Energy Cleanse In The Shower?

Somewhere between slathering conditioner onto my hair and rinsing the excess off, I went into a meditative-visual state. It’s happened before in the shower but usually when I feel the need to do a small ward of some kind. This time it just happened.

I began pulling a large sphere of white energy, about the size of a basketball, out of my body. It was rotating slowly and even giving off little energy flares, like a miniaturized sun. I “saw” it as energy but my mind wondered what kind. Is this positive energy? Is it negative? What do I do with it?

It was neither. The energy was a part of me but I could now see that there was something not quite right about it. So I examined it, inside and out, and found a black substance at the core. With one hand I slowly reached in and when I touched the black object, the size of a golf ball, the tips of my fingers were given a sharp prick followed by a continuous buzz.

I pulled it out, slowly, and then rested it in the palm of my hand. I imagined the night sky in front of me, galaxies, nebulas, stars, and offered it to the Universe, letting it know that I was giving it to them and for them to do with the energy as they saw fit. I blew on it a couple of times, like when blowing on a dandelion.

When it was gone I looked back at my white sphere. I smoothed out the parts where I had disturbed the surface and then began pushing it back into my body.  When I knew it was fully in, I took a deep breath, to breathe new life into it. Then I pushed the energy down with one hand and up with another, to help spread it to the rest of my body. Then I spread it to my arms, like I was pushing down sleeves. Once finished, I snapped my fingers to signify the closing of any loose ends for the energy to siphon off.

And I feel better.


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