Past Life Spells: Magic Mirror


Do not expect immediate success with this spell. It takes practice, an extended period of time may be required before results are achieved. It is more difficult than it seems, do not perform the ritual for more than 15 minutes at a time, until a successful momentum is achieved. You will need a chair and a table, with a white candle and either a fixed or hand held mirror.

1. Take all protective spiritual precautions. Cast a circle around the table and chair.

2. Burn mugwort and sandalwood within the circle.

3. Light the candle and place it between yourself and the mirror.

4. Keep your mind clear and calm.

5. Gaze at your face in the mirror neutrally – this is not the moment to criticize or count pimples.

6. Call your own name clearly and distinctly three times.

7. Eventually you will be tempted to call another name or another name will simply fall from your lips. Try it: Ask the mirror to show you who you were.


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