Basic Grounding


Grounding: Grounding is a technique that helps control the mind and emotions by ultimately providing a sense of stability and strength. Grounding almost always works with earth, it being the most powerful force of energy that we come in contact with daily. Connecting yourself with such energy on even a basic level gives you powerful control. This usually is done by ‘rooting’ yourself. Grounding can be made very extensive and it is important to slowly develop your abilities to successfully ground. Grounding yourself incorrectly will ultimately leave you unstable in every way. Be sure to start out easy and work your way up. Remember the most basic grounding still provides intense stability.

Instructions: Center yourself. Once centered, focus on that ball of white energy shooting out streams or ‘roots’ into the earth through your feet and hands. These roots start our small and slowly grow larger as they travel more deeply down. Visualize your energy becoming stabilized and controlled with the earth, as though you are as unmovable as she is. Once your body feels completely stable you have grounded yourself.


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