Spread-A-Day: Day 19

Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: alderwolfe

Day 19

What’s the general theme around me right now?
Five of Swords – discord, conflict of interests, if feels the world is allied against you

Yay conflict. Who doesn’t want that? </sarcasm>

Spiritual: Where am I intuitively?
Three of Cups – singing, companionship, developing community

I think my intuition and I are getting along just fine.

Physical: Where am I in the mundane world?
Four of Pentacles – a possessive spirit, a cage of his own making

This is me trying to hold on to whatever makes sense in my life right now. I’m trying to keep what I know around me.

Spiritual: How am I doing?
King of Swords – strength, wisdom, balance

My intuition and I have a great relationship going.  It’s a really good give and take that doesn’t tire the other out.

Physical: How am I doing?
Queen of Pentacles – generosity, reliable, trustworthy

Inside, I want to tear my hair out.  But I guess on the outside, I’m seen as a good person.

iheartmoonlight asked: HI! How are you doing? So I read about you readings and I got quite interested. If you have time, I would like a reading from you, spread 1 if it’s possible. Thank you 🙂

mutant-wolf2 responded: Hey there! I’m doing just fine, thank you for asking. I have your reading!


Eight of Cups – personal discoveries, answers

I imagine you with a pencil tucked behind your ear. I feel you like to learn, you like to know the answers to things, but you don’t hoard your facts. Rather, you gather them whenever the thought crosses your mind.  Learning about trigonometry? Alright… but learning about that word, trigonometry? Even better.  When looking at this card and thinking about you, I get this very dream-like quality attached to your knowledge.  Almost like going to Wikipedia, searching for your favorite actor… then finding a show they were in… finding another actor who looked familiar but you didn’t know their name… finding a show they were in… that was based off a certain story… that was written by this person… who got the idea because… You learn what you wanted to know, but then dove into the depths of more interesting things to know.

Three of Cups – friendship, team spirit, celebration

You love having friends, and you love your friends. You feel that when you’re all together, it’s a party. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, you know you’re going to have a good time.  You all work so well together because you all have very similar interests.  Great times when you’re with them. I feel happiness and comfort and energy.  You give off energy to the group while also feeding off of the energy the group is giving you. It’s a win-win situation.

King of Pentacles – security, strength

You have a very solid spirit.  Your spirit is sure in it’s doings, you’ve got no doubts.  Your spirit stands tall, much like the figure in the card, confident, I feel a lot of confidence. I imagine your spirit standing up right, chest puffed way out and head held maybe a bit too high. You are strong and you know it, just don’t let your pride of knowing you can do things get in the way.

I would keep in mind the word hubris.  It means excessive pride leading to arrogance.  I feel you still have a few things to learn, but when you do, don’t shove it aside because you can deal with that later, it doesn’t matter.  No, deal with it now.  It’s possible this casual, put-it-by-the-wayside spiritual attitude is a defense mechanism.

When I meditated on your spirit, I saw an animal guarding you.  A dog, of some sort. A Neapolitan Mastiff, or other breed that is big and muscular.  I don’t think this dog-spirit is you, but something that is attracted to guarding you.  It felt you needed a little something extra to help keep others at bay, from getting too close.  I don’t know what caused this dog-spirit to be attracted to you, nor do I know how to release it.  It doesn’t hurt you, but it does a damn fine job of protecting you.

The clearest information I got was for your spirit.  I feel this is something that you need to pay attention to, at the very least.  I’m sorry I can’t offer you any advice or help you figure what you need to do.  Unless you have an idea as to why this dog-spirit is there, then that’s a start.

Deity Identification Spread

Date: December 14th, 2014
Deck: Black Cats Tarot
Spread From: hellboundwitch

I have already been in contact with my deity, Artemis, a few times. When I told her that I wanted to ask her a few questions through the cards, she was amused. I did the spread on the floor of my bedroom, and at first Artemis was sitting next to me. But once I changed decks, because the first deck just wasn’t cutting it (aha! I’m so punny.), she then sat on the edge of my bed in contemplation. After going through the cards that were dealt, I realized that she was giving me advice for a situation that is currently on-going in my life and has given me terrible amounts of stress for a few years. This situation will be resolved, one way or another, within the week, and Artemis was trying to help me get through it.

1) Who is this deity?


3 of Cups (reversed) – three’s a crowd

From what I know of Artemis, and from what I’ve learned from watching her, she likes to venture out on her own. She’s not one for big groups, or even groups over two. She likes to work one on one. I see this card also as a loose meaning of virginity, as she is protector of maidens and is a virgin herself.

2) What will our relationship be like?


9 of Cups – comfort, happiness

Our relationship is going to be one of satisfaction. I feel that she is going to be right there by my side helping me through my issues and the end result will be all the more sweet because I know I’ll always have someone to back me up.

3) What do you want from me?


Queen of Swords (reversed) – overly-emotional

There is a situation going on in my personal life that has spilled over into the wider circle of my family life and it is driving my emotions through the wringer. Artemis wants me to basically stop being so emotional. To think more with my head, not my heart, as my heart is getting me into all sorts of trouble. One of the keywords for this card I’ve seen is “bitchy,” while Artemis doesn’t want me to be exactly that, she does want me to check my emotions at the door.

4) How can I best make this happen?


7 of Pentacles (reversed) – limited success or reward

She wants me to stop investing so much time and energy into this shitty situation because I knew before this all happened that if I were to finally give an answer, then I would get nothing in return. I’ve been wanting to back out of this situation for a long time now, and yet, I keep sticking my nose where I know it won’t do me any good. Artemis wants to me to quit before serious shots are fired.

5) What may get in my way?


6 of Cups (reversed) – stuck in the past

I know I’m stuck on the linear progression of how this shitty situation has come to be in the present. I’m going to be, and am already, obsessive about where it started, what came next, and how it has come to this.

6) Outcome of the relationship.


II – High Priestess (reversed) – listen to my inner voice

The High Priestess (reversed) tells me that I need to step away from the mundane, earthly things and listen to my intuition has to say, and ultimately, what Artemis has to say (as the High Priestess (upright) represents her). When I get too caught up in the day to day tasks and not enough on the spiritual or other-wordly, I need to sit down and just listen to the quiet. Re-align myself with my higher purpose. Calm down. Stop being so grounded and try to be more other-worldly.