Spread-A-Day: Day 28

Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: ragabashwitch

day 28

What have I gained during this challenge?
Seven of Pentacles – make a choice, reward for effort and work, different approaches.

I have gained the knowledge of working hard for what I know, for my choices. There are different ways to go about getting knowledge but ultimately it’s up to what you choose to be true.

How can I use this in my everyday life?
Two of Pentacles – flexible, adaptable

Know when the time is right for actions and information to be shared. Learn how much I should give and when.

How have I grown as a reader?
Three of Pentacles – teamwork, functioning together as a unit

OH MY GOD! Do you see the lady in the card? This is the lady I have met when I meditate to visit Hawk and Artemis. (except the Lady I met had longer hair) I take this as a sign that my Shadowscapes Tarot deck and I have bonded so much during this month. I love every aspect of it, from the color schemes, to the drawings themselves, to the fact that they exist at all. Oh man! I love this deck!

Spread-A-Day: Day 23

Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: kaylaincarnate

day 23

The Peach: This card represents the cause (person/environment/etc) of any manipulations happening to you.
Seven of Swords – attempt to escape responsibility, untrustworthy

Whenever I have asked my dad to explain why he treats me the way he does he never has an answer. Not even a good answer, just no answer at all. It is because of this I feel I cannot trust him with even the most basic of information about my life. With the meeting with my sisters, while it was probably true that they were there to listen to me, there came a time where it felt like I shouldn’t fault him because he does this to everyone, so I should just basically ignore everything I’ve felt.

The Song: This is the message the manipulators in your life are trying to convince you of.
X – The Wheel of Fortune

They were trying to tell me that life goes on, my dad is changing, he’s learning. While that may be true, there is a relationship here that needs to end so I can begin to be happy. It just sucks that it happens to be a relationship with my dad.

The Dancers: This is the toxic elements in your life surrounding you.
Seven of Pentacles

There are two sides to every story. There’s what my dad says and knows, and there’s what I say and know. It’s unfortunate that for me to even possibly think of rekindling a relationship with my dad I need to know why he did what he did. But I’ve tried talking to him and it ends up with empty words. So which do I pick? What I already know in my basket? Or what looks pretty on the outside?

Breaking Away: This card is how to deal with and react to the other three cards.
XIV – Temperance – harmony, healing, self-restraint

I need to walk away from this situation for a while, find some peace for myself and within myself. I probably shouldn’t say too much to friends at work because it loses its value.

Anonymous asked: *whines politely* it would reeeaallly really rrreeaallllyyyy make me happy if you could take some time to do a reading for me? Spread 2 please. Oh, and I do Oracle and Tarot readings myself, so I could do one for you in return too~~ stay freaky m8 and thank you in advance!

mutant-wolf2 responded: Hi there! I have your reading! If you’d like to do a reading for me, I totally wouldn’t mind. 😉


Where am I coming from?
Four of Swords – rest, “that still and silent place”

In the pilot episode of “Charmed,” Phoebe mentions a series of wood carvings that were in the Book of Shadows of three sister witches.  In the first carving, they were asleep, oblivious to all that was around them. And the the second carving, they are awake.  I feel in the past, you were akin to the first wood carving Phoebe mentions.  For the lady in the card is asleep, blissful in her dreaming.  But I also feel that you felt there was something more to what you knew was out there.  I feel like you’ve have certain experiences over time that happened to you, or you were witness to, but you couldn’t explain… unless there was something more.

Who am I?
Seven of Pentacles – reward for work and effort, appreciation, different approaches

You have delved into magic, witchcraft, paganism.  Whichever words best describes your interests, you have found the door that leads to it. And now you’re like a kid in a candy store.  As you look around you are amazed at how people do things, at how they get results.  I get the feeling that you might have been stoked when you realized that the energy you put out into the world did what you intended it to do, you actually saw results.  You can do this.  And as you go along and study and learn, you have an appreciate for those that are helping others learn how to what you do.  You’ve already got a basket full of information that has served you well, but adding to it over time is what will make you happy.

Where am I going?
Six of Cups – childhood innocence, remembering

Okay, so, when I meditated on where you were going, I saw an image of an ocean shore, and then fifteen or twenty feet away was a distinct “boundary” line of grass and trees. So when this card came up, I actually laughed because the picture is very similar to what I saw.  Water line and then a little distance away was grass and plants.

I get the feeling that every now and then, as you grow in your learnings, you’re going to reminisce of how you were before you truly woke up.  And how you don’t know what you’re life would be like if you didn’t go on this path.  It’s not a negative remembering, but more of a sigh, and then “Gosh, was I ever so unknowing.”  I also feel that as you grow, you will be helping others grow.  That information that you’re collecting now will be food for thought for other people.

Deity Identification Spread

Date: December 14th, 2014
Deck: Black Cats Tarot
Spread From: hellboundwitch

I have already been in contact with my deity, Artemis, a few times. When I told her that I wanted to ask her a few questions through the cards, she was amused. I did the spread on the floor of my bedroom, and at first Artemis was sitting next to me. But once I changed decks, because the first deck just wasn’t cutting it (aha! I’m so punny.), she then sat on the edge of my bed in contemplation. After going through the cards that were dealt, I realized that she was giving me advice for a situation that is currently on-going in my life and has given me terrible amounts of stress for a few years. This situation will be resolved, one way or another, within the week, and Artemis was trying to help me get through it.

1) Who is this deity?


3 of Cups (reversed) – three’s a crowd

From what I know of Artemis, and from what I’ve learned from watching her, she likes to venture out on her own. She’s not one for big groups, or even groups over two. She likes to work one on one. I see this card also as a loose meaning of virginity, as she is protector of maidens and is a virgin herself.

2) What will our relationship be like?


9 of Cups – comfort, happiness

Our relationship is going to be one of satisfaction. I feel that she is going to be right there by my side helping me through my issues and the end result will be all the more sweet because I know I’ll always have someone to back me up.

3) What do you want from me?


Queen of Swords (reversed) – overly-emotional

There is a situation going on in my personal life that has spilled over into the wider circle of my family life and it is driving my emotions through the wringer. Artemis wants me to basically stop being so emotional. To think more with my head, not my heart, as my heart is getting me into all sorts of trouble. One of the keywords for this card I’ve seen is “bitchy,” while Artemis doesn’t want me to be exactly that, she does want me to check my emotions at the door.

4) How can I best make this happen?


7 of Pentacles (reversed) – limited success or reward

She wants me to stop investing so much time and energy into this shitty situation because I knew before this all happened that if I were to finally give an answer, then I would get nothing in return. I’ve been wanting to back out of this situation for a long time now, and yet, I keep sticking my nose where I know it won’t do me any good. Artemis wants to me to quit before serious shots are fired.

5) What may get in my way?


6 of Cups (reversed) – stuck in the past

I know I’m stuck on the linear progression of how this shitty situation has come to be in the present. I’m going to be, and am already, obsessive about where it started, what came next, and how it has come to this.

6) Outcome of the relationship.


II – High Priestess (reversed) – listen to my inner voice

The High Priestess (reversed) tells me that I need to step away from the mundane, earthly things and listen to my intuition has to say, and ultimately, what Artemis has to say (as the High Priestess (upright) represents her). When I get too caught up in the day to day tasks and not enough on the spiritual or other-wordly, I need to sit down and just listen to the quiet. Re-align myself with my higher purpose. Calm down. Stop being so grounded and try to be more other-worldly.

Spread-A-Day: Day 3

I didn’t participate in the Spread-A-Day Challenge (though if they do something like this again, I probably will), but I saved the prompts. So you’ll see me do Spread-A-Day posts even if it is long past.

What do I need to focus on?


III – The Empress (reversed) – creative block, dependence on others

I’ve been feeling kind of lackluster lately, very blah.  I feel like I should be doing something but I really don’t know what, so I’m just kind of standing here.  This card is telling me that I’m in a funk.

What is stopping me from focusing?


XX – Judgment (reversed) – self-doubt

Me.  I am putting too much emphasis on what I could be doing wrong or the little things that I do differently, mostly at work.  Because I’m just left of center yet still considered normal, I constantly have these feelings of wondering if I’m good enough, if I should conform to what everyone else is doing.  Even though I do my own thing and everything still works out like it’s supposed to, I still have that thought that I didn’t do it right.

How can I focus more?


7 of Pentacles – patience, investment

Work.  This spread has been about my work.  I’ve been putting in extra hours because we are short staffed.  Because of all the time I’ve put in, it hampers on my own personal time.  I don’t have any time to just chill and be by myself.  I’m hoping to see my paycheck having that overtime on it as some sort of a reward for taking me away not only from myself and what helps me, but also from my family.

The picture on my Black Cat tarot shows someone who has taken the time to protect that which he cares for, something he wants to nurture and grow. Something that has and will take up a lot of his time. He’s done this in the past and the results have turned into something grand.  I feel he knows that everything will be alright once we get past this initial, delicate, growing stage.  As he waits comfortably and calmly, I feel I should wait until the situation has matured and is able to grow on it’s own.