3CardMay: Day 2

Date: May 2nd, 2015
Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

To my deck:
What is my lesson for May?
II – The High Priestess

I thought it interesting that this card came in the first position for the first two readings, perhaps I didn’t shuffle well enough.  But The High Priestess is all about intuition, knowledge, higher powers (and some mystery). I’ve already had two bigger than average spiritual experiences this month… and it’s only the second day.  I think I need to listen to my inner voice more.

What do you need from me?
XX – Judgement

“Judgement tells you that you are close to reaching a significant state in your own journey.” “The voice of destiny summons you onward.” I know I’m close to finding something.  I can totally feel it. It’s either just out of my reach, not yet time for me to know it, or I know it but don’t recognize it. It’s with my studying and learning from The High Priestess that I’ll grasp it.

6 of Swords

If I keep my nose to the books and listen to my intuition more, I’ll be able to take everything to the “next level” regarding my life and my spirituality. I will have passed this portion of the test and go on to the next, all the while knowing what’s going on and bring with it a smooth transition.

mrs-tengo-una-bella-vida asked: Hi! Could I have a reading with spread 2? Thank you in advance~! 🙂 Hope you’re having a nice day!

mutant-wolf2 responded: *waves* I’m doing alright, thank you.  Here is your reading!


Where am I coming from?
Knight of Wands – progression toward a goal, passion

I feel like you’ve made a drastic change.  You were headed toward something (though I don’t feel like you necessarily wanted it) but then put on the brakes and went down a different path that’s headed toward something you know you’ll enjoy. And you’ll take the challenges that face you head on; in fact, once you see these challenges it’ll only put a bigger smile on your face because en guard, they just motivate you even more toward your goal! To others, you’ve got spirit, you’ve got spunk, you will rush into this adventure with a lion’s heart. Don’t forget to give yourself little breaks so you can replenish and enjoy the world around you.

Who am I?
XX – Judgement – “the freshness of a new dawn”, a new start, necessity of hard choices

You have been planning, crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s.  Making sure everything is ready for that new horizon. You stand on the precipice, looking forward.  All you need to do now is take that first step toward your new journey.  I’ve moved out of state a couple of times, and the sensation I get when I look at this card is the same feeling from when I had everything packed, everything was ready… now I just need that calendar date to come a little quicker so I can get going.  It was a hard decision, but you made a choice.  And that choice is full of anticipation.  I’m imagining you going to a new place, finding a new place to live, and once you put your bags down in that empty apartment, I get the sensation of a trumpet playing to announce your arrival; very much like the picture in the card.

Where am I going?
XVIII – The Moon – anxieties, unknowns, chasing after fantasy

“The unknown” is what I’m getting from this card.  It’s scary, unpredictable, and you are very unsure about what is going on.  What is the truth?  Who is wearing a mask and who shows their true colors?  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you if you’ll succeed in this new place.  There will come a time when you’ll feel like everything is moving way too fast and you have no control over it.  There’s a lot of information floating around but you can’t grasp what any of it is saying and so you are confused. You came, you’re in the process of seeing.. but have you conquered? What should you do?  What is right, anymore?  Reach out to friends and ask for help, they will be your lifeline.  Even just talking about who-knows-what will ease your heart.

Spread-A-Day: Day 9

Date: February 9, 2015
Deck: Black Cat Tarot
Created by: todust-or-to-gold

Day 9

What is blocking peace in my life at this time?
Page of Swords – guardian, defensive

Myself.  I am preventing myself from truly enjoying my hobbies.  That’s not to say I won’t budge, I will. But I’ll have a watchful eye the whole time.

What should I do to overcome this block?
Two of Pentacles – balance, adaptability, blindness

Learn that there is a time and a place for everything, and if something doesn’t fit, then I’ll find something else to do.  I can also turn a blind eye to that which is bothering me… for the time being.

Where should I look for help in overcoming this block?
XX – Judgement – rebirth, inner calling, absolution

The answer lies within myself and finding my spirituality.  I’ve been lax, as of late, in meditating and keeping Artemis and Isis at the forefront.  Get back into my rhythm and I’ll be more at peace.

Spread-A-Day: Day 1

Day 1

Date: February 1, 2015
Shadowscapes Tarot

Who am I, going into this challenge?
XX Judgement – inner calling, rebirth

Through meditation and meeting Hawk, I have become a more calm person. In delving deeper into what paganism and my own beliefs mean to me, I have learned that I love reading tarot, I love hearing about other people’s ways of doing things and yet we all come to similar conclusions.

I love the fact that my own not-quite-the-best experiences in regards to a higher power haven’t closed me off from finding the Pond of the Universe or from finding Artemis and Isis. And I love the fact that I can feel myself changing into a better me.

Who am I, going into this challenge? I am someone who is finally learning to listen.

In doing this challenge, what do I hope to achieve?
Three of Pentacles – teamwork, fulfillment, learning

I hope to achieve a better understanding of the interconnectedness of people, especially between those who made the spread-a-day spreads and those who will be using the spreads. The energy of people truly working together to understand themselves and their place in the world will be huge and positive… and I see it as this glittering dust floating above everything. It’s so positive and wonderful. If we release that energy when the challenge is done, the universe will do great things because of what we did.

What will I learn about myself in the process?
Ten of Wands – work, responsibility, achievement

This card can be about burdens and stress from over-achieving, but in my case, I feel that I will learn about the achievements I can do with my work. My job is a very physical position and my department is “low man on the totem pole.” We don’t get much praise because we aren’t the ones who are getting the spotlight. We are the ones who work behind the scenes to make sure those who are front and center get their work done more smoothly.

I feel that, though I already love with I do, I will find achievement in my job through a new light or in a different way. I am happy to do what I need to do, but now I need to understand why I do it.

Spread-A-Day: Day 3

I didn’t participate in the Spread-A-Day Challenge (though if they do something like this again, I probably will), but I saved the prompts. So you’ll see me do Spread-A-Day posts even if it is long past.

What do I need to focus on?


III – The Empress (reversed) – creative block, dependence on others

I’ve been feeling kind of lackluster lately, very blah.  I feel like I should be doing something but I really don’t know what, so I’m just kind of standing here.  This card is telling me that I’m in a funk.

What is stopping me from focusing?


XX – Judgment (reversed) – self-doubt

Me.  I am putting too much emphasis on what I could be doing wrong or the little things that I do differently, mostly at work.  Because I’m just left of center yet still considered normal, I constantly have these feelings of wondering if I’m good enough, if I should conform to what everyone else is doing.  Even though I do my own thing and everything still works out like it’s supposed to, I still have that thought that I didn’t do it right.

How can I focus more?


7 of Pentacles – patience, investment

Work.  This spread has been about my work.  I’ve been putting in extra hours because we are short staffed.  Because of all the time I’ve put in, it hampers on my own personal time.  I don’t have any time to just chill and be by myself.  I’m hoping to see my paycheck having that overtime on it as some sort of a reward for taking me away not only from myself and what helps me, but also from my family.

The picture on my Black Cat tarot shows someone who has taken the time to protect that which he cares for, something he wants to nurture and grow. Something that has and will take up a lot of his time. He’s done this in the past and the results have turned into something grand.  I feel he knows that everything will be alright once we get past this initial, delicate, growing stage.  As he waits comfortably and calmly, I feel I should wait until the situation has matured and is able to grow on it’s own.