Spread-A-Day: Day 20

Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: manandcards

Start: What To Change
Six of Swords – passage away from difficulties, a chance to recover, despondency

I need to stop daydreaming about getting away from the major conflict that has infected my brain.  I’m just so done with everything right now and it’s only six days until the actual meeting.  I want to throw in the towel right now, but the cards are telling me not to.

Hope: What Lifts You
Queen of Cups – creative, imagination, heeds her intuition, artistic expression

What I’ve always liked about myself was my creativity and the ways things just naturally seem to come together when it came to my imagination.

Skip: What To Leave
Three of Pentacles – teamwork, functioning together as a unit

Well, I guess I can say good-bye to a well-oiled family meeting.  As much as my sisters want to think that they will be here to listen to what I have to say, they already have a barrier that will not let them.

Jump: What Boosts You
XIX – The Sun – understanding, renewal of life, clarity of vision and purpose

I love adventure. Doesn’t matter what kind.  Oh, we got lost on the way to a friends house? “Adventure time! C’mon grab your friends!…”  Planning a road trip?  “…as we all travel to distant lands!”  That planning ahead for something interesting is what makes me smile.

Ground: Where You Land
I – The Magician – creativity, self-confidence, “grasping the unseen… and harnessing it to become reality”

My imagination, my intuition, my magic.  They lead me to who I am.