Meanings of numbers in Tarot


In the Minor Arcana (and to a lesser extent in the Major Arcana) numbers play a significant role in the meaning of the card.  As always there are many ways to interpret everything so if you have a different interpretation of the roles numbers play on the cards please tell me.

Ace – The Ace of any suit embodies the meaning and power of the suit; all of the raw power and meaning of the suit. Power.  Can also be a beginning or new beginning.

Two – Two’s are all about balance.  This could refer to finding balance within your life or the natural balance of life and nature; Duality, opposition, equal and opposite reactions.  This can also refer to relationships.

Three – Threes are often full growth and potential; creativity and birth.

Four – Fours are reality, logic and reason, stability and structure.  Like a strong foundation.

Five – Fives can be uncertainty as things change and shift.  They can also represent conflict and loss.

Six – Sixes are equilibrium and harmony.  They can also represent pivotal points of communication and harmony.

Seven – Sevens are sometimes wisdom and completion of cycles; other times they are reflection, assignment and evaluation and still other times they represent Karmic influence.

Eight – Movement, power and progression.  Balance and regeneration.  Moving on from the past.

Nine – Three threes, compromise and compassion.  Spirituality.  Contentment and completion.

Ten – Transcendence, completion, the end of a cycle.  Perfection.

There is a distinct difference between the Number Cards and the Court Cards.  There the Number Cards are just symbols and ideas, the Court Cards are people with goal and desires of their own.  They have distinct desires and skills.

Page – The Page is the student of the suit, they study the power of the suit and through the suit seek power, knowledge and enlightenment.  The Page can also act as a messenger.

Knight – The Knight is the protector of the suit, The Knight knows how to wield the power of the suit to his advantage.  The Knight represents movement and action.  Once he knows what he wants he will seek to take it and may even be willing to hurt others in the process.

Queen – The Queen possess full knowledge and wisdom of the suit.  Her energy is distinctly feminine.  She will rarely take action herself but will often counsel others with her wisdom and experience.

King – The King rules over his suit, he is able to channel the power and potential of the suit fully and completely.  He is a leader and a protector.  He is ultimate power and energy.


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