3CardMay: Day 10

Date: May 10th, 2015
Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

The Week Ahead…
1st Third
Seven of Swords – escape responsibility, deception, untrustworthy

The first couple of days I’m going to notice an air of negativity at work. I’ll see the little things people aren’t doing, though they should be. I don’t know if I will act on what I see.

2nd Third
King of Swords – authority, intellectual power, leader

I feel I will be using my title more in during this part of the week, but in a calm and precise manner. One with a lot of thought behind my actions.

3rd Third
Four of Pentacles – control, stability, possessions

Something is going to turn out of whack for me and I will not like the feeling of not being in control. I like knowing where things are going to happen and when they will happen. I’m going to cling to my physical things as a way to keep myself standing.

Spread-A-Day: Day 19

Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: alderwolfe

Day 19

What’s the general theme around me right now?
Five of Swords – discord, conflict of interests, if feels the world is allied against you

Yay conflict. Who doesn’t want that? </sarcasm>

Spiritual: Where am I intuitively?
Three of Cups – singing, companionship, developing community

I think my intuition and I are getting along just fine.

Physical: Where am I in the mundane world?
Four of Pentacles – a possessive spirit, a cage of his own making

This is me trying to hold on to whatever makes sense in my life right now. I’m trying to keep what I know around me.

Spiritual: How am I doing?
King of Swords – strength, wisdom, balance

My intuition and I have a great relationship going.  It’s a really good give and take that doesn’t tire the other out.

Physical: How am I doing?
Queen of Pentacles – generosity, reliable, trustworthy

Inside, I want to tear my hair out.  But I guess on the outside, I’m seen as a good person.

Spread-A-Day: Day 4

Date: February 4, 2015
Shadowscapes Tarot
Created By:

Day 4

What fuel do I need to start my fire?
Knight of Swords – brave, fearless, action

I need to stop mumbling and seeking out the shadows. I don’t like being in the lime-light but being confident and knowing what I want doesn’t automatically put me front and center. I need move forward with my head held high and plans in my hands.

How can I burn brighter?
Four of Pentacles – possessive, in control, limitations, averse to change

This card is not telling me what I can do, but what I shouldn’t do. A warning that if I try to cling too tightly to rules and regulations, to always have everything under control, then I will never move forward. (oh look, another reminder to let go.)