Deity Aspect Jar


So last night some of my coven mates came over and we made a form of Witch bottle that we call Aspect Jars. These jars are created to help with a couple of things, 1. it allows us a deeper working with our Gods, and 2. Helps us to develop the God’s specific attribute into our own lives. The jars need to be made and then reenergized around the new moon time (we chose to do them early because we have plans this weekend) And the spell lasts 13 months.

The creation of the jar takes some time, about 2 hours for us to complete the process.

Note before starting: You will need to burn candles for this spell, to me this is non-negotiable. (also, don’t be like my brother and drip wax all over your wax….ugh)

Items Needed:

  • Glass Jar with screw cap lid (not cork) (pasta sauce jars are my preference)
  • herbs representing the aspect of your deity you want to work with. (For example, if working with Aphrodite you could want to improve your inner and/or outer beauty, so you choose herbs associated with beauty)
  • Essential or Scented oils that also correspond with your chosen aspect
  • Filler that works with your chosen aspect. (using Aphrodite again, you could use red wine and honey for filler), or you can use vegetable oil or vodka and grain alcohol for generic filler.
  • Colored candle wax to seal the jar closed at the lid. (colors should correspond with your deity or use White/black for generic)


Write down in your BOS (or on paper if you don’t use a BOS) the deity you are working with in this project, the aspect of that God you wish to gain in your life, the herbs, oils, fillers and candle colors you wish to use in the project. and finally note the date. This spell expires after 13 months.

If you cast a circle, do so at this time. Call only the God you will be working with for the project. (casting a circle is optional, but calling the God/dess you are working with is necessary)

One by one, take your herbs and energize each one with the intent it is being used for. Grind it in a mortar and pestle, or just in your hands. After they are energized, throw them in the jar.

When all your herbs have been added, add a small amount of the essential oils (if you are using them) chanting over them your intentions.

Now add your filler, telling your God what you wish to gain from this project and why you believe you need it. Speak openly and honestly about your intentions.

Close the lid tightly and shake up the contents. Be sure you didn’t leave anything out of the jar as next you will be sealing it.

Take the colored candle and light it, drip the wax on the jar lid covering it all the way down to the glass of the jar itself, be sure to get wax under the lip of the lid, this will prevent spillage throughout the year when you reenergize.

When the entire lid and small portion of the jar are covered in a good layer of wax, take your jar and focusing on your intent, shake it. Chant over it if you wish, pray to your Deity, whatever feels right.

If you cast a circle, go ahead and take it down, following your normal procedure. Dismiss your Gods.

Place your container somewhere in your home where it will go unnoticed by most people except yourself.

At each new moon, go to your jar and shake it, focusing on your intent, and then document in your BOS or journal page the improvements you have noticed (or not) over the last month.

When you reach the 13th month of the jar, throw it in the garbage, or empty the contents into a flowing water source, and dispose of the jar (though honestly throwing the entire thing in the trash is so much easier)

And voila! I hope you enjoy!


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