Witchcraft, Where to start?


I get this question so often, And really, It seems like a simple question

“How do I start practicing Witchcraft?”

But there isn’t a simple Answer.

I can’t say, Read this book, Don’t read that one, Buy this, or have that.

Witchcraft is such a broad spectrum.

Witchcraft is a magical practice. Energy manipulation, Through intention. In simple terms.

It goes by different names, Depending on the tradition.

Conjure, Magick, Brujeria, ect

I think there a few ways to introduce yourself to the Craft.

  • Be realistic. Know that real magic is not like in the Movies. We are not assigned a Fairy Godmother, Or a Magic Wand that will solve all our problems.
  •  Research different Traditions, and Religions (The internet and your public library are great places for this) . Magic is everywhere, But it isn’t always called that. Find one that sticks out to you, And study it.
  • Once you find a path take time to learn the History, How it works, The do’s, The don’ts, And the basics.
  • Dedicate one notebook to document all your leanings. Use this as a reference.
    Research different forms of Divination, And try them out.
  • Be redundant with your studying. This isn’t a small thing you’re learning, And you want to fully understand what you are getting into before you start to cast anything.
  • Be crafty. Try DIY’ing some Witchy items
  • Get connected with Others who are also learning.Tumblr is a  great place for that, As there are many Witch-Blogs here.
  • Lean about your environment. Collect stones, flowers, herbs, barks, feathers, Things that are making themselves known to you.  What trees grow near you. What flowers grow wild? How can you use these magically?

Once you feel like you have reached a level of confidence (Meaning you did all your studying)

(If you chose a religion: Learn what sort of offerings are appropriate)

  • Practice mini spells. Make spell bags for luck, and Confidence, Try out a Glamour Spell, Do blessings, And cleansings, Practice “Energy Feeling” exercises.
  • Be open about your study – To an extent.  (This is how you meet like minded people)
  • Share knowledge with like minded people – Tell others what you have learned, And listen to what they have learned.

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