Spread-A-Day: Day 23

Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: kaylaincarnate

day 23

The Peach: This card represents the cause (person/environment/etc) of any manipulations happening to you.
Seven of Swords – attempt to escape responsibility, untrustworthy

Whenever I have asked my dad to explain why he treats me the way he does he never has an answer. Not even a good answer, just no answer at all. It is because of this I feel I cannot trust him with even the most basic of information about my life. With the meeting with my sisters, while it was probably true that they were there to listen to me, there came a time where it felt like I shouldn’t fault him because he does this to everyone, so I should just basically ignore everything I’ve felt.

The Song: This is the message the manipulators in your life are trying to convince you of.
X – The Wheel of Fortune

They were trying to tell me that life goes on, my dad is changing, he’s learning. While that may be true, there is a relationship here that needs to end so I can begin to be happy. It just sucks that it happens to be a relationship with my dad.

The Dancers: This is the toxic elements in your life surrounding you.
Seven of Pentacles

There are two sides to every story. There’s what my dad says and knows, and there’s what I say and know. It’s unfortunate that for me to even possibly think of rekindling a relationship with my dad I need to know why he did what he did. But I’ve tried talking to him and it ends up with empty words. So which do I pick? What I already know in my basket? Or what looks pretty on the outside?

Breaking Away: This card is how to deal with and react to the other three cards.
XIV – Temperance – harmony, healing, self-restraint

I need to walk away from this situation for a while, find some peace for myself and within myself. I probably shouldn’t say too much to friends at work because it loses its value.

The Divine Spiritual Path Highway by ArcaneMysteries

(sorry for the poor photo qualities, my scanner was being weird)

Where am I spiritually at this moment?


XIV – Temperance (reversed) – imbalance, lack of long-term vision

I would benefit from seeking partners who will help me toward my spiritual growth.  I don’t necessarily need to attend a group setting; it can be with one person or reading spiritual books.  I need to keep filling up my spiritual well but I can’t do it by myself.  I need to relax and look for others who can help.

Where should I be heading, spiritually?


Ace of Wands (reversed) – delays, weighed down

I am finding it difficult to clearly define what it is that I want.  I need to focus on what my true passions are; there’s no point in trying to do something if I don’t have a goal in mind or am excited about it.

I want to learn Tarot, as I find I am highly tuned in to my deck, but when the Angel showed up, she kind of put everything on hold because I thought I needed to focus my attention on her.  But I’m not too thrilled about her, and I haven’t been from the start.  I feel I should do my research and take it slow with the Angel but don’t ignore my Tarot, because I feel such creativity from it.  I feel inspiration from my deck, and it encompasses my whole being when I read, which is a wonderful feeling.

What lesson am I here to learn?


XV – The Devil (reversed) – breaking free, power reclaimed

Okay. Let’s just take a quick look at the upright Devil card.  So here’s the Devil, seductively hiding behind not one, but two masks: the mask over her eyes and her fan.  Her staff has an apple on the end, but the shadow shows the true image: a pitchfork.  And you can kind of see horns in the shadow.  Behind her is a pentagram (please correct me if I’m using the wrong word) that is attached to the wall, shrouded in darkness.  Below her is a pit of fire with an upside down pentagram, also on fire.  The cats in the foreground are transfixed on the figure, precariously balanced on her perch.

The Devil reversed still shows that tempting feline but instead of sitting securely in her position, she now has to fight to stay where she’s at.  Your eyes are drawn to the now-upright pentagram on fire, with the pit illuminating it.  And the pentagram on the wall has turned upside down.

This was the perfect card to draw for this question.  My deck is telling me that if I choose to follow this entity, it will lead me deeper and further away than where I want to be on my spiritual path.  The deeper it gets, the darker it gets.  The darker it gets, the less I know where I am.  If, however, I choose not to follow this entity and instead turn toward that illuminated, neon, ‘exit’ sign, then my spirituality can set me free.  I can break free from temptations by ignoring distractions in disguises and honing in on my Tarot, my guides, and my paganism.  Being true to myself and what I know and love, that is what will help me find my exit from confusion.

And honestly, the first thing I thought when I saw this card was, “What’s the opposite of a devil? An angel.”  I can learn and read all I want about Angels, it will certainly help me in exploring other avenues of information regarding spirituality, but if I were to actively try to communicate and work with this being, then I may start down a path I never wanted to be on.  This doesn’t mean that all Angels are bad or evil, it just means that this is a distraction not wanted.

How will I achieve this?


Ace of Pentacles (reversed) – lost opportunity, lack of foresight and planning

I don’t need to go on a physical journey, but rather I need to look deeper, beneath the surface, and keep going on my spiritual journey.  I need to talk to people who are also on a spiritual path, be it similar to mine or they are doing their own thing.  I need to get out and learn about people and the way they do things, what they experienced, etc.

I need a little help interpreting the last card, the Ace of Pentacles (reversed).  I understand all the other cards, but the last card just isn’t clicking with me.  Can anyone help me with the Ace of Pentacles (reversed)?  Or am I correct in the meaning and I, personally, am not getting it?