Spread-A-Day: Day 25

Deck: Black Cat Tarot
Created by: queenofchalices

day 25

Who am I when I’m angry?(You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry) This should be a court card. Separate and shuffle your court cards and draw one for this position. Shuffle the rest of your courts back into your deck. OR separate court cards from a 2nd deck for this position. If you read reversals, *purposely* reverse this card.

Page of Pentacles (reversed) – corruption, greed, blinded by an obsession

I get very much into one state of mind and will not budge until I have cooled off. I biasly know what is right and what is wrong and will take what I know to be right.

Trigger Warning: What sets you off?
King of Pentacles – control, power, discipline

When someone sets too many rules and wont change their ways to help others in the process. It has to be this way because they are in charge and that is what they know.

Why does it effect you so much?: Underlying influences of your reaction.
Four of Cups – contemplation, apathy

It effects me greatly because I am very loosey-goosey in my way of life. I try to accommodate everyone around me so that everyone can be accomplished and feel good about themselves.

Anger Management: How can you change your reaction?
XXI – The World – integration, accomplishment

I can make a mesh of the two ways of doing things. Add a little discipline while still having people be able to be creative.

Moving forward: How will a positive change affect your life?
Six of Pentacles – generosity, charity, prosperity

It will help to make me feel like I’ve giving back more than I was when I let people do what they please.

Spread-A-Day: Day 8

Date: February 8, 2015
Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: carbonlyingnexttome

Day 8

What is my wish?
Six of Swords – passage away from difficulties, to recover after tribulations, despondency

For it to all go away. I want this month to be over with. I want this family meeting to never happen.  I don’t want to speak of this situation ever again because it causes me so much pain, and now we are setting aside a whole day so everyone can see how much hurt I’ve felt.  And I don’t want to feel all of that for a day.  Just go away!  I’m gonna close my eyes and snap my fingers.  When I open my eyes, it will be March, okay?

Is it within my power?
Four of Cups – self-absorption, lost in reverie

I’m getting “yes and no” from this card.  Yes, my wish is within my power because I could, if I so choose, ignore everything.  Stick my fingers in my ears and sing la-la-la until the cows come home. I’d be happy… But no, because that action also closes me out to other things the world has to offer, not just the family situation.

How should my wish be granted?
Two of Pentacles – everything in motion, flexible, “meet these challenges that tumble your way with high spirits”

By toeing a fine line of keeping the family situation out of sight (for now) and seeing what my friends are doing.  Some days I’ll be more focused on my friends or my work, and others I’ll be forced to think about the family situation.  So long as I don’t lean too much one way, I’ll be alright.

What will the outcome be?
Ace of Swords – break-throughs, raw power, mental clarity

If I can do this balancing act, have fun with my friends and get through this rather difficult upcoming day, then I will take a deep breath and be able to focus on so many other things.  This break-through will be like smashing through a brick wall.  There’s going to be a lot of mess, but once I get to the other side, it will feel so good. I’m going to have so much energy.

Spread-A-Day: Day 6

Date: February 6, 2015
Shadowscapes Tarot
Created By:

Day 6

This card represents you in the present.
II – The High Priestess – knowledge, learning, intuition (Artemis, Isis)

I am a student in the ways of magic and paganism.  I read, I watch, I ask questions, I learn, I feel.  I am opening myself up.

Jumper Card that landed on the first card position
Four of Cups – self-absorption, one’s own concerns

The High Priestess is also tied to the Goddesses Artemis and Isis (hence the parenthesis).  I have been a follower of Artemis for a little bit now, and while I know Isis has been trying to get my attention, I’ve yet to meet her.  These past couple of days Artemis has been doing everything to let me know I need to visit.  Which is true, I haven’t meditated in a couple of weeks and have been focused on my own needs. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I also haven’t incorporated them into anything I’ve done, either.

Something that is currently draining or replenishing you.
Knight of Wands – energy, passion, adventure

My love of life.  I go into a new found project with a single minded purpose that includes a very annoying amount of energy, because I’m so excited to do it!  I love traveling and exploring new places. I love seeing what’s ahead of me, what’s around the river bend. =D  Mom and I are planning a trip in July to one of my favorite places and road trips are one of my favorite things.  I also love just being with friends and whatever may come of us being together.

Something upcoming to be aware of.
Ten of Wands – misfortune, circumstances beyond human control

I look at this card I think that the birds are pick at her as they fly by her.  This situation with my family feels the same way: I feel they are picking on me, and there’s nothing I can really do until we have this meeting.  And then hopefully everything will fall into whatever place they end up.

Something that you should focus on to help you move forward.
Five of Swords – conflict, tension, loss, defeat

I’m not going to win when it comes to trying to get my sisters to see my side of the story.  I feel the order of the keywords is what’s going to happen.  We will butt heads; the conversation will continue but not without that thick odor of tension; I will realize that there is no hope of them understanding; then I will feel defeated because will be right back to where we started, only this time with our emotions having gone through the wringer.