Self Care for Witches


Self care is a term that denotes activities someone does to keep up their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  Everyone does this to some extent with doctor check ups, hair cuts, and journalling.  For witches, we can engage in positive activities to grow our spiritual side and personal power.  Of course all of these things can be done as needed, but here’s my schedule for good witchy hygiene.


  • Meditate: At least five minutes with a clear mind, because “Meditation is medicine for the mind.”  It nurtures good metal health and spiritual connections.
  • Visualization Practice: Working with the Third Eye daily provides a way to hone your magical skills since visualization is such an integral part of magic.  These exercises are in just about every magical book on the mass market.  They’re easy and only take a few minutes.
  • Greet the Day: Whatever your religious tradition dictates, saying ‘hey’ to your Gods and guides strengthens your bonds.


  • Do Something Fun or Relaxing:  Too often people get caught up in drama and activity.  So pour a bath, grab a bottle of wine, see a movie, go to dinner with friends, whatever restores your spirit.
  • Sexy Time: Whether alone or with someone else, sex is a powerful experience for everyone.  And maintaining a healthy sex life can be quite spiritual.  Remember if with a partner, make it matter and use all necessary protection.


  • Cleanse the Chakras and Aura: There are a couple of methods for both, although visualization is key (hence the exercises!)  For chakras, I likethis guided meditation which I augment with crystals.  Aura cleansing is a little trickier and way more personal.  Meditate on what methods work for you.


  • Space Cleanse: I am a big advocate of doing this as often as possible.  Bare minimum, around the solstices and equinoxes.
  • Cleanse Your Tools and Crystals: Keep the energies of your favorite stuff clean and ready to use.


  • Psychic House Cleaning: I think people take “psychic vampires” and “energy leaches” way too seriously.  They only have as much power as you allow them to have.  However, it is good once in a while to return to sender any bad vibes you have been getting.

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