Peaceful Sleep Sachets


We all know someone who has nightmares or is an insomniac. Maybe it’s your best friend, maybe it’s your sibling, maybe it’s you. But one of the best things you can do as a witch is make a sachet to aid sleep and bring peaceful dreams. All you need are a few simple herbs, some candles, and a little time. Let’s get started!

Note: You are not meant to consume these.

Items needed:

  • a bag or sachet; I suggest a calming colour. Blue, white, or purple will do well, but any colour you find calming is best.
  • a small bowl
  • 10 Cardamon pods (whole)
  • 1 tablespoon of salt (table salt or sea salt, it makes no matter)
  • 15 whole cloves
  • ½ oz dried mint
  • ½ oz dried rosemary
  • white candle
  • pink candle
  • silver candle

You can add more if you like. I like adding a gemstone that I’ve charged to aid with sleep (I have a piece of smoky quartz beneath my pillow, and it works… well, like a charm!) Research whatever you want to add and make sure it’s purpose is sleep or dream aid.

Do this when you know you won’t be disturbed. Set up shop on your altar if you have one – if not, make sure wherever you’re working is clean. Wash your hands before and after working with the herbs and don’t touch your mouth or eyes during, even if you know you’re not allergic. When working with herbs (and especially salt) you can never be too careful. If you want to cast a circle and call the quarters, do so now. Set up your candles around where you’ll work (not too close or you’ll knock them over!) and light them.

In the small bowl, mix everything together by hand. As you work, think peaceful thoughts. You may want to put on relaxing music or your favourite incense.

As you mix, repeat the following chant until it’s well mixed:

“Sleep, dream, peace
Peace, dream, sleep
Dream, sleep, peace.”

Pour the herbs into the bag and tie it shut. Release quarters and close circle if you have to. Clean up and put the sachet near your bed or under your pillow (if under your pillow, make sure it’s tied up tightly.)


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