Notes From A Meditation, 4/20/2017

Hawk and Artemis both agree that too much information is detrimental to my learning. So I’m taking some time to just chill. Read a few articles, keep doing tarot, but other than that they want me to relax.

I was going full steam ahead in learning a whole bunch of stuff about myself that I kinda wore myself out. Felt like I was going 160 mph without accomplishing anything.

Artemis also told me why she had me make a shield around myself… And put the candle in a certain spot… And have me do my selenite over salt water thing. All of that made me feel like I was building a fortress.

I guess there’s an entity making its way through our part of the galaxy, not bad but not good, either. It’s just passing by (well, passing through the Earth is more like it) but what it’s doing, through no fault of its own, is creating havoc. It’s already sent a couple of “scout waves”, just some waves ahead of the actual body of the thing.

And I guess I’m more sensitive to it, because that’s why I’ve been feeling like crap lately (among other reasons, as previously mentioned). So Artemis just wants me prepared and protected.

The actual “passing through” will be quick, less than a day, but the repercussions will last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I got the feeling it will begin to come through on a Monday overnight, but climax on the next day, a Tuesday, late morning. Not tomorrow… Maybe next week?

My shield will protect me from the brunt of it, but I’ll still feel a good portion of the effects. This should be interesting


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