Witchcraft 101


 And here are some links for beginners to witchcraft and paganism!

Ideas for altar in a small space and hiding altars by singingmountainwitc
Apartment Witchcraft by nieceoftheserpent
Magic on a budget tips by low-budget-witches
Being a Witch on a Budget by borrowednebula
Getting started tips by bibliophilicwitch
Casting a circle by natural-magics
Energy Manipulation and Grounding 101 by stsathyre
Herbs by skinnybitchwitch
Newbie Pagan Resources and Advice by vaporwitch
Good advice by vaporwitch
Advice to a Beginner by stormsorceress and knotted-vines
Free witchy apps by belladonnaswitchblog
Magic Users Directory by pomegranateandivy
Witch Jars 101 by nieceoftheserpent
Cleansing 101 by nieceoftheserpent
101 Articles by merkavahpartyvan
Downloadable Resources by thelivingwiccan
Pagan PDFs by wiccanwonders
Please let us know if you have any links you want us to add!


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