3CardMay: Day 7

day 7

Date: May 7th, 2015
Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot

Talent That Needs Development
Three of Wands – explore, expand your horizons

I need to take more risks and get out more. I am such a homebody but this card is telling me to go and seek the unknown. Go to the end of the sidewalk… and keep walking. I’ll find it to be sturdier than I thought.

First Step
I – The Magician – originality, creativity, self-confidence

Be myself.  When I go out I need to take a deep breath and just be me. There’s no need to for pomp and circumstance wherever I’m going, that won’t do, but if I’m just me and show them how I can shine, I’ll be able to fly.

Possible Outcome
Seven of Cups – unlimited possibilities, too many choices, fantasies

I feel that this could be a warning. There is a difference between what the woman sees and what the man sees in the card, but I am being drawn to the woman. The one with the fantasy of reaching the floating castle in the sky and not looking where she will step next. Hubris. I need to learn that I can get what I want but it may be difficult to get there.

Spread-A-Day: Day 20

Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: manandcards

Start: What To Change
Six of Swords – passage away from difficulties, a chance to recover, despondency

I need to stop daydreaming about getting away from the major conflict that has infected my brain.  I’m just so done with everything right now and it’s only six days until the actual meeting.  I want to throw in the towel right now, but the cards are telling me not to.

Hope: What Lifts You
Queen of Cups – creative, imagination, heeds her intuition, artistic expression

What I’ve always liked about myself was my creativity and the ways things just naturally seem to come together when it came to my imagination.

Skip: What To Leave
Three of Pentacles – teamwork, functioning together as a unit

Well, I guess I can say good-bye to a well-oiled family meeting.  As much as my sisters want to think that they will be here to listen to what I have to say, they already have a barrier that will not let them.

Jump: What Boosts You
XIX – The Sun – understanding, renewal of life, clarity of vision and purpose

I love adventure. Doesn’t matter what kind.  Oh, we got lost on the way to a friends house? “Adventure time! C’mon grab your friends!…”  Planning a road trip?  “…as we all travel to distant lands!”  That planning ahead for something interesting is what makes me smile.

Ground: Where You Land
I – The Magician – creativity, self-confidence, “grasping the unseen… and harnessing it to become reality”

My imagination, my intuition, my magic.  They lead me to who I am.

Spread-A-Day: Day 10

Date: February 10, 2015
Deck: Shadowscapes Tarot
Created by: siobhanwaters

Day 10

The part of yourself that you hide.
Two of Wands – personal power, authority, courage

I have it in me to be that independent, composed person.  I can walk with confidence, exude self-esteem.  I can be me to the fullest.

Why do you hide part of yourself? (subconscious issues)
Ten of Wands – responsibility, being held accountable, doing things the hard way

I hide that awesome person because I feel that I must earn my independence, I must be rewarded with confidence.  Growing up, I was never told words of affirmation that would have increased my confidence or self-esteem.  I am already an independent and composed person, but only because I don’t know how to be any other way so it’s very rigid.  I also feel that, while I like working hard, I like seeing my work progress, I fear that that is all I know.  I measure my growth by tangible progress. By working hard.

The good things your hidden self can bring you.
Ace of Cups – love, compassion, emotions

I will love with more of my heart.  I can extend my compassion to people, not just animals.  I will feel and embrace deeply more of my emotions.  I won’t have to be so composed all the time.

How to be whole again.
I – The Magician – originality, creativity, willpower

I need to let go this image of being the “hard worker,” of being the “good daughter.”  I need to embrace myself.  All of my quirks and all of my passions.  I still worry about not fitting in, even at work where I am shift leader, people come to me for help, I am very knowledgable in what I do.  I am studious, I like words, and strange facts that no one need know except for the fact that it’s interesting.  I read whatever I can get my hands on… And I practice magic.  I have spoken to the Goddess Artemis.  I feel the energies in crystals as if they were people.  I see more in the sky than just clouds.

I am me.  And I need to remember that.

Oh man, this spread almost made me cry because I had forgotten and buried deep down who I’ve wanted to be.  I’m glad I got a reminder.

Spread-A-Day: Day 7

Date: February 7, 2015
Deck: Black Cat Tarot
Created by: arcanemysteries

Day 7

What specific goal should I focus on?
IV – The Emperor – authority, structure, solid foundation

My dad. If there is anyone who fits the description of “…domination of the mind over the heart” and a “…leader who demands authority and dominance,” it would be my dad.  He has said to me on many occasions that he “demands and deserves my love and respect” simply because he is my father.

The family meeting that will be happening at the end of the month is about my attitude and actions toward my dad.  My sisters don’t understand why I don’t want to speak to him anymore and so this meeting will be a chance for them to listen to what I have to say (though from what the cards have told me many times this week, the meeting will not go well).

What will motivate me to carry out this goal?
Four of Swords – contemplation, passivity, relaxation

The days are counting down to when everyone will be over to hear what I have to say, but in the mean time, I just need to relax, chill. Don’t exert too much energy about this meeting.

How can I hold myself accountable for my progress?
Knight of Pentacles – routine, methodical, conservatism

Go about my business like I always have.  Get up, shower, go to work, come home, do tarot. Keep my routine and don’t stray, because then I’m going to stress and that stress is going to blow everything out of proportion. Keep doing what I have been doing.

What must I release, or let go it, to make my goal a reality?
I – The Magician – power, concentration, resourcefulness

Let go.  I just need to fucking let go.  Calm down.  Keep my cool, don’t get overly emotional, no outbursts, no pointing fingers.  Let my mind wander, it’s okay.  Just let it all… float… away…  The more I try to keep everything together about this meeting, the less chance I have to be sane during it.

How will achieving this goal transform my life?
Two of Pentacles – balance, adaptability

Whether or not this meeting will go well, in the end, everything will have a place, I will learn to live with the new dynamics.

I really liked this spread! The questions are well thought out, especially question three. I thought it was clever and a novel way if asking what someone should do. Fantastic!