-Aquamarine is a beautiful stone for people who are highly sensitive, as it is recognized as the Stone of the Fearless.

-It is also beneficial for times when one needs closure; its calming energies quiet the mind and reduce the stress response, allowing the wearer to filter through the information, join the dots and come to a resolve.

-With this being said, it also promotes self-expression and clears blocked communication allowing the wearer to adequately express their emotional state calmly and rationally.

-Its a wonderful stone to boost harmonious aura to those around you as it blocks off the wearers self-critiscism and anxiety, and the intolerance and judgement of others.

-A wonderful stone for meditation and spiritual discovery as its calming energies ground the mind yet still allow it become heightened in spiritual awareness (sending you into a focal dream-state instead of a drifting dream-state – like having a really vivid dream that you remember after waking.)


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