3 in-public grounding spells


(this was designed for school but works anywhere else as long as you have a writing utensil and something to write on)

a problem I encounter a lot in public is when I overload emotionally or start dissociating. these help me focus and remind me of where I am, and are useful for when I’m fighting back tears or have bad anxiety

sorry for the bad formatting. I’m on mobile.

– starry eyes spell

this one is super simple, almost to the point where it could be ruled out as a spell. in the very least, it works. take your writing utensil, and in the margins of your surface, doodle stars. repeatedly and repeatedly. make them messy. you can do it as fast as you want. just keep doing them until you’re able to calm down and maybe stop feeling like you’re floating

– paper pentacle

this one is very simple, too. simply draw a pentacle from left to right (for those who don’t know it’s that image you always see on TV when people summon demons; typically it’s not for that purpose). it should be relatively small. press your finger against it to help gain courage and control

– dammed rivers

draw a “river”, aka a squiggly line. start branching off the river. split it into more rivers, into creeks. continue doing this until you feel like it sufficiently represents the depth of your problems/how many problems you have. slowly, start marking them through the middle, and erasing them, thereby “damming” them. all the while consider what you can do to make it through it (ex. thinking more positively, being candid, etc.). if you truly feel like it is out of your hands, let it represent you overcoming these problems, or at least being able to calm a roaring river.


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