3CardMay: Day 9

day 9

Date: May 9th, 2015
Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

What I Need To Know
Seven of Cups – illusions, wishful thinking, choices

I can’t tell if my fantasies are blocking my clear headedness or if my clear headedness is blocking my fantasies.  I feel I’m going to have a lot of choices coming my way soon and I need to be able to recognize them.

What I Need To Do
X – The Wheel of Fortune – patterns and cycles, a turning point, life’s threads coming together

I need to understand that things are in the works for me/because of me, but it’s all taking place “back stage.” I need to ride this world and just hold on because nothing I do is going to make these plans move faster, I need to wait until they are ready for me.

What I Need To Embrace
Four of Wands – celebrations, joy, harmony

I need to embrace life in all it’s wonderful glory. Hard work will need to be done but right now I should just dance and have fun.

4:13:2015 b

1) Am I being taken advantage of at work?
X – The Wheel of Fortune

We all get taken advantage of sometime in our life, the thing to remember is that it will end. (so, yes.)

2) Who is taking advantage of me?
Queen of Swords

I am taking advantage of myself?

3a) How are they doing this?
Two of Swords

I am denying myself the obvious truth. I am avoiding what I already know but don’t want to hear.  I don’t like when other people do this, so learning that I am doing it to myself is very disappointing.

3b) What truths am I denying?
Knight of Wands – Seven of Swords

There is someone in my department who, while they have a lot of energy for the job, they are much too over-confident, even cocky.  They know what they want and are willing to get it, even excited that they are finally on their way to achieving this goal, but their attitude is going to get in the way.  And if they keep lying to me and evading the responsibilities of the job, we are going to have a serious problem.

3c) Is this person L?
XVI – The Tower.

Fuck. It is. Better strap myself in for a bumpy ride.

4a) How do I stop them from taking advantage of me?
Ten of Cups

I should create an environment of peace and serenity.  I should create an environment in my department that people want to come to because we’re always having a good time, yet we still work hard.  My coworkers shouldn’t come to work because it’s their job, they should come to work because they like the atmosphere.  I should create and strive to be someone that people can come to for just about anything, because I can put a smile on their face and make them feel good. I should be calm and relaxed.

4b) How can I stop L from taking advantage of me?
Ten of Swords

I can’t really.  I can’t force them to learn about life differently. But if once we have that air of peace and awesomeness, where we always have a good time, and they continues to be deceitful then that will be their downfall. They’ll try to get ahead by being cunning and hurtful, but it won’t get them anywhere.  They’ll question why others are moving forward with their careers and lives when they’ve actually gone backwards.  But they won’t do anything to fix their attitude, and that will be their end.

(I swear the Ten of Cups and the Ten of Swords in this situation say “kill her with kindness”.)

4c) (I forgot what I asked. I didn’t write it down. Maybe something along the lines of, “How can I create this environment of peace and serenity?”)
VII – The Chariot

Triumph over Obstacles. Focus. Establishing an Identity. Self-Confidence. Assuming Authority. “Drive with Unwavering Certainty.”

I need to truly accept my role of shift leader. Since I got it, it’s been a title and nothing more. I never really liked the responsibilities that came with it.  But, to get this great departmental vibe going, I need to wear that title with confidence. People need to see the shift leader before they see the worker.

Spread-A-Day: Day 23

Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: kaylaincarnate

day 23

The Peach: This card represents the cause (person/environment/etc) of any manipulations happening to you.
Seven of Swords – attempt to escape responsibility, untrustworthy

Whenever I have asked my dad to explain why he treats me the way he does he never has an answer. Not even a good answer, just no answer at all. It is because of this I feel I cannot trust him with even the most basic of information about my life. With the meeting with my sisters, while it was probably true that they were there to listen to me, there came a time where it felt like I shouldn’t fault him because he does this to everyone, so I should just basically ignore everything I’ve felt.

The Song: This is the message the manipulators in your life are trying to convince you of.
X – The Wheel of Fortune

They were trying to tell me that life goes on, my dad is changing, he’s learning. While that may be true, there is a relationship here that needs to end so I can begin to be happy. It just sucks that it happens to be a relationship with my dad.

The Dancers: This is the toxic elements in your life surrounding you.
Seven of Pentacles

There are two sides to every story. There’s what my dad says and knows, and there’s what I say and know. It’s unfortunate that for me to even possibly think of rekindling a relationship with my dad I need to know why he did what he did. But I’ve tried talking to him and it ends up with empty words. So which do I pick? What I already know in my basket? Or what looks pretty on the outside?

Breaking Away: This card is how to deal with and react to the other three cards.
XIV – Temperance – harmony, healing, self-restraint

I need to walk away from this situation for a while, find some peace for myself and within myself. I probably shouldn’t say too much to friends at work because it loses its value.

Spread-A-Day: Day 15

Date: February 15, 2015
Deck: Black Cats Tarot
Created by: tarotofthekittenofblade

Day 15

What am I holding onto?
King of Wands – vision, honor, will-power

I am holding onto an ideal that pleases both me and my family.  I will not be thought less of in my family’s eyes.  If I could magically will it to be so, then it will be.  But I’m only human and can create only that which I have the materials for.  I may have dreams about harmony in the family, but for right now I need to hold onto my honor.

What can I do to let it go?
Five of Cups – loss, despair, bereavement

Lose that vision of being one big happy family.  We will never be that way again. It’s going to rip me through to my core because I grew up on family being the number one important thing… but when family is the one to hurt you and not apologize?  It’s time to let go of that.

How can I take control again?
X – The Wheel of Fortune – life cycles, destiny, a turning point

I can get my life back by letting life, the universe, and everything do it’s thing. Whatever it may be, I just need to let things happen.  This family meeting is definitely a turning point in the dynamic of the family, in how I see things, in how my sisters see things.  But for me to feel like I’m not the victim for once, I need life to take it’s course.

What do I need to do to move forward?
Page of Swords – guardian, responsibilities, virtue

If I can’t have my family to support me, I need to look to other venues.  My responsibilities at work will still be there, I can pay attention to them.  My spirituality will still be with me, I can focus on that for a while. My own life truths that are still solid can be something I can lean on when I need someone or something to help me when my family won’t.

How can I use this to help me?
XVII – The Star – hope, renewal, serenity

Getting past the family meeting is going to be hard, but I’ll know that, after some time, I’ll be able to look up and see my true path again.  And knowing where I’m going will give me that sense of hope I see when I look at the night sky.  That serenity that, may not now, but things will soon be okay.  This won’t last forever.

tarotofthekittenofblade: I liked it earlier, but went back through to find it. I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t of used the black cats!! So cute!!

mutant-wolf2: There were a few spreads I specifically knew I wanted to use the Black Cats, and yours was definitely one of them! I really liked this spread, too. It’s very clear and to the point.

tarotofthekittenoftheblade: This, the crucifigo, and jump – mario – jump made lots of people go, “eeeehhh”.

I’m so happy you completed it too!!

mutant-wolf2: The only spread I was nervous about was Jump-Mario-Jump because of how many cards other people were pulling, but then I saw someone (probably the creator) mention cutting the deck multiple times. But still, nine cards is a lot.

Oh gosh! I thought after moving my stuff out I didn’t think I would finish! I was so sad! But I’m so happy I did! I was around for the first spread-a-day last year, but was too intimidated to do it. I did say in a few posts that if there ever was another one that I would definitely participate.

And I did!

tarotofthekittenofblade: I said the same thing! I was finishing school and working, so.

I was nervous about jump mario jump, but decided to keep going.

mutant-wolf2: Yay tarot! I didn’t know how much fun it would be!