Spread-A-Day: Day 3

I didn’t participate in the Spread-A-Day Challenge (though if they do something like this again, I probably will), but I saved the prompts. So you’ll see me do Spread-A-Day posts even if it is long past.

What do I need to focus on?


III – The Empress (reversed) – creative block, dependence on others

I’ve been feeling kind of lackluster lately, very blah.  I feel like I should be doing something but I really don’t know what, so I’m just kind of standing here.  This card is telling me that I’m in a funk.

What is stopping me from focusing?


XX – Judgment (reversed) – self-doubt

Me.  I am putting too much emphasis on what I could be doing wrong or the little things that I do differently, mostly at work.  Because I’m just left of center yet still considered normal, I constantly have these feelings of wondering if I’m good enough, if I should conform to what everyone else is doing.  Even though I do my own thing and everything still works out like it’s supposed to, I still have that thought that I didn’t do it right.

How can I focus more?


7 of Pentacles – patience, investment

Work.  This spread has been about my work.  I’ve been putting in extra hours because we are short staffed.  Because of all the time I’ve put in, it hampers on my own personal time.  I don’t have any time to just chill and be by myself.  I’m hoping to see my paycheck having that overtime on it as some sort of a reward for taking me away not only from myself and what helps me, but also from my family.

The picture on my Black Cat tarot shows someone who has taken the time to protect that which he cares for, something he wants to nurture and grow. Something that has and will take up a lot of his time. He’s done this in the past and the results have turned into something grand.  I feel he knows that everything will be alright once we get past this initial, delicate, growing stage.  As he waits comfortably and calmly, I feel I should wait until the situation has matured and is able to grow on it’s own.