How To Work With Angels

Guardian Angels

Each individual has a guardian angels also so known as spirit guides, which their work is to guide and protect you. To get in contact with them, meditate. Be aware of your thoughts, sometimes they just speak telepathically. They speak very softly, but with certainty. Be aware of your dreams, they might appear or send some signs to communicate something to you.

Birthday Angels

As angels, archangels as well as the other types of angels are connected to planets, hours, days; so each person will have an angel of influence related to their birthday. Check the birthday charts’ angel.

Other Angels

Angels can be related to the four elements, to healing, to music, to just about anything.
So you might attract some types of angels that are related to your skills, characteristics or your purpose in life.

How to work with angels:

  • You can meditate with them. If you need healing, or you want someone to be healed, for example, so you can call Raphael while meditating and ask him to help you.
  • You can write a letter. You can burn it or you can keep it in a special place where no one touches it.
  • You can speak with them out loud or in your mind.
  • If you need protection or want someone to protected, you can get into the meditative state, call on your guardian angel to help you.
  • Visualization: you can visualize energies, when you are trying to contact your angels. For exmaple, guardian angels usually are of a very bright white energy color. So you can visualize this white aura protecting you. If you want someone else to protected you can ask your angel to talk to that person’s angels to protect him’her
  • Keep your house cleaned and organized, this way good energies flow better
  • meditate to clear your own energy and thoughts, so you can hear and understand when they speak to you
  • Train yourself to distinguish between your imagination, your inner voice and other voices that might come in your mind. Your angels will more likely to communicate with you through telepathy, so be aware.
  • Angels like music
  • It helps to contact them, through meditation using candle.
  • Angels do not ask for offerings. But respect them.
  • You can ask them to come into your dream to speak to you what you need to know, or to know them