mutant-wolf2 asked: Hey there! I was hoping 1 of you lovely ladies would be able to give me a 3 card tarot reading. I currently work in an emergency animal hospital and while I love what I do, I don’t want to be doing this 5 yrs from now (it’s very physically demanding and it’s starting to take a toll on me). I was thinking of going back to school to get my MLS, as books are another of my passions. Could you give me some advice? Is going back to school a good idea? Or should I look into a different area altogether?

1sticks-and-stones0 answered: Are you Lee?

Ok, I pulled the queen of swords, the knight of swords, and the knight of pentacles… Here is what I got:

The problem: It looks like you do not quite get along with your coworkers. You feel as though you are taken for granted, you are very smart, and have a lot to give, but no one will listen.

The advice: You need to think about what you need. You need to look into getting more/stronger close relationships. You are a hardworking, determined person, so if you decide to go back to school, you will excel.

The outcome: It shows you staying in the same field. This is what you love to do, and this is what you are good at. Although, this card does recognize that you need to take a break, and find a way to stop being taken for granted anymore.

Hope this helps!


mutant-wolf2 Yup! That’s me!

Thank you for the reading.

There are a few people I know whom I’m probably not on the top of their favorite people list. One for sure, two possibly, in my own department. Doesn’t help that I’m one position below manager. =/

I do wish I could use my brain more than my brawn at work. And I wish more people could recognize that instead of just handing me things to do because I’ve done them a million times over and done them well. I would feel much more stimulated.

Yeah, relationships aren’t as solid as I would like them to be. I just don’t know how to go about strengthening or making new ones.

Getting a masters will be harder than any other schooling I’ve done, so I’m glad to know I’ll do well if I get in.

I’m going on short vacation at the beginning of July, does that count as a break? 😉

Though you are correct, I do love my job and I am very good at it, I was hoping to get away from all the noise stimulation and energy draining physical activity.

Thanks again!

1sticks-and-stones0: I think that if some changes are made, you will be rejuvenated and ready for the job again. Yes July counts! ❤

Remember, this is only one possibility, we all have free will, we can change our minds, and thus change the future, anything is possible 🙂


mutant-wolf2: Now I just have to figure out what needs changing…

I know for the foreseeable future I’ll still be at the animal hospital. I won’t be looking for a new job overnight or even for a few years. Maybe when I graduate with my master’s it’ll be more of the right time.

Thanks again!

Spread-A-Day: Day 11

Date: February 11, 2015
Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: obsydian

Day 11

Aim for this. (This is where you must go.)
Knight of Pentacles – efficiency, methodical, routine

My hours at work changed (at my request) and it’s thrown me for a very subtle loop in regards to sleep schedule; my work schedule in conjunction with my mom’s; and the little nuances that people would normally dismiss but are actually a way for me to go about my routine, have all changed in a very slight way. This has thrown me off course a bit.

Your current projections. (This is where you currently aim.)
Three of Pentacles – teamwork, “functioning together as a unit”

What I’m looking to try and do is to make it all work as close as possible to my old schedule.  I’m trying to do the exact same things but at a different time schedule… sometimes it works, other times I’m up way pay I need to be.

How to propel you towards your true aim. (Use this to propel you towards your aim.)
Ten of Pentacles – wealth, establishment, “long term efforts finally brought to fruition”

Getting back into a rhythm that works with my sleep schedule and work schedule is going to take time, but with some effort and knowing that this won’t work in the first week, I can make it work a few months down the line.

It’s the little things that make me happy, like a well laid out routine.

Spread-A-Day: Day 7

Date: February 7, 2015
Deck: Black Cat Tarot
Created by: arcanemysteries

Day 7

What specific goal should I focus on?
IV – The Emperor – authority, structure, solid foundation

My dad. If there is anyone who fits the description of “…domination of the mind over the heart” and a “…leader who demands authority and dominance,” it would be my dad.  He has said to me on many occasions that he “demands and deserves my love and respect” simply because he is my father.

The family meeting that will be happening at the end of the month is about my attitude and actions toward my dad.  My sisters don’t understand why I don’t want to speak to him anymore and so this meeting will be a chance for them to listen to what I have to say (though from what the cards have told me many times this week, the meeting will not go well).

What will motivate me to carry out this goal?
Four of Swords – contemplation, passivity, relaxation

The days are counting down to when everyone will be over to hear what I have to say, but in the mean time, I just need to relax, chill. Don’t exert too much energy about this meeting.

How can I hold myself accountable for my progress?
Knight of Pentacles – routine, methodical, conservatism

Go about my business like I always have.  Get up, shower, go to work, come home, do tarot. Keep my routine and don’t stray, because then I’m going to stress and that stress is going to blow everything out of proportion. Keep doing what I have been doing.

What must I release, or let go it, to make my goal a reality?
I – The Magician – power, concentration, resourcefulness

Let go.  I just need to fucking let go.  Calm down.  Keep my cool, don’t get overly emotional, no outbursts, no pointing fingers.  Let my mind wander, it’s okay.  Just let it all… float… away…  The more I try to keep everything together about this meeting, the less chance I have to be sane during it.

How will achieving this goal transform my life?
Two of Pentacles – balance, adaptability

Whether or not this meeting will go well, in the end, everything will have a place, I will learn to live with the new dynamics.

I really liked this spread! The questions are well thought out, especially question three. I thought it was clever and a novel way if asking what someone should do. Fantastic!