4:18:2015 b

(based off of this spread, with an added card trying to bridge the first two)

What does my soul want?
XIII – Death

What does my ego want?
Nine of Swords

How can I compromise and achieve both?
Seven of Wands

My soul wants to break free. She is tired of the trivial, the mundane, the things we do over and over again that we believe will have us accomplish something when really they trap up.  My ego is filled with doubt and inner demons and she doesn’t want to think; she just wants to go with the crowd. But her fear is causing her to seize up. Unfortunately, there is no way for a compromise. There will be times where I will feel like I have broken my chains and gotten away from the redundancy of it all, but there will also be times where I follow the mob mentality and want to just be one among the masses.

That’s life.


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