Witch of the Waste’s Spell to Make a Curse Undetectable


The best part of that spell is you can’t tell anyone about it.

They won’t be able to know if they’re cursed, and neither will anyone else. Decreases odds of a curse being reversed or removed.

Items Needed:

  • 1 black, square piece of paper
  • 1 black or dark colored candle
  • 1 white crayon (ayyy you actually get to use that thing)
  • One or more of the following: String, hot glue or regular glue, stuff for a wax seal, tape

Step 1: Light the candle. Take the piece of paper and, with the white crayon, write the target’s name in the middle. Then, turn the paper so that it looks to you like the name is written vertically (don’t worry, pictures will be included). In a straight line, write the intent of the curse you cast on the target. Make sure it intersects the name. Like this:


Then, turn it a bit more so it looks more like an upright ‘x’ from your perspective instead of a ’t’. (X’s just look more witchy.)

Step 2: Take the candle and drip wax onto what you’ve just written (be careful!). Do this until you can’t see the writing anymore.
As you do this, say the following as many times as you wish:

This curse is not one that anyone will find.
Though the effects will stay strong, the idea of a curse will not come to their mind.
Hide this curse and hide it well.
Let it not be discovered by divination, wit, or spell.
If they try to investigate, let their results be but a question mark.
Until I end this curse myself, they will stay in the dark.

Step 3: Fold the paper in half. Do one or more of the following (depending on the supplies you chose to gather): tie it up with string or seal it with tape/staples/hot glue/regular glue.

Step 4: Put the paper in a dark space that won’t be very hard to get to. Leave it there.
If you ever want to undo this, just find the paper, unseal it, say “This spell I break. If they search for my curse, it will have a fair chance of being found.” Then, throw the paper away.


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