Spread-A-Day: Day 5

Date: February 5, 2015
Shadowscapes Tarot
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Day 5

1) The Right Hand – How am I being held back by others?
XVIII – The Moon – believing illusions, distortion

Some are keeping secrets from me, while others are trying to attain a dream they once knew but is now long gone. Both are holding me back because neither is truthful. Once the secrets are revealed, the poison behind them will leave behind so much damage that it will be unrepairable. And the person chasing the dream… will keep grasping at nothing. They are in a fantasy, oblivious to others but themselves. And while I try to call them back, to show them the true beauty of the world, they will keep getting farther away, lost in their own false world.

2) The Left Hand – How am I being held back by myself?
XVI – The Tower – sudden emotion, crisis, “making a clean and utter break from the past”

I keep my emotions at bay because they are too big for me. If I didn’t control what I felt I would be a total wreck every time something happened. Being level-headed and examining my emotions slowly will help me. This situation with my dad and the upcoming family meeting has heightened my perception and convinced me to take it down to DEFCON 3. I am making a bigger deal out of this than it needs to be. To make a clean break from the past is kind of a harsh way of saying that I need to let go of what is not helping me grow. Though I do feel I need to cut ties, I don’t need to be all dramatic about it.

3) The Crown of Thorns – One possible way to get off the cross (getting out of the head game)
0 – The Fool – innocence, new beginnings, unlimited possibilities

I need to quit worrying about what might happen. I need to stop thinking ten steps ahead. I need to let go, forget everything, and just leap. Whatever will happen, will happen. OR… I need to keep going the same direction I’ve been going but retrain my eyes to see things as though I’ve never seen them before. I have the knowledge, I need the new eyes.

4) The Fatal Wound – An obstacle that might stop me in my tracks
Six of Wands – triumph, victory, pride

If I let my pride get in the way of the true path, I will believe that I have won my trials and overcome my barriers. When in reality, that will be far from the truth. I will have just begun my trials, even though I am tired before I see the start line; I won’t even see my barriers until I have tripped over them and fallen down. To be victorious too early in the game hurts more than I’ll know.

5) The Feet – A possible outcome (walking away from the cross)
XI – Justice – harmony, assuming responsibility, full awareness

To walk away from that which is harming me, I need to buckle down and take my fair share of responsibility and blame. I feel that even if I don’t think it’s the fair thing to do, it will be the right thing to do to keep the peace.