love, peace, business success

Planet: Saturn
Element: earth
Powers: protection, anti-nightmares, luck, definition, health

Powers: mental powers, calming

Planet: sun
Element: fire
Powers: protection, peace, eloquence, healing, courage

Candle Colors
WHITe – all purpose, unity, purity, cleansing, peace, balance, spirituality, healing, innocence, rain, magic involving young children, truth, consecration, balancing the aura

RED – passion, vitality, strength, survival, fertility, courage, sexual potency, mercy, action, danger, war, fire element, conflict, sports, independence, assertiveness, competition

BLUE – communication, will power, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, weight loss, truth, fidelity, patience, domestic harmony, organization, removing bad vibrations, sincerity, astral projection, water element

YELLOW – masculine divinity, great fortune, abundance, prosperity, male energy, understanding, divination, fast luck, solar/sun energy, positive attitude, justice, health, attraction, luxury

GREEN – prosperity, abundance, money, physical & emotional healing, growth, luck, marriage, tree/plant magic, acceptance, weather, counteract envy/greed/jealousy

PURPLE – wisdom, influence, spiritual power, contact with spirits, drive away evil, change luck, independence, government, break habit

PINK – love, compassion, nurturing, femininity, friendship, romance, partnership, spiritual & emotional healing, protection of children, domestic harmony, self-improvement, maturity

ORANGE – creativity, self-expression, intellectual matters, overcoming addiction, legal matters/justice, joy, business success, ambition, vitality, fun, action, opportunity, celebration, investments

BROWN – ouse blessing, animal/pet magic, earth magic, concentration, material goods, stability, locating lost objects, earth element, real estate, construction, food, financial crisis

BLACK – grounding, wisdom, learning, protection, safety, reversing, uncrossing, unhexing, repelling black magic, banishing negativity, releasing, shapeshifting, defense, scrying, pride

Casting circles
Using an athame draw a circle around your working area, and then invoke the elements and chosen deities (optional) then proceed with your magical workings. There are may ways of casting a circle, everybody does it there own way.

Invocation of the Elements 
Via Cunningham’s Book of Shadows:
Air, Fire, Water, Earth

Elements of astral birth
I charge you now; attend to me!
In the circle, rightly cast
Safe from psychic curse and blast
I charge you now; attend to me!
From cave and desert, sea and hill

By wand, blade cup, and pentacle

I charge you now; attend to me!

This is my will, so mote it be!

Dismissal of the elements
Earth, Water, Fire and Air

Elements both strong and fair
Return to your abodes now
 This is my will, so mote it be!

Centering ritual
To be centered means to be balanced physically and spiritually.

Body mind and spirit now align

center focus on this goal of mine

subtle bodies balance to the core

clear and strong I’m ready to explore

Chant to help create a sense of connectedness:
To the sky spirit
with my voice
lift my eyes
see the sun, moon, and stars
touch them all, mine and ours

Circle of Protection Incense
Designed to protect a person, home, or place of business from evil influence.
1 oz powdered sandalwood
1/2 oz powdered 5 finger grass
1/4 oz. powdered frankincense
1/4 oz grated orange peel
1/4 tsp. salt peter
1 dram of gardenia oil
2 dram tincture of benzoin
1/8 Fl. Oz =1 dram 
1/4 Fl. Oz = 2 dram

Tincture of benzoin
2 oz powdered benzoin
4 oz water
12 oz alcohol
Keep this mix in a bottle for 2 weeks and shake daily, then strain the liquid for use.

carlylux asked: What’s a spellcasting lamp? can u post a pic? I googled and came up with nothing.

windvexer answered: I will not post a picture of my lamp because I don’t want tons of people’s energies all over it. So I will explain instead.

CANDLE SPELLS. You take a candle, dress it, and burn it. But guess what is a reality about candles— they are expensive. A nice taper here costs $1.50, and a votive is at least $0.75. A jar candle for a 7 day spell is at least $2. Regular use of candles can get very expensive.

But like, burning stuff is so cool so it sucks that it’s expensive 😦

Solution: kerosene/paraffin oil lamps!

1. You can decorate the lamp in a similar way as you would dress a candle. You can add oils or plant matter to the fuel so it will be burned up. The lamp is glass so if you paint on it you can easily remove any decorations and start fresh.

2. A cheap kerosene lamp here costs $5 (one that looks like this), and you can buy a gallon of fuel for about $10 (this will last for ages depending on how often you burn the lamp).

3. The flame is encased by glass and depending on what kind of lamp you get it can be very sturdy, so there is less of a fire hazard

4. You can control the size of the flame manually depending on how much “power” you want to give to the spell

5. You can add removable decorations such as sigils, written programming, bunches of herbs, or hanging stones to help empower a spell, so you could case the same spell over and over again, or day after day, without needing to dress new candles

6. Because the lamp is ‘permanent’ it eventually gains a power of its own

7. The lamp can empower multiple spells at once depending on how you use it

I hope this helps explain!

Candles, Pt. 8

The Smoke

Dark Smoke
–negativity around
–bad spirits

White Smoke
–generally seen as a good sign that your request or desire will be granted

Smoke Moves Toward You
–your request has been heard

Smoke Moves Away From You
–work hard
–send more energy to your desires

Smoke Turns Right
–you need to be patient
–success will come through using your head

Smoke Turns Left
–”you’re too emotionally involved and may need to sort out your emotions and feelings before you’ll see results”
–take time to reconsider your feelings and try again

Smoke Moves North
–physical manifestation is in progress

Smoke Moves East
–mental manifestation is in progress

Smoke Moves South
–success will come fast
–the results may be quick and intense

Smoke Moves West
–your emotions will likely get the best of you
–better to hold off and try your spell again later

Candles, Pt. 7

Flame Shape

Dim or Small Flame
–the task ahead will be troublesome
–you’re facing strong opposition and you’re losing the battle
–hold off for a while
–take heed of the future
–it’s necessary to put in more energy and reinforce your request
–you are not okay
–you need to change your emotional state
–patience is needed
–to see the results may take more time and effort on your part

Bright Flame Which Quickly Dims
–temporary fortune
–you are thinking too many things at the same time (try to clear your mind)
–you may have to put more energy into what you are doing

Bright, Strong, or Steady Flame
–all is well
–continue with the task
–the spirits are receiving your request
–your energy is focused
–there are no disturbances

Flame Goes Out
–more work needs to be done
–try again later
–now is not the right time

Flame Goes Out Several Times
–The ritual should be stopped and you should try again later

Flickering or Dancing Flame
–you’re not entirely focused (try to meditate before trying again)
–there is indecision either within yourself or in the process of your magic
–bursts of energy
–chaos and uncontrolled emotions surround you and your work

Sparks From the Flame
–you might get obstacles before receiving your answer

A positive color symbolic of emotional love, nurturing relationships, and romance. Promotes spiritual awakening, healing of the spirit, femininity, friendships, honor, and morality. It is the standard color of rituals to draw affection and bring friendly, lively conversations to the dinner table. Excellent for treating anxiety and depression, as well as ailments of the heart. Commonly used for Imbolc.
Wish Associations: affection, romance, friendship

A fiery, invigorating color of energy and life. Always connected to blood, birth, death, sex. Connects with love, passion, fertility, physical energy, and strength. Increases magnetism in rituals and is used in defensive magic. Almost emotes courage and enthusiasm. Good in health, strength, and vigor spells. Used in healing neuralgias and exhaustion. Red symbolizes the element of fire, as well as being a God symbol. Commonly used for Yule and Imbolc.
Astrological Signs: Aries, Scorpio
Day of the Week: Tuesday
Wish Association: strength, love, energy, courage, passion

A cool color that soothes and relaxes. Blue is a primary spiritual color, used in rituals to obtain wisdom, tranquility, harmony, peace, inner light, and truth. Connects to inspiration, occult power, protection, understanding, good health, patience, and loyalty. Aids in meditation as it connects to the intellect and the mind. Promotes happiness, laughter, joviality. Used in treating insomnia, high blood pressure, and minor wounds. Blue symbolizes the element of water. Commonly used for Litha.
Astrological Signs: Aquarius, Libra, Sagittarius
Day of the Week: Thursday
Wish Association: peace, tranquility, understanding, patience, health

The color that connects to nature, fertility, and rejuvenation. Stimulates work involving financial issues and money; aides good fortune, prosperity, luck; ambition and success. Brings love and renewal, it is an emotional soother and balancer. A good color for treating headaches, colds, and nervousness. Green is the color of the Earth element and is a Goddess symbol. Commonly used for Yule, Ostara, Beltane, and Litha.
Astrological Signs: Pisces, Taurus, Cancer
Day of the Week: Friday
Wish Association: prosperity, fertility, luck

A stimulating and uplifting color that is the color of creativity, intelligence, confidence, movement, and energy. Connects to clairvoyance, divination, wisdom, learning, imagination, and inspiration, as well as the power of concentration and communication. Used in healing skin conditions as well as stomach complaints and menstrual cramps. Yellow symbolizes the element of Air. Commonly used for Ostara, Lughnasadh, and Mabon.
Astrological Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Leo
Day of the Week: Sunday
Wish Associations: mental clarity, success, concentration

An earthy, balanced color, used to attract money and financial success. It aids in emotional stability and balance; eliminates indecisiveness; improves powers of concentration, study, intuition, and telepathy. Also connects to finding lost objects. Aids in the protection of familiars and household pets, as well as animal healing. Commonly used for Imbolc and Mabon
Astrological Signs: Capricorn
Wish Associations: grounding, centering, neutrality

Candles, Pt. 6

The Candle Itself

Black Soot Develops
–this is a very positive sign as it indicates negativity and barriers are being burned away

Candle Breaks
–try again later
–the time isn’t right

Candle Burns Quickly
–the situation calls for fast action and lots of energy
–it may also indicate that the goal will be attained very quickly and easily

Candle Burns Slowly or Almost Goes Out
–task requires caution
–there will be many obstacles to overcome
–reassess your plans

Candle Totally Burned

Crackling Sounds
–the Salamander is pleading your case with the Spirits. The louder the sounds, the harder it is working for you and the more opposition you’ll need to overcome.

Crying Candle
–you don’t have enough energy or you are not focusing enough energy to your request

Difficulty Lighting
–the environment around should be cleansed

Some Wax Left Without Being Burned
–negativity interfering