Spread-A-Day: Day 22

Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: ragabashwitch

day 22

What is one thing about me that everyone can see?
XV – The Devil – caught up in the material realm, overindulgence, feeling hopelessness close in

When I am stressed, I like to make lists or rewrite lists, because that kind of organization helps for me to visualize that there are some things in my life that still have an order. These past few weeks I felt that I was grasping at straws, that I needed some constant thing in my life for me to hold on to.  Once those stressful thoughts came to mind it would debilitate me, sometimes having me curled up like the person at the bottom of the card.

What is one thing about me that is kept hidden from everyone?
Ace of Swords – break-throughs, mental clarity

When I make a decision, done. I’ve done my research, I know what I want. When the time comes for my plans to start, I feel as though I’ve just punched through a wall because everything I’ve wanted as all come to this.

tenthousandpennies asked: If you can find the time to do a spread 2 reading for me that’d be really cool 🙂 Thank you.


who am i

Where am I coming from?
XV – The Devil – addiction, enslavement, hopeless

When I meditated on where you were coming from, I saw a swirling vortex made of a thick substance and lightening.  The colors of this whirlpool where the exact blues, greys, and purples in the top half of the card, the portion with the actual devil.  When I focused on how this has impacted your life, I felt detached from this vortex. What I’m getting from this card is that, during a time in your life you had some pretty tight constraints on yourself… around the time of high school, maybe late junior high.  More like your own personal devil literally sitting on your shoulder, because the barriers I’m feeling were of a mental sort. You were very hard on yourself and berated yourself because you kept putting yourself down.  Everyone else is able to do this activity, but you can’t, wanna know why, because you won’t be able to figure it out.  You’ll be sitting there still reading the directions while the janitor is turning off the lights.

This personal beating went on for long enough that you began to believe it, but you never showed it to anyone.  Your mental well-being shrank into a corner, bested by itself.

Who am I?
Queen of Wands – dedicated, engaging, upbeat

Velma from Scooby Doo. Jessie from Team Rocket in Pokemon.  I feel you are smart, not that you weren’t before, but you grew into who you are now.   And who you are is one smart cookie, because as I tried to understand you, Velma sat before me… and then she changed into Jessie.  Smart women who are tech savvy.  I also saw Velma/Jessie sitting in front of three computers with larger than average monitors.  Do you do computer stuff at all? If not, I would suggest looking into programming or website coding.  Quick fingers with a quick mind.

Your past has influenced you into becoming who you are today.  You have learned from it and turned the tables.

Where am I going?
Eight of Pentacles – craftsmanship, patience, “using one’s own hands and body and mind to create”

The image I got, when wondering about your future, showed me hiking along a path with a lot of greenery, some woods off to the side, blue skies… You are on your way to a goal or a project because of a specific skill set.  It’s taken time to build up what you know, but you’ve nurtured it in an almost ritualistic like fashion.  You wanted this skill and you knew it you would have to work hard to master it, and so you read, you learned, you practiced, you understood the intricacies, and then put your own little spin on it.  And that specific, personal skill will be noticed by someone who needs a job done and the way you do things is the way they want it done.

I feel this skill has much to do with the process of delicate precision, steady hands, keen eye.  Much like spiderwebs all perform the same task, yet each one is slightly different because of the spider who wove it.

I feel like color is important here.  In the Queen of Wands, you can see the same colors from The Devil at the bottom of the card.  You have mastered your past and are now making sweet music on top of it… and because of it.  And the green in the Eight of Pentacles is not in the other two cards.  It is something new altogether, something to look forward to.