3CardMay: Day 2

Date: May 2nd, 2015
Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

To my deck:
What is my lesson for May?
II – The High Priestess

I thought it interesting that this card came in the first position for the first two readings, perhaps I didn’t shuffle well enough.  But The High Priestess is all about intuition, knowledge, higher powers (and some mystery). I’ve already had two bigger than average spiritual experiences this month… and it’s only the second day.  I think I need to listen to my inner voice more.

What do you need from me?
XX – Judgement

“Judgement tells you that you are close to reaching a significant state in your own journey.” “The voice of destiny summons you onward.” I know I’m close to finding something.  I can totally feel it. It’s either just out of my reach, not yet time for me to know it, or I know it but don’t recognize it. It’s with my studying and learning from The High Priestess that I’ll grasp it.

6 of Swords

If I keep my nose to the books and listen to my intuition more, I’ll be able to take everything to the “next level” regarding my life and my spirituality. I will have passed this portion of the test and go on to the next, all the while knowing what’s going on and bring with it a smooth transition.

Spread-A-Day: Day 20

Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: manandcards

Start: What To Change
Six of Swords – passage away from difficulties, a chance to recover, despondency

I need to stop daydreaming about getting away from the major conflict that has infected my brain.  I’m just so done with everything right now and it’s only six days until the actual meeting.  I want to throw in the towel right now, but the cards are telling me not to.

Hope: What Lifts You
Queen of Cups – creative, imagination, heeds her intuition, artistic expression

What I’ve always liked about myself was my creativity and the ways things just naturally seem to come together when it came to my imagination.

Skip: What To Leave
Three of Pentacles – teamwork, functioning together as a unit

Well, I guess I can say good-bye to a well-oiled family meeting.  As much as my sisters want to think that they will be here to listen to what I have to say, they already have a barrier that will not let them.

Jump: What Boosts You
XIX – The Sun – understanding, renewal of life, clarity of vision and purpose

I love adventure. Doesn’t matter what kind.  Oh, we got lost on the way to a friends house? “Adventure time! C’mon grab your friends!…”  Planning a road trip?  “…as we all travel to distant lands!”  That planning ahead for something interesting is what makes me smile.

Ground: Where You Land
I – The Magician – creativity, self-confidence, “grasping the unseen… and harnessing it to become reality”

My imagination, my intuition, my magic.  They lead me to who I am.

Spread-A-Day: Day 8

Date: February 8, 2015
Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: carbonlyingnexttome

Day 8

What is my wish?
Six of Swords – passage away from difficulties, to recover after tribulations, despondency

For it to all go away. I want this month to be over with. I want this family meeting to never happen.  I don’t want to speak of this situation ever again because it causes me so much pain, and now we are setting aside a whole day so everyone can see how much hurt I’ve felt.  And I don’t want to feel all of that for a day.  Just go away!  I’m gonna close my eyes and snap my fingers.  When I open my eyes, it will be March, okay?

Is it within my power?
Four of Cups – self-absorption, lost in reverie

I’m getting “yes and no” from this card.  Yes, my wish is within my power because I could, if I so choose, ignore everything.  Stick my fingers in my ears and sing la-la-la until the cows come home. I’d be happy… But no, because that action also closes me out to other things the world has to offer, not just the family situation.

How should my wish be granted?
Two of Pentacles – everything in motion, flexible, “meet these challenges that tumble your way with high spirits”

By toeing a fine line of keeping the family situation out of sight (for now) and seeing what my friends are doing.  Some days I’ll be more focused on my friends or my work, and others I’ll be forced to think about the family situation.  So long as I don’t lean too much one way, I’ll be alright.

What will the outcome be?
Ace of Swords – break-throughs, raw power, mental clarity

If I can do this balancing act, have fun with my friends and get through this rather difficult upcoming day, then I will take a deep breath and be able to focus on so many other things.  This break-through will be like smashing through a brick wall.  There’s going to be a lot of mess, but once I get to the other side, it will feel so good. I’m going to have so much energy.

Spread-A-Day: Day 3

Date: February 3, 2015
Shadowscapes Tarot
Created By:

Day 3

“What does February hold for me?”

First, I had the cards in laid out in a row. Then I put then in a 3×3 grid so I could take a picture of them (because that’s so much more important than figuring them out). But when I placed them in the grid, I found that each row, before I looked up the meanings of the individual cards, had a theme.

Day 3b

Two of Pentacles
keeping everything in motion, flexible, adaptable

I feel a lot of turbulence will be headed my way in February, a little at work but more so at home and with family. I need to keep my chin up as I go through the old song and dance with my sisters regarding my dad. One wrong move, however, and it was all for naught.

Queen of Swords
honesty, inner knowledge, “accurate perceptions of the world around her and for her experiences”

With this situation with my dad I have always been honest to what I have seen and experienced. I’m going to have to stick to my guns when I’m with my sisters because all I have, in regards to their questions, is what I know. I feel there is going to come a moment during this month where I will have to stop and figure out the answer to a hard, personal question. I’m also going to have to be honest with myself.

Ten of Cups
serenity, peace, success

This card is not telling me what is going to happen if the family meetings goes well (though that would be nice); this card is telling what the outcome might be if I choose my steps wisely when meeting my sisters. Keeping my emotions under control, that’s not to say don’t show them, but rather let them out in a constructive manner, will help tremendously. I will need to think before I speak. My words have more power in then than I realize. They are hear to listen to I have to say, so what I say finally has some worth.

If all goes well, then we will end the day, not necessarily with happiness (because this is not a happy meeting), but with a sense of accomplishment. We came together for a purpose and now that we’ve all had our say in the matter, we are granted some peace.

The first three cards are warnings when dealing with my sisters and discussing the situation that has arisen because of my dad. I need to keep my balance by not throwing up my personal, defensive shields. I need to be flexible, but I also need to speak the truth while pleasing everyone. If I do this difficult, tricky dance correctly, we will all come out stronger as a family.

Day 3c

Five of Cups
loss, mourning, regret

In my Wheel of Your Year spread, the Five of Cups was the main theme for February. So I’m not surprised that it showed up when I asked about February. I sometimes see snapshots in my mind during readings, and when contemplating the Five of Cups, I saw an older man with his back toward me and a younger girl in the process of turning away from me. The girl had a sad smile on her face. They both were heading toward a very strong, bright, white light. I have a distinct feeling on who the older man is and the fear that he will die. While the family is preparing for the inevitable end (as his health is failing him in real life), I know it will still be a shock when that phone does ring.

XVIII – The Moon
fears, anxieties, disorientation, experiencing distortion

It is because of this older man dying, of who he represented to me and all that he has done for me, I feel that I will become lost. That disorientation of ‘who’s going to be there now?’ kind of lost. ‘I don’t know what to do’ distortion of life. I also feel that it will be my mother whose fears about this man not being in her life, while are many, will overload her. And her wanting to control everything will become out of control.

Ace of Cups
love, compassion, creativity

I will not have strayed from the path for very long. It is my friends who will help me find my way again. With their love and compassion, their understanding and time, I will travel the road once more. Maybe not as fast as I had been going, but I will be back. And when I get back, my creativity, which will have been stifled during this black time, will keep me up at night, wondering what project I’m going to do next. I will mourn if I need to, but I will also remember the good times I had.

In the Five of Cups, I also saw a younger girl (I also believe I know who it is). I feel that while we will both be going through hard times this month, she will blossom with love and creativity near the end. I will see her smile again. A smile that I had not seen in a very long time.

I don’t know if the cards can forecast a death, but I truly feel that is what I am being told. I know death can also be a metaphor for transitions and changes, but my instinct is not telling me that. There is true sadness. I am encouraged to know that my time being lost will not be long.

Day 3d

XII – The Hanged Man
surrendering, emotional release, giving up control, “a subtle shifting of the state of mind”

In regards to the situation with my dad and the meeting with my sisters, it is advised that I stop holding on so dear to what I know to be THE TRUTH. While it is the truth, for myself, it doesn’t do any good if I also don’t listen to what my sisters have to say. And not just pretend to listen only to go back to THE TRUTH, but really listen. I have my truth, but they also have theirs, and while they may not be saying it outright, it’s between the lines.

Six of Swords
“passage away from difficulties,” regretful but necessary transition

February is going to be particularly hard month for me, so much so that I’m going to want to just throw in the towel and not care any more. Just let someone else handle it. But that’s not meeting the challenge, is it? These events are in my life for a reason, it’s time I shakily face them and learn from them.

Three of Wands
explore, seek out the uncharted, expand your horizons

After I have truly faced what has befallen me, my emotions laid bare, I said what I needed to say and I contemplated what I did not know before, after all of that… am I free to make my own path. Major components in my life will have changed drastically, but I can use them to my advantage if I listen to their lessons and apply them to my life.

These last three cards were, in some shape or form, advice for me for the month of February. They seem to be arranged in a first-then-last format. I am not looking forward for February, but with what I have been given, I can hopefully make it easier.