Protection Spells



Dragons Bite Powder by honeycoyote

Dark as Night Powder by honeycoyote

Protection Spell by royalautumnfrost

Simple Protection Spell with a Kick by adviceforwitches

Protection Witches Ladder by shalottlives

Black Salt Protection by sacred-chaotic-geometry

Guardian Eye by slcwitch

Firewall Protection Spell by rider-waite

Stay the F* Out Spell by pomegranateandivy


Threshold Protection Spell by thepathofthewise

Strong Protection Spell:For Home by adviceforwitches

Protection Bottle by thebluechicory

Fishcraft: Protecting Your Space by saltwater-phoenix

Wall of Fire Property and Home Protection Spell by breelandwalker

Home Protection Spell By fuckyeahpaganism

Candle Spell to Protect your Home by gardenofthequeen

Home and/or Person

Sigils for Protection by wiccateachings

Wards by spirit-magick-nature

Witch Bottle Protection Charm by witchsoul

Blood Magic Protection Spell by pomegranateandivy


Protection Amulet by thebluechicory

Protection Sachet by tree-hugger-74

Protection From Negative Energy by thorandaine

Protection Tea by crystal-life-technology

Herbal Protection Bath by thewoodlinds

Protection Spell: My Blood is my Armor by ruinandrage

Protective Cleansing Bath by honeycoyote

Protection From Hate by @sammieee360

Protection Amulet by cladinscarlet

Hands Off—Protection Spell by pomegranateandivy

Protection For Others

Protection for a Baby by whitemoonwitchcraft

Cat Protection Spell by sacred-chaotic-geometry

Protection for a Loved One by brujitamae

Pet Protection Spell by brujitamae

Cat Protection Spell by thewitchingcow

Links to other Lists

lavenderwrath’s Protection page in their spell blog

thelivingwiccan’s Protection page in their spell blog


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