Earth Magic

Earth is a sensual element that will charge prosperity charms, fertilize your creative spells, and help your magic grow. The optimum time of the week to perform earth magic is on a Saturday (ruled by the planet Saturn), or a Friday (ruled by Frigg, the Norse Earth Goddess). If possible, choose dawn or dusk when the magical half-light is neither day nor night, a truly mystical time.

Earth spells a most powerful when performed outside. A wood, cave, hill, or moor make a natural sacred space in which you can attune to the earth’s energy, infusing your spell-casting with the forces of nature. If you live in the city, a park or garden can be just as effective. After using salt, sand, or soil in a rite, ground the energy of your spell by returning it to the earth in a respectful manner, or use it as an offering to the spirit of a tree.

Earth tools are items that grow from this element and can contain the other elements

Bowls – able to hold all of the other elements in clay or stone containers

Salt – consecrated salt disperses negativity.

Clay – make charms and other magical items

Sand – make talismans and mandalas


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