Visualizations and the Elements


These are visualizations I use for the elements

Visualize a brook, with a small water fall into a shallow pool. Wade into the pool and sit in the water. Feel it flow around you. Feel the coolness. Hear the water as it cascades over the rocks. Smell the ozone in the air, like after a heavy rain shower. Taste the water, let it quench your thirst. Enjoy the benefits for cooling you. Understand the power of a tidal wave or current.

Visualize an nice fire. Feel the heat. Smell the smoke. See the flames dance, the variety of colors. Hear the crackle. Watch it spark as you toss a new log on the fire. Roast some marshmallows on the fire. Enjoy the benefits of fire for cooking and warming. Understand the power of it when it rages out of control.

visualize a cool breeze on a hot day. Feel it lift the hair from your scalp as it sends shivers down your spine. Feel the wind tug you in the direction it blows. See the leaves dance in the air, and the trees and plants sway in the breeze. Hear it rustle the leaves, and tinkle the wind chimes. Understand the raw power of a tornado as a wreaks havoc in it’s wake.

Visualize a nice cool cave. Smell the scent of rich, fertile earth. See how it supports itself and the life around it. Touch the earth that is dry on top and dig down into the cooler wetter depths of it. Plant a seed. Taste the dirt. Understand the awesome power of the earth as it shakes uncontrollably beneath you.


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