Simple Incenses and Their Uses


These are one-herb incenses that can be burned on charcoal when needed. In effect they’re instant incenses, needing no mixing or measuring/ Simply grind and empower them before use.

Allspice- Burn to attract money and luck and to provide extra physical energy.

Gum Arabic- Use for purification and protection of the home.

Bay- Use a small amount for purification, healing, protection, and to sharpen psychic powers.

Benzoin- For purification, prosperity and increasing mental powers.

Cedar- Smolder for purification, protection, to speed healing and promote spirituality, and to obtain money.

Cinnamon- Burn to sharpen psychic powers, to draw money, speed healing, confer protection and to strengthen love.

Clove- Protection, exorcism, money, love and purification.

Copal- Burn for protection, cleansing, purification, to promote spirituality, and to purify quartz crystals and other stones before use in magic.

Dragon’s Blood- Use for love, protection, exorcism and sexual potency.

Fern- Burn the dried fronds indoors to exorcise evil, and outdoors to bring rain.

Frankincense- Protection, exorcism, spirituality, love and consecration.

Juniper- Exorcism, protection, healing and love.

Myrrh- Healing, protection, exorcism, peace, consecration, meditation.

Pine- Smolder for money, purification, healing and exorcism.

Rosemary- Burn for protection, exorcism, purification, healing and to cause sleep; to restore or maintain youth, to bring love and to increase intellectual powers.

Sage- Smolder to promote healing and spirituality.

Sandalwood- For protection, healing, exorcism, spirituality.

Thyme- Health, healing, purification.

(Source: The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews by Scott Cunningham)


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