There are so many ways to ground and center, but I don’t see many how-to’s for them beyond “grow roots” and “pack yourself into a ball” neither of which work well for me. So here’s some of the ways I ground and center (or visualize it):

Grounding: For me, grabbing bits of the earth works better than using bits of myself to ground

  • (my favorite method) grab a (2-ply) piece of ‘yarn’ from the earth. One of the plys draws energy up, the other returns it to the earth. I splice it with my spine, but you could visualize connecting it to yourself some other way.
  • roots sprout from the earth and engulf me, drawing me into the circulating energy of the earth (think like that movie with the blue aliens)
  • draw up strands of wire from the earth and attach them to the soles of my feet. Every breath I take energy gushes upwards through me and then ebbs back into the earth.

Centering: I personally center near my navel, but you can do it wherever is easiest/most comfortable for you.

  • (my favorite method) I’m a swirling cloud of gas in space, and I collapse/spiral into a star.
  • Order those unruly energy-bits back where they belong. Then feel yourself, whole and fully present, everything where it is meant to be.
  • Your core is a magnet, all your wayward energy bits are iron filings. Draw them in.

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