To Break a Spell You’ve Cast


You can use this ritual to break a spell that you’ve cast or that has been cast on you. It’s meant to reverse all energies of a spell. It works for both beneficial spells and curses.


  • black candle
  • spring water
  • black bowl

Place the candle into the bowl. Fill the bowl with fresh water, taking care not to get the wick wet. Breathe deeply and meditate on why you want the spell broken. When your mind and your intent is clear, state your intent out loud and light the candle.

Visualize the power of the spell as residing within the flame. As the candle burns down, it will sputter and go out when it touches the water. As the flame is extinguished, the spell is broken. Bury the candle somewhere outside — pour the water from the bowl into the hole with it.


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