Basic Centering


Centering: This is a technique which gathers your energy and allows you to be more controlled and directed. This easily increases focus and brings your energy to its ‘center’ of control. Centering can be made into an intense procedure which will help increase your dexterity with energy and magic, but it is generally kept simple so that it can play part in a larger ritual. It’s important that you do not push yourself to hard, if you try advanced centering techniques there is a good chance you’ll do it incorrectly and leave yourself very scattered on the mental, emotional, physical, and magical levels.

Instructions: Breath in deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth letting your mind go. Continue until you feel a sense of floating. Once this feeling is achieved you should focus on directing all your energies into a small white ball in what your feel is the center of your body. Do this slowly to ensure that it is done correctly. When it reaches the center of your body and you feel all your energy is compacted into this ball, you have completed a basic centering.


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