There’s a lot out there about cleansing your sacred space, home, car, bedroom, and even your work area. But sometimes, we carry so much extra energy and it gets stagnant, that sometimes we need to cleanse ourselves. This is a simple self-cleansing that I’ve found works very well, especially during meditation.

You will need:

– Your favorite incense

– A large feather (I use a big turkey feather)

– Your meditation space (If you want)


I suggest doing this during meditation and during a waning or new moon. Ground and center yourself as best you can. Do what you usually do for meditation (light incense, candles, ring a bell, etc.). Light your favorite incense and breathe in the scent. Let it calm and relax you. When you are calm and centered, take the feather and use it to scoop and brush away all unnecessary, negative, and excess energy. I do this by moving it quickly and sharply very close to my body, through the air. Visualize the feather flinging and brushing away all unwanted energy, leaving the air in front of you clear.

Next, take your favorite incense and cleanse yourself with it. Let the smoke flow over your arms, your face (only very briefly, don’t choke on it), your torso, legs, everywhere. Let the smoke fill the air around you with positive and constructive energy. Do this for as long as you feel necessary. When you are done, set what is left of the incense in an incense holder/burner. Continue with any meditation you may want to do, chants, etc.


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