Spread-A-Day: Day 14

Date: February 14, 2015
Deck: Black Cats Tarot
Created by: arcanemysteries & ragabashwitch

Day 14

What is my relationship like with myself?
Nine of Cups – reward, comfort, happiness

I have a very good relationship with myself.  I try to listen to my body in what it tells me; I know when to stop pushing myself. I have come a long way to get as comfortable as I am in my own skin, but for the most part, I am happy myself.

How can I love myself more?
Knight of Cups – romance, charm, imagination

While I listen very well to my body, I need to do more to show that I care about it. I need to do more for myself.  Make myself smile with that impulse book; let my imagination go wild.

What do others love about me?
XI – Justice – fairness, truth, cause and effect

I have no lies.  I can see the truth quite clearly when someone is telling me what is going on.  I give advice that is helpful to them and will bring them to a better solution.  I also understand the dangers in certain situations.  People come to me because I know what’s going on.

How can I share love with others?
Seven of Cups – fantasy, wishful thinking, choices

I can be serious when I need to be, but I can also show people I care about them by joking with them.  Making them feel at ease.  If they come to me with something that is bothering them, I’ll give my advice, but then I’ll lighten the mood by indulging in their fantasies about whatever is problematic in their lives.  They walk away knowing what to do, but also feeling better about the situation.

Spread-A-Day: Day 1

I’m not participating in the Spread-A-Day Challenge (though if they do something like this again, I probably will), but I saved the prompts. So you’ll see me do Spread-A-Day posts even if it is long past.

What conflict am I facing in my life?


XXI – The World – completion, integration, transformation

This conflict is one of a spiritual nature.  I have only recently begun to study the Tarot and spells and crystals.  While I am loving the fact that I am learning all of this new information, I am afraid that it will just be another phase, just another something that I really like for a while and then forget about.

The word ‘transformation’ resonates hugely here, because as much of a beginner as I am, I can already feel myself transforming into something else, something more.  I want to be able to do this for the rest of my life as I have never found such satisfaction before.  But I also don’t want to get bored with it.

What solution can I find?


Knight of Cups – romance, charm, imagination

I need to listen to my heart more.  Make decisions based on emotions rather than logic.  I am very good at compartmentalizing things, especially my emotions because emotions are messy and confusing and they’re big and they’re loud and they’re in-your-face and they overwhelm me.  I need to stop nit-picking at myself, my acne, my weight, and start loving myself unconditionally.  I need to let go of what I think I should be and just accept myself for who I am and how I look.

The Knight of Cups also represents the action of taking your imagination out into the ‘real’ world.  I’m getting a sense that I need to stop being comfortable with using my Tarot for friends and myself (aka you can do all the readings you want for your friends until the cows come home…) but sooner or later I must and will take my talent out to where other people want it.

What will be the resolution of making this change?


8 of Wands – speed, action, movement

Once I make the decision to accept myself and my flaws, and once I decide to take my talent into a more populated area (i.e. fairs, the internet…), then my transformation into a whole new spiritual me will take off like a rocket.  I will advance leaps and bounds because I am letting other people teach me every time I interact with them.  I will leave imprints on the people who come to see me but they will leave an even greater impression on my soul.