Self-Love Jar of Love


This is a highly personalized and eclectic spell. No candles or fire necessary. It is intended to help you love yourself and be comfortable with who you are.


  • A jar or box; something see-through may be best but it’s really up to you. Make sure it is large enough for your plans!
  • Items that really represent the real you. In the image I put some ideas; maybe a bejeweled skull really represents your soul, I dunno. Just choose things that represent you, your goals, desires, and even the flaws you want to learn to love. Collect as many or as few things as you like. You can write things down as well and add the paper to the jar.
  • Some paper and a pen to create a sigil

Cleanse the jar of any energies it already has. Give it a thorough washing and rinse it out with vinegar.

Sit down with all your items and writing utensils. Make sure you are well grounded because you will probably be pulling up a lot of energy for this spell.

Create a sigil that represents you. It is vital that nobody else knows what this sigil means, and preferable that nobody even sees it. You must create it on your own. Consider using your full name as the phrase to create the sigil. Create two final copies of the sigil on separate pieces of paper. Place one sigil on the bottom of the jar.

Pull up some energy from the earth and feed it to this sigil, while announcing something like, “this is a jar that represents myself; when I look at it, I will see myself, and when I need to remember who I am this jar will tell me.”

Take each item you plan to add to the jar. Energetically cleanse each item until it is fresh and whole. Then, explain to yourself and the Universe why you are adding the item to the jar. Explain how it represents you or what it means to you.

If you want to add writings, do so in the same manner. Explain what it means and why you are including it.

Place all these objects on top of the sigil at the bottom of the jar. When you are done, screw on the lid and place the second sigil on top of the jar.

Then direct some of your personal energy towards the jar. Watch it flow through the jar, and watch the two sigils connected and empowered by all this beautiful self-energy you have created. When you are ready, gently remove your active energetic ties to the jar. Place it somewhere nice, in a spot that you love. For some people that might be near a bed, or under a window. Wherever you like.

Carry the second sigil with you. Whenever you need a boost of self-acceptance, hold the sigil or think of it and draw some of that self-energy in.

Recharge like hell after you create the jar.

Miscellanea: It is okay to remove things or add things to the jar. Just re-open the spell, and explain why an item is being removed or added, then close the jar, put the second sigil on top, and seal it as normal.

If you want more magic in your daily life, meditate and charge this jar once a day. Focus on finding your true self and having enough energy to be you.


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