Opening Your Third Eye Guided Meditation


Premeditation: Find a quite space that is safe to you and you are comfortable with.

-Cleanse the space you are in by smudging.

-Light a white candle and say a prayer for spiritual protection and guidance.

Guided Meditation:

-Breathe in and breathe out. Focus on the rhythm of your breathing and the beat of your heart.

-Once you are in a place of nothing and everything all at once, open yourself to all of the energies around you.

-Feel the abilities that God has gifted you within. Let them wash over you and through you.

-Flex those abilities as energy, as if they were you fingers and toes. Let them be an extension of yourself.

-Memorize your energy. What does it look like? What color is it? Does it have a texture? How does it flow? Is it choppy like an earthquake? Does it thickly flow like lava? Do they taste like anything? Do they smell? Can you hear it?

-Watch your energy move around you, feel it move through you.

-See your energy as it begins to grow, let it grow until it completely consumes you. Then watch as it becomes narrow and is directed to a literal third eye that is on your forehead.

-Let the third eye open and absorb the energy you have created within yourself.

-Open your third eye. Visualize an eye literally opening. What color is the eye? What does it look like? What does it see?

-Say a prayer in thanks for the protection and guidance.

***You likely will have to try this many times, make it a part of your weekly, if not daily routine, and you will notice your abilities flourish and much more control of your energy****


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