witchydays: Hi guys, I was just wondering, I’m able to feel energies around me by channeling it. (Closing my eyes, clearing my mind and reaching my hands slowly to it, sometimes when I touch sigils I can feel the energies of it diving into me) I can do this with people, natural energies, sigils, etc. what is this called and how do I learn more about this power (didn’t want to say power but I had a lack of words)

crowsandcoffee: It sounds like you may have an affinity for energy work. stsathyre has a collection of posts on energy manipulation. Here are the links.

witchydays: Oh my gods! Thank you so much!

Witch’s Guide To Grounding

Grounding serves two basic purposes.

  • It stabilizes your energy
  • It reconnects you with the earth and helps you focus on reality

When you spellcast or practice energy work, you are very likely to end up with either an excess or deficit of personal energy. This is a very uncomfortable state to be in and can include physical symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, nausea, pain, uncomfortable buzzing sensations under your skin, exhaustion, and more.

When you experiment with astral travel, journeying, or dreamwork, you may find yourself in the equally uncomfortable state of not being 100% connected to reality or “present” in this world.

Grounding takes care of both of these issues.

Ideally, you should learn how to ground before you attempt any other energy work or spellwork. Let me assure you that it is totally uncool to start messing with your energy levels without a way to balance out. Grounding is not an optional skill for a witch who wants to stay healthy, safe, and sane.

There are many grounding guides available online. If this technique doesn’t work for you, look for other methods.

1 – Grow Roots. Sit quietly outside on some nice soil or grass. Outside is best because it helps you connect to natural energies more, but if you can do it inside, go for it. Like a tree, gently visualize a long and sturdy taproot growing out of your spine and burrowing deep in to the earth.

Gently visualize. No need to hurt yourself.

My friend gets intense physical pain when she tries this – if you can’t get spinal growth, try sprouting roots out of your feet instead.

This process may actually take a little while. Do your best for as long as you can maintain focus, then return the next day and continue.

2 – Configure your roots to move energy. Your root will both bring up and send down energy. If you prefer, have a Y root with one side sending down and one side bringing up. Sitting down, breathe in for 4 counts. As you breathe in, imagine the rich and pure energy of the earth rushing up to replenish your energy. Breathe out for 4 counts, and imagine excess and unwanted energy flowing down to the earth where she can use it for her own purposes.

Meditate on this for some time, training your astral roots, until they work automatically every time you breathe.

3 – Test the system. Several times a day or as often as you remember, check in with your astral roots to see if they are still working. Look in to it in different environments, such as in buildings, cars, or nature. Your roots are permanent unless you dismantle them.

Once you are satisfied the roots are working on their own, attempt some other form of energy work. Watch your roots carefully afterwords and determine if they are dong their job to rebalance you. When acute grounding is needed, breathe in counts of 4 and use extra visualization to move the energy.

4 – Upkeep. Once a week/month, check in with your roots and determine they are free of blockages or other issues. This does happen so don’t put upkeep on the back shelf.

Miscellanea: This may be a long process if you are inexperienced in energy work. Don’t be frustrated if it takes a week or two – you are probably doing a better job than people who rush it.

If you don’t really ‘get’ visualization, work on feeling or “knowing” the roots are there and working instead of trying to force an image.

Anonymous asked: Is it possible to take in too much energy? I was practicing grounding for the first time and sent down my roots and almost immediately felt lightheaded and dizzy. I think I was drawing it in but not releasing any excess?

windvexer answered: Yes, it is extremely possible. Half the reason for grounding is to ground excess energy.

Your symptoms could have just been because your energetic body was freaking out over doing the exercise for the first time (just like my physical body would freak out right now if I got up and ran tried to run a mile).

When you ground, go slowly and focus on balance. Don’t manually take in or release energy, just focus on coming to a natural balance. Hopefully your roots will do the rest.

Types Of ESP

Precognition: to see objects or events in the future which comes in thought form
Retrocognition: to see objects or events in the past which comes in thought form
Remote Viewing: seeing objects at a distance
Telepathy: communication of thoughts/ideas through the mind
Telekinesis/Psychokinesis: to move objects with the power of the mind
Clairsentient:  the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge by means of feeling, such as coming into a room and having a gut feeling that something bad will happen, and something bad does happen
Clairaudience: a person acquires information by paranormal auditory means, for example: hearing voices that aren’t there, and the voices tell you information about a future event
Clairalience: acquiring information through smelling, such as smelling a rose when there is no rose, but perhaps your dead great-grandma used rose perfume
Claircognizance: very rare, when you know of something without knowing. It just ”comes” to the person
Clairgustance: the ability to taste something without putting it in your mouth

Personal Shielding


My mother taught me that it was important to shield myself for many reasons:

  • My personal energy and emotional state can have an effect on those around me.
  • To keep negative influences out
  • To keep positive close to myself
  • To keep other people’s energy and emotional states from overwhelming me
  • And to prevent those who might actively mean me harm the ability to do so psychically.

She resonates most with the element of water and forms her shielding out of it by visualising that she is surrounded by a small bubble of sea water, filled with fish and other sea creatures. It flows around her and absorbs negativity neutralising it. She sees the sea fade, not get weaker but become transparent, so that she can still feel it but is able to see through it and perform magick without having to lower her shield.

I’m a little over cautious due to some less than pleasant experiences. I have five shields one for each element:

  • Earth – A stone wall that protects from taking on board other peoples emotional distress
  • Air – A tornado that disorientates any harmful thoughts or intentions and drags them in
  • Fire – A blaze that transmutes negative energy into positive
  • Water – A sea that absorbs this energy.
  • Spirit – A blue egg of energy that I can easily work magick through and where I store excess energy until I Ground it or give it to someone else.

Before I learned how to make them transparent without weakening them I would strip my first four layers and have only the Spirit shield to work within a circle.

Each person picks the shields that work best for them. One of my friends uses quartz. Another uses mirrors to bounce off negativity, but I find this inefficient, and prefer to put any energy sent to me to good use.

Just think about what makes you feel secure, and work with it. If it doesn’t feel right change to something else. At least once a day visualise your shield to keep them strong. When we feel secure we can forget to shield and although it may become second nature for them to be there it is always a good idea to check them from time to time.

Using Energy Balls

To Make An Energy Ball
-rub hands together and feel it
-separate hands one foot apart
-pray on it with good words and say what the energy ball is for
-blow on it… it will go where it’s directed

Helpful Hints
-it works when belief is there
-use good feelings and emotions
-use positive words
-give lots of details

-send healing energy to self and loved ones
-removal of blocks by self or others
-removal of negative energy
-for just about anything

Understanding Your Aura Color: Magenta

Magenta is the first of the composite-color auras. Magenta frequencies resonate with the same vibration as the Heart Chakra (green).

The color magenta is the combination of red, blue, and white light frequencies. Magenta aura people are rare in that they exhibit traits of both red and blue auras, which makes them highly creative.

Magenta aura people combine a masterful understanding of the physical world (red) with a heightened capacity toward imaginative and creative thinking (blue). This combination makes magenta aura people ideally suited for creative work as stylists, interior designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, costume designers, make=up and hair artists, actors, and any other profession that draws upon visual artistic talent. These high-energy, naturally creative beings thrive on originality and innovation, and are not fond of using copy-cat methods of creativity.

Mantra for increasing magenta aura vibrations: “Deep within myself is a reservoir of untapped creativity that is uniquely my own. I bring it forth as my gift to the world!”

Understanding Your Aura Color: Red

Red emissions have the slowest vibrational frequency of the visible light spectrum. Red is one step above the vibrations of physical matter.

A red aura is the sign of a person who has a natural understanding of the physical plane. Red aura people are fearless manifestors who enjoy and metabolize al things physical, from food to clothing, from handbags to homes.

People who have red emissions in their energy field are passionate and unapologetic about experiencing the dynamic and abundant adventure of life as a physical being. They are generally unafraid of death, birth, over-indulgence or adrenaline-inducing activities.

Red aura people make great gourmet cooks, soldiers, EMTs, adventurers, tour guides, police officers, midwives, and avant-garde entertainers and artists. These powerful people are rarely found fasting or otherwise denying themselves the pleasures of the physical plane.

Mantra for increasing red aura vibrations: “I maximize my experience as a physical being by embracing all the Earth life has to offer!”