3CardMay: Day 4

day 4

Date: May 4th, 2015
Deck: Black Cats Tarot

Full Moon’s Energy
Queen of Wands – warmth, vibrancy, determination

Ah yes. When I visited The Moon on Saturday, it was indeed very warm in regards to our conversation, but the energy it was giving off was clear for me to see. And it was… determined in it’s agenda as it kept doing whatever it was doing as we were talking. Big and warm and oh so nice.

What Has Grown
VI – The Lovers – union, values agreement, choices

This is not so much about relationships but rather how I think and view facts and situations. I was given a lot of information last month about myself, and while it probably wasn’t the exact right time for me to learn all of that, I did learn it and it helped me grow and become more in sync with ideas I’d been having and new topics that I’ll keep learning.

What Stirs In Me
Six of Pentacles – generosity, giving, prosperity

Giving back? I feel like I should be giving back, but to whom and what I don’t know. I’m always willing to help, at work or at home, but I should give more? I’m not quite sure about this card.

xstarrgirl asked: Hi there!!! hope you’re doing great? if you’re free, I would love a reading from you, spread 2 to be precise. Thank you so much in advance. 🙂

mutant-wolf2 responded: Hello! I’m doing pretty well. I have your reading for you!


Where am I coming from?
King of Cups – protector, “cares for and watches over all those who are near”, patient

I feel you are someone whom younger people gravitate towards because of your ability to ease their minds. Almost like someone they wave to on their way to school because you give them a sense of calmness.  And no one in the neighborhood has anything bad to say about you.  You are not really troubled with the quickly shifting thoughts of society because you know what is ultimately true and you are patient when supplying your knowledge.  I get the feeling of you’ve been on this Earth for a long time and have seen many a seasons… an old soul.

Who am I?
VI – The Lovers – balance, energy flow, desire

When you are alone and you practice your magic, I feel this is what you are trying to achieve: balance and energy flow.  For yourself, yes, but mainly for the world around you.  It is very peaceful when you sit down and organize energy around you, and you long for that peace in your everyday life.  You are constantly berated with sensory overload that to collect yourself in your own space is a breath of fresh air.  I feel you have mastered the art of tuning out the city life right outside your window and have filled your space with this wonderful calmness…

Where am I going?
Two of Cups – making a connection, potential for bonding

When I concentrated on where you were going, I saw the dark, black smoke of a gasoline fire.  And then I saw someone headed down a walkway, wearing a suit and shiny shoes.  That person is you and you are on your way to making a deal, one that has taken many meetings, not because the other party is stubborn, but because they kept wanting more and more reasons for entering this partnership.  And you have finally given them all they’ve asked for and they have agreed to sign on the dotted line.  It is an intimate relationship, as you will be working with the other party a lot and you will need to keep fighting for what you originally agreed upon.  But you will be doing this business song-and-dance because you represent something that you love and have worked hard for and the other party can see that.

The King of Cups and The Lovers come into play here, as your knowledge, caring ability, and wanting that energy balance reminds you why you are doing this.  Intimate partners fight, either against each other or for a common goal.  Fight for that common goal, put your heart into it.

I feel that connections are important to you, as each card has a one-on-one relationship being shown.  In the King of Cups, the connection is all about communication and giving back.  In The Lovers, you are trying to be each others world, wanting to be close all the time.  In the Two of Cups, you are each others support as you try to grow.

xstarrgirlIt amazed me how accurate you were it’s not just the amount of accuracy, it’s has a lot of meaning and a lot of answers and I felt this sense of ease aswell. You’re right about me being an old soul, I do remember some of my past lives though that took some help and lot of meditation. You’re right people hardly have any complaints about me mostly coz I’m a mystery to them 😀 Yes, I do always try to seek this balance and do anyway despite the restrictions or chaos around me or if some people just don’t comprehend my heart and mind. I actually have mastered The art of tuning out The city life and even The one in my own house when need be. The last card made me smile, it’s true. And it’s my dream I’m heading towards and I feel we can fight for our common goals together rather than just each other. I feel him and I have a lot of growing to do together and I know in my heart that it’s possible and a beautiful one coz no matter what we never leave each other’s side and I know he supports my dreams as much as I support his. He’s a rare gem to me for sure we’ll make it against the odds that’s what love and soul connections are meant for. Thank you for this beautiful reading it was kind of unexpected actually! you have an amazing gift. 🙂

mutant-wolf2Thank you for your kind words! =D

Spread-A-Day: Day 2

Date: February 2, 2015
Shadowscapes Tarot
Created By: maddiviner

Day 2

How can I help my followers?
VI – The Lovers – balance, energy flow, relationships, values alignment

I started this blog because I wanted a place that would be for magic and spirituality only. Those who follow me, hopefully, want to see some of the same things. And so, because you follow me, I should be giving back to you, by getting to know you, by creating some sort of a relationship with you. I should be offering something to you in return, as thanks.

What topics should I address?
V – The Hierophant – ritual, pursuing knowledge, deeper meaning, belief system

Am I the salamander? Asking the questions and learning? Or am I the Hierophant? Giving the knowledge and teaching? I feel I am both, though leaning more towards the teacher. I have just begun my path into paganism and spirituality and I have learned many things, yet my thirst for knowledge is ever growing. But in learning techniques and advice, I feel I must share them. I should address more about what I believe, how I do my rituals, what I see in the mundane. It is everything and anything I encounter that will help me give back.

What can I learn from the people I follow?
Ten of Pentacles – wealth, inheritance, “lasting beneficial situation and position”

Wealth of knowledge, coming into my spiritual talents, finally being in a place where learning about magic, paganism, spirituality will actually help me. The people I follow will expand my mind and give me what I’ve been looking for: a place where I can learn about magic, witchcraft, tips, tricks, and lore, and not feel like I’m going to persecuted.

What negative influences should I avoid?
Four of Swords – contemplation, passivity, relaxation

I should avoid taking a break? Hmm… Maybe I should avoid those who view magic and paganism with a ho-hum attitude? I should avoid keeping everything to myself?

What will my blog be like in the future?
King of Cups – generosity, patience, compassion

My blog will be kind to newcomers, because I am also very much new to everything. I will be generous with my knowledge, patient with those ask questions, and I hope love and compassion will shine through.

Date: December 28th, 2014
Deck: Black Cat Tarot
Spread: Wheel of Your Year (slightly modified to add three crossings, cards 19/20 from this spread)

1) Significator. This card represents you as you go into the new year.11-xi-justice

XI – Justice – fairness, truth, law

As I go into the New Year, I am hanging onto what is right and what is wrong, especially what happened during the month of December. I had two talks with two different people and they both were about, to some degree, what I thought was right and what I thought was wrong; about what I did because I wanted to be right, but my actions were wrong; about what I know to be the truth and what form justice should take.

2) January.


4 of Swords – contemplation, recuperation, rest

I need to stop whatever I’ve been fighting and just relax. The first month should be about me recuperating my mind and emotions. I don’t need to fight-fight-fight all the time, that will just wear me down. I need to stop and get myself together because the battle is not done. I’ve got work to do.

3) February.


5 of Cups – loss, disappointment, bereavement

I think this is going to be a hard month for me. I have a feeling that I’ll still be battling whatever I’m going through, but I will also have losses that have to do with a father-like figure and someone I regard as a sister. Because in the image I had, they felt like family but were not blood related. They have a sad smile on their faces, turn away from me, and walk towards a bright light. Cliche, I know, but that’s what I saw. And I will be left watching them go.

4) March.


XII – The Hanged Man – suspension, letting go, sacrifice

I will need to make a significant decision about what happened in the background of February, but I need to hold off until the time is right so that the decision I make can turn into a better outcome. This card may be telling me that I need to sacrifice something close to me to help make the outcome better.

5) April.


Page of Pentacles – manifestation, financial opportunity, new job

I think the events of the past three months have quieted and died down (aka the fighting is over and we’re all licking our wounds), so now is the time to act on all of those ideas I’ve got running around in my head! With enthusiasm and desire, I can venture into a new hobby or a business venture. Learning, gaining knowledge, attaining wisdom and new skills are what I should be focusing on.

6) May.


II – The High Priestess – intuition, higher powers, subconscious mind

I feel this month has much to do with my spirituality. The High Priestess represents Artemis but I do not think she will be the main focus here. She will be by my side helping, definitely, but my sight is on something else. If I take the time to pursue what I want, I will get it. Whatever spiritually “it” is.

7) June.


Knight of Wands – energy, passion, lust, adventure

This is the month for me to go-go-go! Lots of running around, I feel, being productive toward a physical goal. Taking those leaps and bounds; keep my eyes on the prize.

8) July.


8 of Wands – speed, action, air travel

The energy and movement from June carries over into July as what I’m working toward is now turing into a real thing that I can touch. Something physical. I know I have some travel plans for July, hopefully they come true!

9) August.


Queen of Swords – quick thinker, organized, perceptive, independent

Now that what I’ve been building has been made into something I can touch and see and feel, it’s time to get the details together about it. And I need to do it quick. This is the month for me to use my brain instead of my heart.

10) September.


6 of Wands – public recognition, progress, (victory)

In June and July, I’m running around trying to get this thing into existence. In August, it will be made with the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed. And in September, whatever it is, is going to get the spotlight. I feel I may be attributed to that recognition, but I will be seen as the “man behind the curtain” (hence ‘victory’ is in parenthesis). The real focus will be on the object/idea.

11) October.


7 of Cups – fantasy, illusion, wishful thinking

Options. I’m going to be given options, a lot of them. And my imagination is going to go into overdrive as I think about each one and what they could all positively bring. I can’t have it all so I need to be clear about what I want exactly and then make informed decisions. It may be that taking the second rate option will turn out to be far better than grabbing onto the first rate opportunity.

12) November.


6 of Cups – reunion, nostalgia, memories

I feel this card is dealing with my sister or the sister-like relationship from February. We will reconcile and talk about “the good ole days.” Understanding and hugging will happen.

13) December.


8 of Swords – isolation, self-imposed restriction

This is me ‘punishing’ myself for something. This has nothing to do with any influences from friends or family. This is all me. It may be an action I did that, while it wasn’t the wrong thing to do, I felt that it was terrible, and so I’m locking myself in my room, feeling bad about whatever happened. When in all reality, it’s just me looking at myself too harshly, as everyone else is fine with what I did or don’t even care. Inside my room, I am brooding. Outside my room, no one gives a second thought about it. They just want me to come out and join them.

14) Crossing 1. Over-arching challenges, situations, or influences that will be crossing my path, for better or worse.


Ace of Cups – love, compassion, overwhelming emotion

I will be giving so much love this year and in return people will be drowning me with their love and compassion. When I say drown, I mean, holy crap, you guys better stop or I’m going to cry. I probably will cry from happiness at least once this year.

15) Crossing 2. Over-arching challenges, situations, or influences that will be crossing my path, for better or worse.


8 of Cups – escapism, abandonment, withdrawal

I don’t like the keywords. The card tells me that while I may be content with what I have, I want to see what’s beyond the comfort of my home. My little white book says, “Departure. Even in the most stable and comfortable situations there may always be a woodworm of restlessness that obliges us to set out on our travels.” I have a feeling that I’m going to get that itch to travel, to roam, to explore what’s beyond my backdoor. Only question is… will I do it? Will I pack up and go? If I do, will it be temporary, just a quick trip, or am I settling down somewhere? I get the feeling that wherever I go, it’s going to be far. I just don’t know the longevity.

16) Crossing 3. Over-arching challenges, situations, or influences that will be crossing my path, for better or worse.


VI – The Lovers – love, union, values alignment

I don’t think I’ll be getting into a romantic relationship this year, so far as the cards are telling me, but whomever I do have any kind of relationship with (parent, sibling, friend, etc), we will be growing closer this year. I feel this has to do with friends at work. We will be in sync; unstoppable. But who knows, with Ace of Cups and The Lovers as two of my crossings for next year, maybe I will begin a relationship.

January-February-March: These first three months are going to be hard and I will have to be careful about what I say and do. Contemplation is needed, especially in March. I see the cards, in this order, as a fall-winter-spring metaphoric progression.

April: A new venture or new activity… this may have something to do with what will be starting in June.

May: Much spirituality! Very magic! (Aaaaand Artemis just whacked me over the head because I made that joke.)

June-July-August-September: Busy busy busy! I will see this thing from when it was just a baby thought all the way to presenting itself out into the world. This is going to be interesting. Also, there is a crap ton of positivity and productivity oozing from June and July. Jus’ sayin’.

October-November-December: I dream of better things; I remember better things; I lock myself away because the thing I did was not better. I can see the cards, in order, as a kind of night-dawn-day when looking at the colors.

Majors: 4/16
Cups: 5/16
Swords: 3/16
Wands: 3/16
Pentacles: 1/16